Forest Ghosts

Take your Serians here to chat or just roam their homeland.
The sun glitters above vast fields ringed by verdant forests to the north, mountains to the south and east, and wide rivers to the west.

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Re: Forest Ghosts

Post by Kyra »

When his vision came to her saw the other two serians. His purple eyes widened and he slammed on the breaks; dust flying up around him. He turned around and looked whom he had though was going to be with any luck, Traveler. Sorry about that there. I was hoping you were a bond sister of mine. I hope everyone is alright. Good going Rain, he thought to himself. Well that explained the 2 sets of tracks, darn flowers had killed his scent, but being this close he could pick them up now. The green mare's was not among them. Well he knew he looked like a crazy serian and idiot, though how was he supposed to know others were in the area. He was in the moment of the chase and game, well his luck seemed to have vacated the area.

The stallion looked at the two, and hoped he not cause too much trouble when not intending too. If it was intention that be a different story, but this was not. Her gave them both an apologetic grin, mean while thinking nice going idiot to himself a few times over. He seemed to do that when nervous or awkward. Awkward was the case here.
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Re: Forest Ghosts

Post by Sethelu »

Paint smiled and trotted up to the, now affirmed, stallion with a friendly smile. It's fine. No harm done. Would you like an apple while you're here?

Sirensong rolled her eyes, mustered up her courage, and cautiously approached. Hello, I'm Sirensong and this is my bond-mate Paint. We haven't seen any others on this path, but we wish you luck in finding your... bond sister she finished dismissively.

Paint looked at her surprised. Sirensong! Don't be rude. then to the stranger he said You can hang around as long as you want.

I'm sure he needs to find his bond sister as soon as possible!

But we should at least put the offer out there! He might be tired! Or we could help him out somehow!

If asked, we help! No sooner!

No later!

At this point they were having a staring contest. Then Paint crossed his eyes. Sirensong stared in disturbed awe before looking back to the stallion. I didn't catch your name. What was it again?
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