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Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:47 pm
by Talia
Both stallions seemed quite amicable, and she felt fortunate to potentially be a part of such a wonderful circle, if they would eventually have her. She knew it would be a gradual process- Thyme had already accepted her, and her him. But being a part of a circle involved much more than that, or so she was told. She had witnessed successful circles, and the bond ran deep with all of its members, not just one's mate. She knew it would take more time before Caelum and BlackIce were comfortable with her, but that was fine by her. They already made for enjoyable company; they both seemed kind, and well spoken. They weren't abrupt or harsh with her, and she had found it quite easy to carry on a conversation, despite her anxiety and painful shyness. That, and she was willing to move mountains if it meant that she could remain at Thyme's side.

At Thyme's words, her heart sang, and she smiled brilliantly at him. He made her feel warm, and sheltered- most of all, loved. But that aside, he understood her. Her fascination for the forest, her love of its sounds and sights. Her need to nurture and carefully explore. They were so alike that she wondered how she had not stumbled across him before, given how often Talia's realm brushed their own.

I doubt that there will be any impaling on the agenda, she replied with a small laugh. It would be nigh impossible to be angry with you. You're a part of me now, however impossible it may seem.

Nymph turned her attention back to Caelum with a chuckle. Honestly, I'm not sure. Talia's realm touches your own. I'm surprised that we haven't stumbled upon each other sooner. Truth be told though, this is all quite... unexpected. And sudden. I did not intend to meet Thyme. Fate brought us here, or so I believe.

She turned for a moment to give Thyme's neck a gentle nuzzle. She most definitely had not anticipated this, but she was glad that it had happened, simply put.

Talia found me wandering my woods, alone, and without any memories to speak of. We do share a story it seems. I owe her everything. She smiled softly in remembrance. She was lucky to have been found again, and luckier still to have been gifted such a charmed new life.

She paused as Thyme spoke, and blushed fiercely. It was true- she knew that they both couldn't expect wonders. That's not what this was about- instantaneous acceptance. But at least it was a start. She had no doubt that Talia would adore him simply because he suited her in a way in which no other could. The others would, no doubt, prove to be as rambunctious and emphatic as usual...

She knew that she would have to continue to be bold, and she was willing to do that, for him. She knew, instinctively, that he would go to any length to do likewise for her. She had to keep being brave, even if it meant venturing outside of her own comfort level.

Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2014 6:02 pm
by Songhue
Caelum and BlackIce shared a mild look, slightly surprised; this went beyond meeting a love interest. It was on par to an engagement; and that she seemed to accept it with such aplomb showed that she either knew or suspected as much. This was really quite serious, especially as they seemed to have only recently discovered each other.

In that short look they shared another silent conversation, the type that happens among those that grow close.

They do meld well, Caelum thought.

Quick it may be, but she suits him, in truth, BlackIce thought back, each of them slowly feeling out the concept that'd been presented to them.

I'm not detecting any subterfuge, Caelum added, briefly considering a hidden intention to harm, and was releived as he picked out BlackIce's words on his face.

If anything the gal seems to be performing a great bit of bravery as she speaks; she rarely meets our eyes.

Thyme is caring, but he wouldn't latch onto someone just for the sake of finding a mare that needs nurturing, Caelum reflected, and received a small smile from BlackIce for the thought; the old stallion was quite proud of him for that bit of insight. If anything, around those that needed nurturing Thyme grew quiet and passive, attempting to be a still and comforting presence; he didn't have the "motherly instinct" of others.

By all appearances it seemed that they had simply hit it off that well and that fast; if they took the moment at face value they could gain a wonderful new Cirlemate.

Oh, it doesn't touch, Caelum said, turning his gaze back to Nymph with a new sort of surprise, I beg pardon, I thought you knew, that all of you knew. Our Bonded is a creature of... Strange abilities. Her aunt, your Bonded, created a pocket realm where she found places for each of those under her care; my Bonded made that a full part of our realm. Your Bonded now has places where her touch is strongest, but even those aren't only hers as they're influenced a bit by the Wilds now, that savage and sentient part of the realm where they've left the land to itself. And that part of the world is saturated with the touch and eneriges of every last inhabitant, from you to your Bonded to the young filly that was recently born to my bondmates. Across the waters more places wait, parts where the Wilds are left without this friendly connection to all who call parts of the realm home; places free to be claimed without any attachment to those who already dwell. In the Wilds outside this forest, should anyone not connected to us - to anyone that lives in this realm - try to lay a claim on the land they'd find themselves more or less attacked, but it isn't like that over the sea.

I hear it's the same if you wander far enough through the Wilds themselves, BlackIce added, earning a curious head-tilt from Thyme, Far enough to the far distant horizon where the two suns set, there's lands that are so deeply wild they haven't any sort of love or connection to us.

The three looked up at that, trying to pinpoint where the vague light might originate through the silver mist; none of them knew directions so they'd no way of telling that the suns set to the North in their realm. To the north and slightly to the east, if one was to be specific.

For those places that our Bondeds have claimed you can walk between them easily, Caelum said, looking back to Nymph with a small smile, In fact the wildlands will even help you to get where you wish to go; the route will rarely be the same, as it seems to just transform around you.

Sentient magic and all that, BlackIce added with a grin.

All of that simply means that should you ever wish for time alone with any of us, Thyme said, his voice gentle as he reached over to brush his nose over her cheek, You need only to start walking, dearest.

And I at least would like a bit of quality time to get to know you better, Caelum noted, his eyes warming considerably as he saw Thyme reach for her.

As I would, BlackIce added with a twinkle, I look forward to learning about this marvelous mare that was apparently hiding right under our very noses.

Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:24 pm
by Talia
Nymph's own surprise was evident- in fact, she felt a bit naive. She had always just assumed that their realms touched, not that they were part and parcel of one another. She supposed that that could easily explain why neither she nor Thyme had any issues walking between realms. She listened carefully to his explanation, eager to understand. She had never really had any of this described to her in full. Not that the Lady had been remiss; she had never really sought to know. She just accepted things for what they were, rather than questioning why they were. She was not lacking in curiosity, but sometimes simplicity was easier to handle when she felt overwhelmed.

I suppose that makes perfect sense, now that you've indicated as much, she said with a nod in agreement. It seemed so natural for Thyme to be able to cross between my realm and your own. I wondered at it.

The lands that BlackIce spoke about made her feel afraid and vulnerable. Sadly, she knew a few Serians that wouldn't hesitate to travel there. The notion of feeling utterly disconnected in that type of environment filled her with a sense of desperate loneliness.

I think I would rather stay close, where I'm comfortable, she added quietly. Familiarity is my friend.

Thyme's soothing voice calmed her, and she reached out to him as well instinctively, her nose brushing his neck. The connection felt so real, so tangible. It was hard for her to stay away from him. She hoped that he didn't feel overwhelmed by her affections. Truth be told, she was concerned that she was clinging too much.

I would like that, she responded simply. Very much. You two have been most kind. I can understand why Thyme did not hesitate to have us meet. I'm lucky to have met you all. There was nothing but utter honesty and enthusiasm in her voice. She felt as if she had met some kindred spirits today, a group that she could learn to love and trust given some time. But it was more than that even. She trusted her own bond-herd, but it still was lacking somehow. Here, she felt as if she truly belonged. As silly as it seemed, and as quick as it was, being by Thyme's side was the one thing that made the most sense. And meeting his circlemates, seeing the connection for herself, was enough to make her want to be a part of something this wonderful. It wasn't solely out of a need to belong. It just felt like the right fit, so it justified it all. She felt like she was home.

She laughed again at BlackIce's comment, her eyes shining with warmth. I'm not even certain how we didn't meet before now! We've been so close this whole time... some of my herd has even met some of your fellows. Yet somehow, we were not able to meet until now.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2014 5:24 pm
by Songhue
Stay as close as you want, Thyme reassured her, slipping his head around so that his chin was dangling on the otherside of her neck again, mere inches away from squishing her close. The Outlander wilds aren't bad, but we don't mess with them, he continued, almost crooning to her as the two stallions grinned and moved closer as well, partly enjoying seeing him with her and partly to offer their own comfort - there'd been a real upset in that quiet tone. They wanted her comfortable with him, every last part of it.

It's for neighbors, Caelum added helpfully, half unfurling a wing to give the illusion of shelter without thinking about it, If we went further, if we allowed our own lives to drip into the Wilds out there as they have around these places that our bondeds have claimed for their own, then the Wilds there would tune to us too. It'd repel anyone that wasn't connected to us.

All the places that have all of us living in them are just parts of a bigger piece; from my home to those places that are saturated with my bonded, to the three other areas that the other bondeds have connected with on a nearly exclusive level. They mix together in the Wilds so that all the bondeds and all the Serians and every other creature that calls this place home holds as much of a link to it than any other does.

And through that sharing in the Wilds you get the shared space for the bondeds, Thyme concluded, but there's more out there, places where others like them can settle in and let their lives drip onto the ground. It's just like an abandoned Serian, waiting for someone to bind to it, to become part of it and make it stronger and give it the chance to recognize what belongs and what doesn't. Here, where we're all connected, if anything strange or dangerous tried to enter it wouldn't be allowed to; it wouldn't belong, wouldn't be connected with us.

Let us walk with you though, Caelum said, making Thyme look up in surprise. You live in these lands, so the realm itself is safe for you, but in the Wilds the land is still in charge. The most our bondeds do is to care for it, as they do us, and through that they become linked. I'd feel better if, whenever you were to wander, you'd call one of us to you. The land will help you with that; just think of us and call, and we'll hear.

The lad speaks sense, BlackIce said gruffly, and at that Thyme did tuck her up against his chest, We go through the Wilds, but we don't linger; only the bondeds do that. The lands there are theirs and theirs alone; they aren't settled for our sort. That's why the routes aren't the same as you go from place to place; it gets you out as quick as ya please, a friendly presence and yet not a lingering one.

I guess it's the same as any Rogue, Thyme reflected, absently nuzzling her cheek, Kind enough and rather gentle with us, but you know to respect them.

I like that, sonny, BlackIce beamed, Our home is Rogue. Keeps us safe, just give the ol' girl some respect.

Just remember, call us if you've ever need. Not just for visits; if you need anything. Alright? Sometimes a Serian just needs to go outside their bondmates a little bit.

But call me first, Thyme whispered in her ear, a twinkle in his eye as he slipped her a wink.

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PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 4:25 pm
by Talia
Their presences felt soothing, and she nestled in closer to Thyme and nuzzled his neck happily. Although the idea of the Wilds had her spooked, she was sure that she would never have cause to venture there. She still was completely floored by how easily Caelum and BlackIce seemed to accept her. She felt warmed, and extremely grateful. And for once, she felt completely at ease.

They just sound so cold, so untamed, she said in a small voice. Which is so unlike what I'm used to- shelter and home. Feeling welcomed and loved. But perhaps I don't understand the Wilds enough to make these sort of assumptions. Although, when you explain it in terms of connections and bonds, it sounds a bit less intimidating. I doubt I will be wandering through them any time soon, but if I do, I will most certainly call one of you. I won't feel quite as lonely, or quite as afraid, with any of you by my side.

As Thyme tucked her up closer against his chest, she whispered back Don't worry, I'll be sure to call you first, love.

She turned back to the others with a grin, her happiness evident in her eyes.

I would like that, a lot. Your company has been most welcome, and I would love to have a chance to spend more time with all of you, if you would have me.

Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 9:32 pm
by Songhue
Caelum nodded, a simple motion that spoke of total acceptance; he had a feeling that if any could "easily" join their circle it would be this mare.

We'll certainly have to have more time together, he said, thinking ahead to individual rendezvous where he could get to know her on a more private level, I'd love to see your home sometime; anything beneath the sky is interesting to me.

He lives on a cloud, BlackIce supplied.

That's inaccurate and you know it.

You manipulate sky-matter until a cloud is solid enough to support you while you sleep. Better?

He also farms.


Songhue used it; a term that relates to purposefully tendings plants for the benefit of food.


I don't tend plants! Caelum objected, sounding rather flabbergasted, Thyme tends plants.

Son, you create an environment that encourages gummy-grass to grow on mesa tops. That's farming.

Nothing wrong with it, Thyme added good naturedly, a benign smile curving his lips. I know of a certain filly who's quite glad for it.

And I am grateful for your advice as well, Caelum sighed, apparently accepting his fate. I'll have to gather some for you to sample, Lady Nymph; we can't have you being the only one not to taste our efforts.

It's a date then, BlackIce decreed, and Caelum looked more befuddled than ever; drat that grandfatherly stallion, always a step ahead!

Thyme simply grinned and leaned into Nymph, enjoying the moment. However short, it was a perfect example of the group dynamic; BlackIce being a grandfather, Caelum deciding plans, and Thyme simply reflecting the peace and joy. He didn't say much; he didn't need to. He was simply a part of them, easily shifting with whatever the moment brought. And, with them, able to relax enough to be as close to his own nature while alone as he could get. Before Nymph, who somehow allows him to know that exact level of stability.

It brought a deep sense of peace to him. Somehow, even as this moment was exactly like thousands of others before, it seemed that now with her beside him something that had once been missing in their Circle had been returned to them. She completed the group; and before long, as these new bonds of fondness grew and strengthened, she would be taken in as one of them.

In that breath, everything was right in Thyme's life.