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Sweet & Sour (Self RP)

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:33 pm
by Kyra
The green and white mare trotted through the forest, fall was a favorite time of hers. All the colors and her season was around the corner. She could hardly wait for the snow, she loved the cold and white brilliance. Also the added bonus of her ability being strongest then. Her green harks flicked around and she smiled at hearing the breeze rustle through the trees and russeling of the leaves across the ground. This was close to being a perfect day minus missing snow. Though the cold whisper of a breeze said she would not have to wait long.

Her red eyes looked around, the forest in reds, yellows and oranges was a fantastic and peaceful scenery. She was content and happy. A stroll after wandering her valley of holly and snow was a change in pace. Hollyberry had had spent much time with Kyra but she was sure now was the time to get out and meet her own kind. Well not true she meant and spent a little time with most of her bond-mates but not enough to truly know them. A 1st impression was more of it, as some were out already on adventures. So now that fall was here and winter near, she felt right as of really meeting others now. A little confidence boost so to say... No that was not it, just a feeling of being in one's domain or field.

The red stallion was out running, he was not paying attention nor did he care. If anything he was trying to clear his mind; the one usually plotting was stuck in a rut. Certain words over and over, and realization of them and events of the past. He hated it, he felt like exploding! Killing so to speak, well mental or maybe a heart attack to the unlucky creature he was into. He was breathing hard, eyes were blazing fire. He looked like the demon and evil one others and now himself saw himself as.