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Re: Down to the Root

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:28 pm
by Songhue
Caustic snapped at her with a snort, aiming his teeth for a wing where she perched on her branch. If she didn't move in time, she'd get a decent little tear; no flying for a while. At almost the same instant he kicked out, his sharp hoof heading straight for the high rib near Black Thorn's shoulder. At worst, he could get a broken rib; at best, he might be able to move fast enough to just get a cut on the shoulder.

You're both idiots, he grumbled, ears flattened against his skull. Absolute, insufferable idiots. You don't want him broken, you fool, no more than he wants to push you away.

Glaring with a promise of further violence, he lifted his head and resisted the urge to kick down the tree the bat had perched on. They were such fools!

You swear to her, he demanded in his hard, coldly acidic voice, from this moment you swear that you're going to start sharing your fears.

And you, he added with cold disdain as he regarded the small, feathery bat, If you aren't able to do more than tear someone apart when they displease you, let him find a better bonded. Your rage is as shameful as his foolishness.

Glaring, he looked between the two and snorted with rather clear disgust, You suit each other, fools that you are. You, he snapped, turning to Black Thorn, Rather than tell her you worried over being left again you decided you didn't want to be too close when it happened. And you, he added scornfully, glaring at the small bat, the one responsible for him, the one to take up the chore of his health and well-being, what do you do? You snap and snarl and slap. You give him back his own abuse.

Snorting, he twitched an ear and declared You should both be ashamed. Mend the damage you've caused. Start here. You may bring in others when a proper foundation is established. And the look on his face promised a proper beating should either of them give objection.

It was all just ridiculous.

Re: Down to the Root

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:05 pm
by Sethelu
The bat instinctively dodged and sent some energy out to push Black Thorn away. Then she flew and perched between his ears and glared at Caustic. I didn't want him broken! I just figured you can't talk to someone without destroying them! And my aunt, your bonded, handled me the exact same way when I was behaving like that! So take it up with her because that's where I got it from! With a huff she crossed her wings and kept glaring at the other stallion. Black Thorn was surprised at what he just saw. Had she no sense of self preservation? In an attempt to quiet Caustic's rage he quickly blurted out Hey Moony nice to see you I'm sorry for being an idiot and I promise to share my feelings with you instead of being stupid and pushing you away! Moony glanced down at him and smiled softly before saying And I'm sorry for screaming at you like that. I wasn't helping. At all! Black Thorn laughed and answered Neither was I. Moony laughed We really are idiots! They both laughed, completely forgetting Caustic was there. I'm a stupid dumbo, yeah! You're a stupid dumbo, yeah! We're both stupid dumbos, yeah! Stupid stupid dumbo dumbo, yeah!~ They continued laughing together, and it became borderline psychotic. Both were so relieved, and they didn't know why. But they couldn't stop laughing. Finally the laughter petered out leaving them both heaving with goofy smiles on their faces.

Re: Down to the Root

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:28 pm
by Songhue
Sneering, he waited until they were half-mad and laughing before charging the pair of them. This time he didn't give a chance for dodging; his shoulder rammed into Black Thorn and sent him sprawling to the ground, his spikes leaving a long rip in the dark hide and sending the suicidal little bat tumbling end over end as she was knocked from his skull.

I know my bonded, little fool. And I know you choose your own actions. You can't blame what you did on any but yourself. You show no brain, nor proper shame, and you bring no honor. My bonded would have also told you that when called upon your mistakes you admit to your shortcomings; you don't blame others or respond with anger. You aren't worthy to invoke her name.

Snorting, he looked to Blackie again and said I gave you a choice before; either admit you didn't want her to drop you, or allow it to happen and face the consequences. Abandonment is not pleasant, yet it's no excuse for attacking others to keep them at a safe distance; avoiding all pain is not possible. Things happen, and as they do you make adjustments. Living or acting in fear of what may happen is folly. Take what is now; that's all you're given.

Frowning, he wrinkled his nose for a moment and then pried a few more words out of himself. You chose admitting to your deception over facing that which you were certain would occur and cause you harm; facing self-illusions are as difficult as facing that which troubles you. It is a beginning.

It was almost nice, in a way. At least the stallion was being given credit.

Admitting that you do not honestly wish this distance is not, however, making the changes to allow a proper bond. You have work left to do, and it will not be easy. Learning to allow others close once again will be painful at times.

Looking back at the bat he sneered in derision before adding I would say that with the help of a proper bonded you shall find your way through; yet this one's pride may be her undoing. You may look after her more than she helps you. I wish you luck, but do not approach me again. And you, he added, directing the bonded once more, You disgust me. I don't see how you can lay claim to my bonded. Learn humility, you little fool.

With that he turned away, gathering himself to head back home. He was done with both of them; there was so little seen to redeem either that it was shameful. May they both rot in their anger and assumptions, and may they choke as they cast their blame upon others.

Re: Down to the Root

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:48 pm
by Sethelu
Moony immediately flew over to Black Thorn and began pouring her energies into him to begin the healing. darn Caustic. He was such an idiot. She heard him talking but didn't hear what was said. She was too focused on healing Black Thorn. Black Thorn couldn't stand the way he was talking about his bonded. she was young and had a lot to learn. And from what he's heard she used to be really timid. Maybe she was taking it a little too far but it was understandable to delight in her new-found confidence. And who was Caustic to judge them? Well, Caustic may find him pathetic, but Black Thorn found him uppity. He really needed to look past his own muzzle.He looked over to his bonded to see her finish healing the cut. She smiled apologetically and explained I could only heal the top layer. I don't know how to do anything else yet. I'm sorry about this. Caustic is an idiot. Black Thorn smiled. Yeah, he is. 'Oh, look at me! I'm Caustic and I think I know everything and can look down on everyone cause I'm so much better than them.' Give me a break! Moony could barely stay standing up she was laughing so hard. They might have been unfair but hey, he's a jerk, and they had no regrets. Come on, let's get you home. You need to let that cut finish healing. With that they stood up and left, joking and laughing the entire way.