Returning to the Fields (Open RP)

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Re: Returning to the Fields (Open RP)

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Sunny watched Thyme go off in confusion and sadness. He was looking forward to getting to know the green stallion. Just as he was about to ask where he was off to, there was a bright flash of light above Sunny's head. He feels the familiar weight of the bat on his head before hearing her squeak Sunny, you gotta go somewhere else. She gave him the location and he asked How soon do I have to leave? I'm playing with my cousins. The bat glanced at the other two before smiling and saying Hey, BlackIce. I'm guessing you're MoonFyreLilly. You're bonded to my dad! Sunny, if you hurry you can play with both Shadowstar and Shimme- And he was gone, causing the bat to tumble off his head, roll down his neck, across his back, and onto the ground. She sat up and muttered Note to self. Never give Sunny family news while sitting on his head. She flapped her wings until she was airborn, then disappeared in another flash of light.
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Re: Returning to the Fields (Open RP)

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"Well, that's a tad unfortunate. Well, BlackIce, seeing as it's just us, care to wander the fields a bit and see what's going on?" Fyre said, looking towards the stallion. Whatever Thyme ran off to do seemed to be important, and Sunny went off like an excited foal running off to play, but then again, he seemed to do a lot of things with that same enthusiasm. Fyre was sure that she'd be able to find something to do with BlackIce, he seemed rather fun. With that, MoonFyreLilly gave BlackIce a playful grin and headed off in a random direction to find some fun.
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Re: Returning to the Fields (Open RP)

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Chuckling, he gave a quick shrug and followed after. His old sense of adventure was sparking back to life, though if he was to be honest it would be easier for him to slink back off to watching over his home than it would be to bounce around out here.

That wasn't an option though; he'd just get kicked back out again. And he had been spending a little too much time alone, if he was to be honest. A little time to himself was fine, after spending time out of mind ghosting after others, but he couldn't let himself get too used to it. In all honesty, he'd wind up getting depressed; he spent too much of his life living hard to be content with simply sitting around on his own.

Besides, he'd only just met this mare and she certainly seemed interesting. He had a feeling they'd find some grand adventures together.

Perking his ears, he shifted up into a springy trot and watched for the next great discovery they might stumble over.

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