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Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 31, 2013 3:39 pm
by Talia
She smiled a bit sheepishly at that. Hadn't done anything? She had all but leapt into his lap! It was a good thing that he hadn't mocked her for her clumsy tumble-any comment made at her expense in relation to that likely would have sent her running for cover.

I'm all but sitting on you, she commented in embarrassment. She still didn't move an inch however, which was a pure indication of how comfortable she was with him. She smiled at the comment about the belly warmer. The rabbit was adorable, ticklish or no.

A ticklish one indeed, she added with a grin, as she turned ever-so-slightly to view the rabbit. She laughed aloud again as the bunny's nose started to twitch uncontrollably.

She blushed again at his comment. Truth be told, she wasn't sure why she had been so skittish. I suppose I'm just accustomed to being alone. I guess I'm just... nervous. Sharing all of this with someone else.

She did indeed honour him with another rare giggle as he lipped at her. He did seem to know exactly what to say to soothe her. His gentle nature was easy to adore, and she thought, just maybe, that he felt similarly about her.

Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:08 pm
by Songhue
He grinned slightly and reached forward to whisper in her ear, his breath making the bird in her antlers look at him for a moment. I'm certainly not objecting.

And with that he tucked her more firmly against him, arching his neck around to rest his chin against her withers. With his legs tucked around her, his neck resting on her and his chin back on her withers she was quite literally wrapped up in him.

Closing his eyes, Thyme was quiet for a moment as she spoke of being nervous over sharing. That was a part of it, certainly; but he knew there was more.

He heard things, something he'd learned to call music. It was the sound of life. The music was often complex, layered in varying notes that told him all he needed to know. Everything they were, everything they thought or felt; the tone was relayed. The tone with her was far more than that of shyness, but also one of change. He'd caught the moments where something had been sharply altered; notes that would have lead to fear and flight were muted into being something new.

What was worse for him was that he was directly impacted by this particular music. He wasn't nervous, exactly, yet he was all bestirred. It was a sensation he could only liken unto trees held within a great wind; his soul was in flux. He'd known, for as long as he could remember, the music of life. He'd known how to harmonize himself to the tunes around him, knew when his own music was a rough counterpoint to others. It was honestly the only times he'd been aware of his own life-tune; when another came that caused strife in the melody. It was easier to shift his sound into a supporting chord for the stronger notes in others. In many cases it was very nearly the only option due to his nature.

He heard her music, heard the breath of life in her woods, and it sounded like his forest, or at least very near to it. He didn't find a conflicting note anywhere. They merely fit, their two souls harmonizing automatically. If anything, she'd shifted her notes to suit him, taken the flight for solitude from her song; just as he'd taken the notes that would segue into suiting others from his. It seemed that rather than harmonizing her song, Nymph merely avoided the painful conflict of ill-matched company; he could understand that. There were many that required a drastic shift in his tune in order to arrive at any level of comfort; without it, they simply weren't compatible. It would be like mixing ice and fire; one would have to dominate or destroy the other, either the fire changing the ice or the ice killing the fire.

Thyme had never known what it was to naturally harmonize before; the tune of his music was so soft and languid that even others with soft tunes were distinct enough to need a little shift. With Nymph, her sound was still distinctly her own; and yet not to the point that he needed to adjust in order to suit her key notes.

It was a beautiful experience and it was unquestionably changing him. The requirement of altering his personal song in order to fit with others would now be seen in a different light; he also realized that this was why so few came to his forest. They had difficulty altering their tunes to fit with his own, with his lands. It would be stepping into an area that was completely against you, so ill-suited would you be for it. The siren-voiced mare Sign wandering the desert would be no less compatible than some of his bondmates in his tranquil woods.

Sparkle could, on those days he managed to have an easy energy; Shiro could, on the days he relaxed; Path could quite regularly, when she allowed herself to be soft; Caelum often came, drifting on a mild breeze; BlackIce would visit the most regularly, relaxing into the work.

Some others would never enter his woods; some had a mild ability, yet not enough. Darroch was the King of the Woods, called Oak-Heart for more than one reason; he could step wherever he wanted in Thyme's forest, but not without changing it. The entire woods would answer to his call; the languid peace would alter.

She could walk his paths without trouble though, as naturally welcomed as he himself was.

I hear things, he began, his voice low and intimate, and while I've told some they need to listen to know a place, I've only told my Bonded all of it. What I hear now has changed things for me. It doesn't make me nervous, but inside it does seem as if a great wind has come to stir up the trees.

Lipping absently at the tail end of her mane he flicked an ear, listening as a touch of that nervousness he'd just denied spiked a sharp note; well, perhaps this was making him a bit unsure. I can hear life, hear the sound of souls; everything is music. That's my talent. I know how to help different tunes to harmonize. Here, the music naturally flows. Mine and yours, together with these woods. I'll never find another tune exactly like this one, and I've never known the sense of fully belonging outside my own home. I'd like to see what I hear with you at home. As a ripple flowed through his song he grinned slightly and added, I'm not too inclined to move, however.

He liked holding her; they were such a natural fit even there that he felt one final, seismic shift within as he began to fall in love. He liked this, he wanted to keep this, and he appreciated everything he knew of her so far. He wanted her.

Now to begin the journey of trying to win her.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 6:12 pm
by Talia
She couldn't even find an appropriate response to that. Suddenly she was bashful, and blushing fiercely at his response while she tried to gather herself. At least he didn't give her much time to be completely at his mercy. Before she could make so much as a peep, he had wrapped himself around her, enveloping her in a comforting hug of sorts.

Usually she would be panicked by now, ready to run and hide within the trees. For a moment she felt that familiar flutter in her chest, like a stricken bird desperately trying to get free, but it quickly gave way to utter content. Her breathing steadied, and she relaxed against him as she marveled at the calming effect he had on her.

She listened quietly as he spoke and, despite herself, she nestled closer. His heartbeat was steadying, solid. She chuckled lightly as he played with her mane, and she nuzzled him back lightly with the tip of her nose. When he spoke of her coming to his home, she paused, but it wasn't the silence of one that was hesitating as a result of fright. She was seriously considering. She had never felt as safe as she did here, with him. And he was right- her wood had never seemed quite so content. She had never felt so perfectly in-tune with another as she did with him. Even her furry friends seemed agreeable to his presence, but it really was deeper than that.

He was meant to be here.

She wasn't used to listening to the forest in the same manner that he was, but she knew that she would love to learn. He was so in tune with his surroundings and the beings that inhabited them that it was truly astounding. She really did have a lot to learn from him. Watching him in her home made her think that he was being modest about his own home.

Please, don't, she said simply. The thought of moving right now was inconceivable. Everything... everything around here seems to welcome you. Like you were meant to be here, and I was meant to meet you. Surely that means something. And... and I'm not afraid. Having you here just seems right somehow.

She lipped at him gently, giggling softly. I would like to see your home. Truly. Although I really can't fathom how we would ever get there considering neither of us wants to move, she added, teasing him slightly.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 12:59 am
by Songhue
His heart warmed as she seemed to agree. It did seem right that he was there, and he found that odd. Surely life didn't work that way? But he'd known, deep inside, that he was being pulled somewhere; that he was meant to be somewhere. And he'd found her soon after leaving to answer the call.

But what had called him?

Something had. A meddling bonded, perhaps, sending the songs on the wind for him to follow. Or it may have been simple instinct. Whatever the reason, whatever it meant, he was indeed meant to be there. He was meant to wrap himself around her, soothe her, soak in the music of her soul and share the song of his.

When she asked, more than half teasing, how they might visit his home if neither of them moved he had to smile at her, absently brushing his muzzle through the end of her mane as he murmured Like this.

Things shifted and rippled around them, the world seeming to go soft and insubstantial for a mere heartbeat before solidifying once more. They had moved, leaving behind the animals that had previously piled on them as they shifted to his woods.

It was a basic ability, although not often used for such a short journey; her home was within his realm, if residing in different lands. They could have easily walked. He simply chose to expend the energy for a shift rather than release her.

Welcome to my home, he said in his genteel voice, lifting his head just enough to glance around. And with that he nestled back close with her, allowing her a moment to take in his work.

They were laying in what might only be called a bed of herbs and mosses, with dapple-leafed ferns scattered near the edges. The rest of the ground was choked with bushes and vines, and a lingering mist hung over everything. The most notable thing was the trees; great, massive redwoods, each one large enough to have three of him standing nose to tail in diameter. The branches sored so high overhead that individual leaves couldn't be picked out and various shrooms and herbs seemed to litter the shallow earth around their roots. Some few had circles of new shoots surrounding them; fae rings, seemingly shielding the aged monoliths that sprouted them with their youthful spryness.

Directly next to them, in a patch of sunlight that shot between the towering branches, a patch of thick-leaved bushes grew. They were heavy with nearly white berries, each one holding a frosted blue tinge near the top and deepening into a bloody red near the base, as if the color was dripping off. Winterberries; not berries that grew in the winter, but a specific sort of berry that was native to some parts of this land and yet often had trouble thriving. They were a delicate plant, but delicious for all of that.

Near the base of each bush, scattered among the shallow herbs and fungi around the trees, piles of leaves and rich dirt gave a certain dark texture to the earth. The effect was that the shadows seemed deeper than they really were as the decomposing bits of plants fed the growth of other plants.

Quiet sounds invaded the view; a stream burbled nearby, a few songbirds tweeted, squirrels chattered, a linx yowled a greeting in the distance as a raccoon peered at them from foraging nearby. The little creature stood on its hind legs for a moment and sniffed curiously, taking the measure of this new mare, before returning to scavenging. It was almost as if they weren't even there.

The raccoons favored the younger trees, and some took shelter in hollows created in the earth by the massive roots; this one slipped into such a hollow nearby after finding some success in searching for bits of food. Between the small mice that dashed through the herbs and the squirrels that hid from the owls, it was fairly different from her own garden; but there were still rabbits, something that was demonstrated as one such hare hopped over to curl up on his front legs and promptly fall asleep.

He gave a very slight eyeroll at that, rather amused as he wondered if he honestly looked like a bed of herbs to sleep on. At least he hadn't put Nymph to sleep. Not yet, at any rate.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:32 pm
by Talia
She flicked him with her tail in a sudden bout of impish humor as he teased her gently about not knowing how to get to his home. Before she even had a chance to utter a joking retort however, the world morphed around her in a surprisingly brilliant blur of colour, sound and smells.

As the air cleared and changed into an atmosphere that she could easily recognize, she gasped aloud in astonishment, her ears flicking forward in curiosity and her eyes shining with admiration.

Everything here smelled so familiar. Even though the flora was somewhat alien to her, the whole forest just seemed... right. Like an old comfy blanket, it wrapped around her and completely enveloped her. She felt comforted and fulfilled. That aside, his handiwork was amazing. The trees were great hulking sentinels, surrounding the pair in their quiet little clearing, cradling them with their resonating strength. She lipped at the herbs curiously, marveling in their subtle tastes and pleasant aromas. The winterberries had her immediately interested. The small fruit was beautifully coloured and delicate. Had she not been so comfortably intertwined with him, she would have been tempted to try one- as it was, she was reluctant to move, as much as their beauty intrigued her.

It's...marvelous... she breathed, her awe evident in her voice.

She twitched her nose questioningly at the raccoon, favoring him with a giggle as he went back to his business. When the hare hopped onto his front legs, she smiled gently and lipped at the rabbit's ears tenderly.

For some reason, the friendly fauna gave her a bit of her own courage. With a small smile, she nuzzled Thyme's cheek, her voice soft and yet still oddly shy.

Thank you for bringing me here,
she replied quietly, a slight blush lighting her features.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:11 am
by Songhue
You'll always be welcome here, he grinned, lipping at her forelock as she snuggled him. It was all so right; she belonged here, just as he belonged in her home. It was that simple.

Thyme knew what he wanted, though he had no idea how it might come about; he'd begun to fall for her, knew he wanted to win her over, to bring her into his circle, have her as his mate. He hadn't any idea as to what the next step might be towards making that happen, though he did know that simply seeing her frequently wouldn't quite be enough. He'd need to be proactive about it, somehow or another.

And even then, as much as he enjoyed this quiet snuggling, there would have to be more eventually. It wouldn't very well do to visit her all the time just to cuddle; there'd need to be day-to-day events. It was a weakness in the realm, the reason other realms needed to be visited, but as it grew and became stronger through that growth the problem was eased. Once, he hadn't even had the activity of actively tending his forest; there were no sore muscles after digging for too long, no feeling of damp stickiness as he began to sweat in the mist. There'd been nothing but his home and the creatures in it, and endless wanderings that never tired his hooves.

Yet now his home was stronger. Now, she could help him find fallen leaves and rich dark earth to move around. Now she could help him stir his rot-piles, what he thought of his compost heaps, as he created more bedding for his plants. She could help gather lost bits of food to give to his little companions.

And he'd help her do the same, back at her home.

Lovely as that would be, however, it wouldn't move them forward the way he wanted. They could stay close, the very best of friends even, if those visits were made regular. But how could he keep her?

Tell you what, he murmured, his voice low and gentle as he craned his neck to pluck some winterberries for her, scattering them nearby, each time you gift me with a visit you'll get some more berries. And maybe, with your help, this can be our woods after a while rather than just mine; if you're willing to help tend the forest with me.

Smiling, he nudged her cheek with his nose and added And I'll help tend yours as much as you let me.

There was more he wanted to say, more he wanted to ask, though he didn't have the words. He wanted to know everything about her, know everything that was close to her. He wanted to share what was closest to him; wanted to introduce her to those Serians he loved enough to bind to in a Circle. But how to bring it up, how to ask without spooking her? She was shy, that was obvious; it wouldn't very well do to simply have them suddenly standing around her. And it could be awkward; the main reason, the only reason he was so eager to introduce her was that he wanted her to join as his mate. They'd only just met and he knew it was insane; he knew that Caelum and BlackIce and, if she came out of hiding, even Tundra would have to take the time to get to know her. He just found her so marvelous... How could he not want her?

His herbs and plants were much simpler than this falling in love business.