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Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 2:14 pm
by Talia
She had never felt as comfortable, welcome, and completely at home as she did in this one lingering moment. The only thing she could truly compare it to was her relationship with her bonded, Talia. Even though her relationship with her bondmates (most of them at least) was strong enough, she had always felt like part of the background. She was never really completely involved, never quite at ease enough to be one with the group. They had not purposely made her an outsider, she just felt like she didn't quite belong with the others. Even within her own circle, new bonds and distant lands had made her circle-mates part ways. She hadn't seen any of them in years, and it still made her wistful and unhappy. She yearned for the protective embrace that was part and parcel of being in a circle. Thyme's personality just meshed so well with her own in a way that had her completely content, yet reminiscent of what she used to have and hold so dear.

She gazed up at him for a moment as if transfixed, her brilliant turquoise eyes filled with a certain sombre longing. She knew that she wouldn't be able to hide how she was feeling- she had never been one to lie. Her features always betrayed her, although she couldn't fathom how she would or could ever be able to deceive this handsome stallion. She really was falling for him, in much the same manner as he was her, although she had never been the type to openly vocalize such things. Merely seeing him now and again just wasn't enough; she needed him in her life, as often as he was willing. And he did seem willing enough, but could he honestly understand the depth of her feelings for him? Even she wasn't certain that she entirely understood- this had all been so sudden and overwhelming, yet oddly preordained.

She smiled knowingly as he mentioned the bit about the berries. So he did want her close. The gesture was sweet, and innocent, and she felt a sudden flood of warmth light her features once more, banishing the slight tinge of uncertainty that they had held only moments before.

She plucked a berry gingerly from the ground, careful not to damage it until the right moment. The beautifully sweet flavor filled her palate as she tasted it, and she grinned happily. Even the foliage he surrounded himself with reminded her of him.

I would come here more often, berries or not, she said, eyes slightly downcast now. The timidness had crept back into her voice for a moment, but she fought against it to get her point across. Only if you would will it, that is. But I think you've made your intentions quite clear indeed. My own woods could use berries such as yours, just as yours may want something of mine. My own forest called to you the same way it calls to me. I cannot help but let you, nor would I dream of stopping you. You're as much a part of it now as I am.

She could feel some courage returning. It had been a long time coming, a long time since she had felt like she could say the things that she really meant without wanting to run. It was so desperately silly, to be this smitten after only just meeting. She knew that it defied all sense of reason; she had always been a very steady mare that hardly ever allowed herself any flights of fancy. And this, this relationship that they had now, was barely comprehensible, yet she knew instantly that she couldn't bear to see him with another. She wanted him for her own mate. She wanted him close- he was such a soothing presence to her. She felt protected and cared for. Everything that one should feel when surrounded by those that they loved. He made her feel whole, and she wanted nothing more than to make him feel the same.

But how to say all of this? Surely she would sound needlessly silly by just blurting it out, like a little filly attempting to wrap her head around the notion of love. She sighed aloud, without meaning to.

Even Talia would approve of you, she said softly, the statement almost a whisper. Talia had always known that it would take someone special to make Nymph feel secure, and here he was.

We cannot stay here forever, in this moment, she said softly, so desperately afraid. Yet I cannot leave. Please tell me you won't go, not without me. She paused a moment, knowing that the next would sound completely irrational, yet she had to say it, and say it she would. It all came flooding out in a rush of emotion, so fast that she didn't even have time to comprehend the words before they came bubbling to the surface. She stared at the forest, as if staring at the underbrush would somehow save her from his reaction, if not favorable. I... I need you. It seems nonsensical, but here you are, and here I am. And I've never felt like this. This is home. You are home. Please tell me I'm not being foolish. I barely know you, but I want to spend all my time getting to know you.

She dipped her delicate antlered head low, as if bracing for the emotional impact that her outburst might have. How senseless was she? She had gotten ahead of herself. Again.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 4:17 pm
by Songhue
He reacted without thinking, reaching down to press her closer and tuck his muzzle under her chin in an effort to coax her head back up. Shhh, he crooned, brushing a kiss over her cheek as he lets his nose travel down to nuzzle at her neck. Shhh, my love, don't fret yourself so. Why would I take a step without you by my side? The realms will be dull and empty without the song of your heart.

Who knew he could be such a romantic? He certainly hadn't. It was only after his reassurances that he really understood what she'd said, so instant was his need to comfort her - she needed him. She wanted to spend her days knowing him better.

He had known of a few whirlwind romances that did turn out well; Path and Pixie, mainly. There'd been trouble, but there'd also been trouble with Sparkle. In each case their mate had seen them through. Even Sign's mate West loved her deeply; the only trouble was how delicate the mare was.

Was there any viable reason to pull away, to insist on taking it a step at a time, when they both longed for each other? It seemed shameful that this timid mare beside him had been the one to dare and broach the topic while he'd held back. He should have realized that wanting to follow this link didn't have to mean diving in blindly, either; half the fun would be the discovery of one another. They could keep their wits, even through this intoxicating haze of love.

Still, if she'd been bold enough to broach the topic then he could at least dare to help it progress.

If getting to know you more means coming to hold the approval of those close to you, then the same can be said for knowing me, he admitted with a gentle smile. I hope to spend every moment learning your heart; to have you as close as one can be, as my mate within my Circle. But you would need to meet them, to see how well you could accept them; I'm sure they would love you, as I do.

Fast as it was, foolish as it seemed, they were still at least being sensible. It felt right; it felt like home. It was worth holding on to, preserving, this beautiful moment they'd found.

Brushing his nose over her cheek he wondered silently rather she would even want to meet them yet. Was she honestly ready to move that fast, to know those who were closest to him? If she balked now it could be disastrous. He'd have to work hard to make up for pushing for too much; but he would. He'd do whatever it took to keep her for himself, for already he knew that he wouldn't see anyone being worthy of this beautifully gentle mare. Nobody could ever be good enough to keep his Nymph as happy as she deserved.

His Nymph. It was impossible to suppress a smile at the words; in all honesty, rather she was ever his or not, he knew that he was hers. This comfort was quickly building into a firm devotion. Thyme didn't mind; it felt as natural as breathing.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2014 10:00 am
by Talia
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His kiss brought a fierce blush to her cheeks, but she settled in against him none-the-less, a small tentative smile lighting her features. Was this bliss? Certainly she had never expected to stumble upon him. Was it really her turn, finally? She had watched so many of her bond-mates pair off, and some even produced foals while she sat here. Waiting. And here he was, promising not to leave her. That was all she needed, truly it was. She feared abandonment more than the average Serian, having been abandoned once herself. She didn't want to watch her mate slip away and never come back, like Gem's. The thought of being that connected to another, only to lose them, was unbearable.

She rested her cheek against his neck, carefully aware of her antlers. The last thing she needed to do was skewer the poor stallion.

She was not a "simple" mare emotionally speaking. For a reasonable Serian, or so she thought, the concept of taking a mate should weigh a lot heavier on her mind. But to her, it was all so clear and uncomplicated. She had to trust in him. He had promised her the world already, and she would go willingly with him simply because she believed in him. She knew that he would not betray her trust by consciously hurting her. Mulling over the complexities of the relationship, what she thought it should have been like versus what it was right this very moment, would do her no good. She banished the "what ifs" with little more than a thought in their direction as she took that mental leap forward into the unknown. True, what he proposed, the concept of meeting his Circle, was daunting at best. But this is what she had chose to do, and she wasn't about to balk now just because he wanted to introduce her to those that were important to him.

I had a Circle. Once. she said quietly. It was a decision born out of loneliness, and made without much thought. I know this would be much different. In my former Circle we were all isolated. There was no connection, no stability. I'm sure the opposite would be true of your Circle. You seem to have a deep bond with them- their acceptance is as important to you as meeting Talia's herd would be to me. Of course I will meet them.

Even though her heart was fluttering wildly with anxiety and the very real fear of rejection, she knew it was the right choice to make.

She knew she had been handed a very precious gift- this stallion, who seemed to love her unconditionally, who wanted to spend his days getting to know her. What more could she ask for?

She tossed him a playful, albeit brave smile, and nudged him with a nose-tip fondly.

When will I meet them?

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:14 pm
by Songhue
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BIC| Right now, he smiled, and closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them two stallions were stepping through his trees; Thyme found himself reaching down and holding Nymph close, almost possessively.

BlackIce was the easiest to see coming, with his deep indigo coloring. He paused a step and looked at his friend cuddled up with a strange mare with something akin to shock; nobody had even considered Thyme finding a mate before. It just hadn't seemed possible. And why else would the demure stallion be sticking to someone's hip?

As he came closer he and Thyme traded a look, one of those silent communication moments. Yer sure about this? he thought at his friend, I don't want ya hurt over hastiness, lad. Thyme's answer was to reach down and tuck his chin under Nymph's neck, leaving her cheek resting against him and effectively interlocking them.

Most pleased to see a new face in these old lands, he said by way of greeting, his voice deep and smooth as night wrapped in ice as Thyme brushed a kiss against her cheek and stood up, I'm called the Grandfather hereabouts by some of the young'uns, but my bonded gave me the name of BlackIce.

No sooner had he spoken than a massive gray stallion seemed to materialize out of the mist, tucking his wings against his sides as if he'd somehow managed to fly amid all these massive trees.

Dryad, you found a friend, he said approvingly, his voice as deep as thunder to counterpoint his companion's. My mate won't be here for the Circlemeet, old friend, so I speak for the both of us, he added, a quite note of pain shimmering in his eyes for a moment. His mate had yet to be found again, although both had since been lucky enough to rebond.

And where'd your manners go, StormWalker? Lead of the Circle doesna excuse your basic nicities! BlackIce fussed, and received a gentle grin from the large silvery stallion.

As Grandfather here has mentioned, I'm known as StormWalker, M'Lady. It's a play on my Elemental talent being the sky; my proper name is Caelum.

It was a small Circle, but it was his; the two that had become his best friends, by time and virtue. They didn't know what they'd been called for or what the story was with this little mare, yet they greeted her kindly and waited to be told why they were here. And he loved them for it; their bond had grown far beyond being the ones most likely to hang out together.

He hoped he could help Nymph to be comfortable with them.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:45 pm
by Talia
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She barely had a moment to register it all before two new stallions were approaching. She suppressed her habitual tremor of anxiety by sheer force of will-meeting new Serians had always been a bit difficult for her. Not that she was afraid of them; she knew that Thyme wouldn't introduce her to anyone that would harm her. Far from it. But ever since Talia had found her, she had always had a difficult time venturing outside of her comfort zone in many aspects. Today had been full of firsts for her. At least his presence was soothing; his solid frame held tight against her own made her feel safe and protected. She resisted the urge to bury her nose under his chin out of shyness. Instead, she forced herself to watch them approach, and took comfort in the fact that she had someone by her side. She had Thyme- what could she possibly be afraid of? And if Thyme trusted them, she should trust them. It was as simple as that.

The indigo stallion's expression gave her pause, but not in a negative fashion. It was obvious that Thyme's circle-mates cared for him and his well-being, which made her smile. Knowing that this circle was so tightly bonded made her feel more relaxed than she had expected. She hadn't know what to think- her circle had been distant. Not uncaring, but just... uncommunicative. This was far from what she was accustomed to. Thyme's almost possessive response was indicative of how much he cared, and it warmed her heart. She would not be the wedge that created any rifts between them- she would make sure that this worked.

She rose gracefully to her feet with Thyme- his kiss had given her a bit of courage that she had thought she lacked. She smiled softly at BlackIce, her voice quiet yet steady as she responded, My name is Nymph. What it was before I re-bonded, I can't say for certain... but Talia thought it quite fitting.

She trailed off slightly as the large gray stallion came forward. His voice was intimidating at best, but his countenance wasn't imposing, which made her relieved. She didn't frighten her like Tatter, or fluster her like Silver. That fleeting expression of pain made her heart go out to him; he reminded her of Gem in that moment.

She giggled lightly at the kind bickering between the two stallions. It almost felt like... family.

She dipped her antlered head politely after all introductions had been made, and glanced quickly at Thyme before replying. She was still slightly hesitant, but not as a result of Caelum and BlackIce. How could she reasonably explain what had occurred here between Thyme and herself? She had always considered herself a reasonable mare, yet falling for someone so quickly, and without reservation, was out of character for her. Thyme seemed similarly stunned by all of this. How could she begin to tell them? Or was any explanation really necessary? It had been obvious, she was certain, that their relationship was more than mere friendship.

It's a pleasure to meet you both, she said with evident sincerity. Her small tremulous smile broadened into a rare grin-this had been much easier than she had imagined. She turned back to Thyme for a moment, her eyes searching his. Where did they go from here? She felt almost apologetic for bringing them here so abruptly, even if it was important to both of them.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:26 pm
by Songhue
He was glad to see her relaxing, bit by bit, as they spoke together. BlackIce, in the midst of stealing a bite of grass, lifted his head and smiled around a mouthful of tastiness as she expressed her pleasure in meeting them. Caelum gave a polite nod, his eyes warming - she was so soft spoken that he found it quite adorable. He wanted to tuck her under a wing and snuggle her tight.

I don't expect any miricles, Thyme said, bringing their focus back to him, but you should know that I want her as part of my life, forever. He paused a moment and looked down at her, a tender affection transforming his face as he murmured Even if you get angry enough to try and run me through, I want you right by my side.

If she makes you happy, Dryad, then we're happy for you. But why haven't we met you sooner, sweet Nymph?

We have similar history, BlackIce observed with a touch of senile humor, though I had no proper name before bonding. We can both thank our bondeds for giving us a new life, quite literally, hm?

I know you're happy for me, Thyme said with the air of someone attempting to find the right words, but I don't expect you to love her after two minutes, and I know that you would need to before you could each accept her into the Circle.

He was being a bit preemptive here; okay, he was being massively preemptive, as he'd yet to met her bondmates. At the very least those that she was most comfortable around. But it didn't seem to matter; he would love anyone that she did because they were important to her. It was, after all, his nature; to fit those around him, to create harmony.

In this, it wasn't something he could do. They would each need time, specific little outings, to get to know and appreciate this quiet mare; it might not take long, but it would require both of them learning about her on an individual basis.

He simply hoped she remained as brave as she'd been so far; if the prospect of interacting with a proper Circle, one that was close-knit and difficult to get into, spooked her off then he would give her space and a moment to breathe. But the very idea sent a twang of pain into his song; not of giving her space, not even of waiting until she was properly ready to tackle something like that rather than behaving in ways that made her unique song almost erratic with the changes. What hurt was the thought of her being scared; and because of something connected to him.