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Beat the Heat [Tigress]

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:44 am
by Fen

It was a painfully high noon. The immense, flaming sun was right overhead, scorching both the land and sky to the point that even the breeze felt sickeningly warm as it meandered through the meadow. Besides this slight movement, everything was still and quiet; even the birds had retreated to the relative relief of the nearby thicket.

They weren’t the only ones to come up with that bright idea. The wooded area was really nothing grand, just a handful of scrawny trees and shrubs, but it provided just enough shade to keep a few lucky creatures from catching on fire. Or perhaps Cotton was just being a bit over-dramatic. It wouldn’t be the first time he exaggerated his discomfort, although to be fair, he very much disliked the heat. It made him hot and sweaty to the point that he all he wanted was to crawl out his own skin.

Given his unhappiness with such rising temperatures, he typically stayed closer to home, under the substantial protection of his forest’s canopy. This morning, however, the sky had been dark and angry, leading him to believe that there would be a storm. He had been hoping to watch the wind, rain, and lightening without obstruction from his usual cocoon of foliage. As much as Cotton detested the heat, he quite enjoyed watching storms unfold.

Oh well. He had been hoping to sleep through the worst of the heat before heading over the hill and back home, but the heat was just too suffocating here to do that. Better to just get a move on, as it didn’t seem as if the horrible weather was going to let up any time soon.

Getting up, Cotton grimaced. Sometimes he felt quite old.

Re: Beat the Heat [Tigress]

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:22 pm
by Tigress

This was the worst time of year; the hot snap at the end of summer, the kiss goodbye that let autumn come crashing through. She welcomed the end of this kiss, and could hardly wait for autumn, though she missed the misty mornings of spring.

Willow wasn't much one for weather that was too hot or too cool- but then she supposed most breathing creatures shared her sentiments. Despite the offensive weather, Willow had been tasked with searching for natural herbs which might alleviate some of Vapor's recent joint pains. The proud warrioress didn't take kindly to aging it seemed.

Rounding a hill and wiggling through some bushes, Willow saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She had been walking in this direction for minutes and hasn't seen anything until just now. There appeared to be a Serian just up the hill- had they fainted and just woken? In this heat, it was a definite possibility.

In a crude satchel about her torso, the mare had some juicy berries stored to snack on. It wouldn't provide as much thirst quenching as water, but there wasn't a stream immediately nearby. Heading up the hill, she decided to see if the Serian required medical assistance. As a healer, she felt duty bound to put aside her personal mission for the greater good.

As she approached, her soft voice filled the still air like the rustling of trees. "Hello there, are you feeling well in this heat? Did you faint?"

Re: Beat the Heat [Tigress]

PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 1:07 am
by Fen
Cotton was not really what one would call a ‘people person.’ It’s not as if he didn’t have those he respected – his Bonded was a perfect example that he wasn’t a complete misanthrope – but putting up with others did so exhausted him. The donkey-like Serian wasn’t quite good at nor particular interested in niceties, and to be blunt, he didn’t feel a great desire for company. It was as if his societal muscles had atrophied and he didn’t even know how to get them healthy again, assuming he even wanted to do so. Cotton had never really understood how some could trust any one else with their innermost thoughts, or even anything else deeper than surface level. After all, everyone else was ultimately a stranger.

Needless to say, he was neither anticipating nor pleased by the intrusion of another soul trespassing upon his respite. Very much unaccustomed to being caught off-guard, Cotton swung his head in direction of the voice that had cut into the thick, end-of-summer air. His quick moving brown eyes took her in; for some reason, she appeared unduly concerned with his wellbeing. How strange.

“What?” He asked the stranger, perhaps too sharply. “Gold earrings glinting off the hot sun, Cotton smirked at her. “Am I supposed to be the damsel in distress in this story? I assure you, I’m fine.”

Re: Beat the Heat [Tigress]

PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 2:19 am
by Tigress
Amusingly enough, Willow had no personal feelings about social interaction. It was what it was, and it was necessary for survival. She was reflective in nature and therefore solitary by coincidence. On the other side, due to her... Hobby, for lack of a better word, she had come across many kinds of Serians.

Many like Cotton but worse, who would rather let a wound fester until death than accept her assistance. Thus, hard words rolled easily off her shoulders and even the thickest heads often came around in their own time, or so she'd seen. When Cotton practically spurted 'what?' at her, she didn't so much as bat an eye. His following comment earned a side-smirk as she stared unblinkingly.

"Whatever story you've conjured in your mind is one-sided I assure you." Stallions, they always had those social expectations. And pride, oh the pride, the need to be manly rose above all else! Not that she hadn't met as many finicky and self-interested mares...

"I'm a healer by trade, and I'd rather bother a stranger than leave them possibly to die a slow death." Her eyes glinted in the sharp light as she looked up at him. "Death by exposure is the worst way to go, or so I've heard." Let him puzzle that one over if he wanted, though she'd readily confess she lacked the talent to speak to ghosts. A certain black mare she knew DID have the talent however.

"Your breathing is a bit shallow, are you sure you wouldn't like a snack or a cool drink? I can only offer the former, but I know where to find the latter. I'm on my way there to look for herbs anyway." He could take it or leave it, though she had a feeling he wouldn't last more than an hour more before getting heatstroke.