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Re: All's Fair in Love And...? [Halloween Plot]

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:28 am
by Kyra
No her love is her's alone... You can not help whom you fall in love with, or even in you love them but not the same way they love you back. Love is just like that...And Yes he is Teardops but if he does not love her like she loves him than its not fair to either of them..." The green mare wished that there was soemthing so could do, looking into Confusion's eyes and seeing the longing of her love, was hard to bare and not see an easy way to help her.

I say it may change, but... Does he feel the same way about you, as the way you feel about him? Traveler was well aware that she was tredding on thin ice, but bottling up this secret for the other mare, and with what is going on, well it was not healthy, nor would it help anyone. She gave Confusion an encouraging look, she hoped would help her to realease her burden that was eating her inside.

Re: All's Fair in Love And...? [Halloween Plot]

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:21 am
by Sethelu
Shadowstar's own lips twitched as she rested most of her weight on her back legs, giving her a relaxed, sassy look. I heard you got in a little argument with someone recently. And from the sound of it, you were pretty mad. Care to back that up? she asked, giving him a warm smile.

Pace yourself. And use his reactions to your benefit. And don't forget, he's a warrior. Tread lightly she reminded herself. If he responded positively she would keep going. If he responded negatively, she would swallow her pride, duck her head, and try to seem as meek as possible. She had, in a way, accused him and people get defensive when accused. She hoped it wouldn't come to an argument. Those wasted precious time and were quite tedious.

Re: All's Fair in Love And...? [Halloween Plot]

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:01 pm
by Krinlith
This was interesting, Krinlith had to admit. That brought a whole new level of possibilities into his mind. He had to prod more.
"A fight? Can you tell me what you heard during the fight? With your help, I can narrow things down a bit."

Re: All's Fair in Love And...? [Halloween Plot]

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 6:26 am
by Tigress
As Traveler spoke, Confusion nodded her head repeatedly, calming herself down with the logic presented to her. She had been holding out for that too, that their walks in the afternoon had touched his heart in the same way and that he would grow fonder of her. She had felt terrible for wishing for it, since Teardrop wasn't a mean Serian. But she had wanted his heart to move to her.

It seemed to have been starting, but... but now... "If he has taken another mare, other than myself, other than Teardrop, then I have to realize that I don't even know who he is. Or who he truly cares about."

There was a sad resignation in her voice. "I want to be alone for a while, I will return downstairs later."

It seemed that, despite being in love with him, Confusion had been as taken by surprise about the stallion's late-night disappearances as anyone else.

[She will be downstairs for anyone else to talk to, should they wish to!]


Chaos' eyebrow raised at the huffy little show that Shadowstar put on for him. Apparently she had no fear of reprimand for her actions... His eyes bore into her unflinchingly, almost bored.

"I wasn't aware that it's a crime to have arguments? I'm sure you just get along with everyone though..." He grinned then, mockingly, but didn't seem to be angered. Chaos was clever, and being a warrior meant he knew when to keep his cool and when to explode.

"You're not going to ask me who I saw him with?"


Harvest smiled warily, she wasn't sure what to make of her own information so she was less than confident that anyone else would be able to make sense of it. But, no harm in trying, that's why they'd enlisted outside help right?

"I heard the sound of physical striking, angry voices, and then the sounds faded into the grotto behind the house..." She hadn't been brave enough to see who or what came back, and had gone to bed with all kind of crazy scenarios playing in her head.

Re: All's Fair in Love And...? [Halloween Plot]

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:58 am
by Kyra
I am sorry to hear that Confusion. I know this was really hard and difficult, but thank you for talking to me. Travler said this in soft and kind voice. It was all she could really do, she could only imagian how the mare was feeling. She raised her and turned to leave the room.

On the way back downstairs she pondered whom to talk to next, originally she was thinking the black mare Ash, but there been a few others too. As she came off the staircase, she again saw another mare she was thinking of talking to and deiced to go for it. She walked to the left of the staircase, passed the brown mare and only stopped once close to the white mare. Hello, I am Traveler. I am here to help Teardrop. Do you happened to know her mate or have you seen anyhting out of the ordinary for Teardrop or her mate?

The green mare looked the new mare over, her eyes were quite haunting, but she knew very little of this mare. None of her bonded-family had ever talked about her. She was not sure what to exspect.

Re: All's Fair in Love And...? [Halloween Plot]

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:05 am
by Sethelu
Shadowstar barely kept herself from rolling her eyes. Males! She shifted her weight to all four hooves and forced her lips to twitch like she was fighting a smile. Fiery, aren't you. I never said it was a crime. I was just making sure I wasn't being fed false information. Like she said before, people get defensive when accused. Who he was with? Who's 'he'? Only one way to find out. I don't know who you were with. Can you tell me who you were with while you tell me who he was with?

She had a feeling this one would be just as difficult as the last one. Joy.