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Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:05 pm
by Talia
She noted the way that he carefully picked his way about the forest, bypassing her handiwork so as not to disturb it. She appreciated the thoughtful effort- not every stallion or mare would be kind enough to notice what she had done, and be concerned enough to make sure that it did not come to harm. Most of her bondmates were rambunctious, which often lead to disaster. She wouldn't even contemplate showing them her garden for fear that they would trod all over it. Yet, with Thyme, she knew that the flora and fauna were safe. Not to mention herself- she felt comforted by his presence.

She felt her shoulders loosen, uncoiling from the pent up tension. She trotted lightly up next to him, her hooves easily picking a path between the plants. She dipped her antlered head elegantly and smiled a bright, yet tentative smile. He was gentleman enough to let her lead, and kind enough to lead the conversation, which put her at ease. She silently applauded him. This was the kind of company she needed to keep!

At his praise, she blinked prettily, and flushed slightly in embarrassment. She had never really been complimented on her work here before- although again, not many had been able to view it.

It was not always quite this easy, she said quietly. It took years for me to note how the forest responded to certain plants. What their patterns were. Exactly how much room they needed to grow and flourish. My earliest work tended to be wild, and required a lot more maintenance. I... I would love to see your home sometime. Not many appreciate it, the forest that is. she added, coloring again slightly.

I transported quite a few plants in, she admitted with another soft smile. A few from here, a few from there. I love wildflowers, although growing them is so contrary to my usual methods. Winterberries? I would love to see them. I hear they're lovely at this time of year. It's unfortunate that they do not grow here.

She paused for a moment, her ears flicking forward slightly as she caught the sound of the distant crash of water. The waterfall was nearby- she would recognize that din anywhere!

She danced forward a few paces, her eyes lighting with excitement. Her translucent wings flicked as she enjoyed the feeling of the faint breeze against them. She loved the waterfall- the spray of the mist and the lichen that grew on the rocks always intrigued and amused her. They could get a drink there and chat some more, she was sure! She stopped quite suddenly, shocked by her interest in the stallion. She was enjoying their conversation immensely, something she never though she would find herself thinking. She was a bit of a loner of sorts- not quite like the others. Not as outspoken, not as aggressive or playful or pretty even. She didn't view herself as attractive- she was too modest for that. She had always been the mare in the background, shyly tucking herself away from all of the hubbub. And yet, here she was, on an adventure of sorts, chatting amicably with a stallion no less!

For a moment, she was fiercely proud of herself.

There's a waterfall up ahead, she called out. We can get a drink there, for sure!

Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 5:30 pm
by Songhue
He smiled slightly, pleased with how pleased she seemed to be as she stopped and declared a waterfall ahead. Pausing as well he lifted his head and closed his eyes. For but a single breath he did more than hear; he listened to the music of her forest.

Letting his breath out slowly he smiled again and stepped forward to follow her to that refreshing drink he needed, his ears flicking around as he took in the many varying notes. In truth, my home is not far from here if I'm not mistaken, he said, eyeing the lichen on the stones curiously as he dipped his nose once they reached the waters. It was a lovely variety, thick and lush; the green matched her coat. I also have several wildflowers. They grow in tandem with the herbs I mentioned; honestly, there are more ground plants, shrubs, and ferns than there is grass in quite a few areas. The trees are huge and often leave shadows dancing across the earth, more often than not rising out of a lingering mist.

Glancing around he gave her a gentle expression and said It's quite simple compared to the beauty you've helped create here. You may be disappointed.

He took another long drink, closing his eyes in appreciation for the clear liquid. As he lifted his head he looked around, his dense form utterly relaxed as he took in the details of the fall. I have no waterfalls, he went on, though there are plenty of streams. I haven't done much more than help to nourish what wishes to grow naturally, but here - your work, this beauty and variety you've helped bring together. This I could wander for a lifetime and still not be sure I'd seen all there was.

Looking back to Nymph he smiled with a twinkle in his eye and said simply I'm impressed.

He wasn't that tall, though he was very broad in build - he'd not given it much thought until this moment, as he looked at her. She was so tiny, so daintily small, that he felt almost awkward next to her. Almost awkward; mostly, he felt strong. To his mind, if she was a flower he was one of his young redwoods. He'd met other tiny mares, but with them their strong personalities easily dwarfed his gentle nature. They'd seemed to be giants, despite their size.

She was soft, in every manner. Even her antlers, while sharp enough to poke his eye out if she merely tilted her head just right, had rounded edges. Her steps were sure and small and she was so slight of build that her withers barely reached his shoulder; she'd be completely diminutive next to a large Serian. Had Caelum or Eternal stood next to the mare Nymph would look to be no more than a half-grown foal.

Quite suddenly he realized he'd been staring, not at her forest but at her. He had begun to enjoy being able to speak openly, without the need to accommodate a powerful spirit, and here he was practically drooling on her. She was gentle all over; her soft voice, the way she walked, the way she looked. He felt a sharp sense of panic out of nowhere; she was so unique, made him so comfortable, that he realized he'd never find another like her should he search for the rest of his days.

Tell you what, he said, acting on instinct, You show me a little of your work and I'll take you to see my home. We can wander back and forth. I'm sure to wander your forest as often as you'll allow, at least. Especially if you can accompany me again.

There, he thought with a grin, letting his gaze slide around the forest once more, now I can keep her in my life.

And hopefully this would be a regular event.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:51 pm
by Talia
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Her ears twitched forward as he mentioned the distance between her home and his, and for a moment she could have sworn that her heart skipped a beat. If he wasn't that far away, then surely she could visit with him a bit more often, couldn't she? She realized quickly that she had been thinking to herself, and cast her eyes downward shyly, as if her thoughts had betrayed her. Feeling a momentary flash of bravery, she ventured further into the subject, albeit in somewhat a more subdued manner. Your home is close then? Perhaps, if it's not an intrusion, I could come see it sometime soon...

She trailed off as she took a deep drink of the water- it had always been cool and clean here, and it felt refreshing at the moment, especially when her nerves felt so raw and exposed. Surely she could play her comment off as though she was merely interested in his handiwork (which she was) rather than being interested in just... spending time with him. In an attempt to change the subject quickly, least she look too eager, she laughed lightly and smiled before continuing. I'm certain you are giving yourself much less credit than you should. You seem so at peace here, like you belong. I doubt I will be disappointed.

That sweet, kind expression of his sent her hooves back to trembling, and she took another drink to settle herself. She did note, just by seeing her expression in the pool, that she was blushing most fiercely.

Don't be, she said humbly. The water here plays such a large part in helping the plants and trees to grow. Without it, I couldn't have succeeded.

She couldn't help but admire him out of the corner of her eye. For one so tiny, she often felt vulnerable. When she stood next to some of her family, they often felt imposing rather than protective. When she rested here, with him, she felt safe and content. His gentle mannerisms helped to put her at ease. He wasn't as bright, bold and flashy as some of her bond-mates, but that just made her feel all the more secure. He reminded her of the forest, that which she found most comforting. He was soothing where others had been daring, calm and soft-spoken where others were rough-tongued. She was still reminded of her diminutive form when they were next to one another, but she didn't feel threatened.

At the same moment that he realized he had been staring, she came to the same realization as well. She chuckled nervously, and glanced down at her hooves again, fearful that she had already said and done too much to scare him off.

With a start, she understood that she honestly and truly cared for this stallion that she had barely begun to know. He seemed to be her match in every respect; she had yet to meet another stallion with the same love of the forest, the same desire to nurture and the same gentle demeanor. She didn't feel afraid or challenged by him. She could simply... be.

At his suggestion she nodded, her eyes lifting again to meet his. She could feel her legs trembling, threatening to give way with her nervous bout.I... I would love that. To see your home, and to accompany you...

She took a step forward away from the waterfall, and her hooves encountered a slick patch of lichen. Her legs had already been shaky at best, but the lichen complicated matters and sent her falling gracelessly into his side. When she attempted to stand quickly, her nose came up to nestle under his chin and she froze, terrified that he would pull away or poke fun at her for her clumsiness.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 25, 2013 2:17 pm
by Songhue
He reacted on instinct once she stumbled and froze; in that instant she was simply another creature of the forest. So he acted as he would naturally, rather than in deferance to another's personality.

Shh-shhh, he crooned, tucking her more firmly under his chin as he draped his neck over her, gently brushing her forelock with his nose, Easy, now. Shhh.

His voice was a mere susurration of sound and his movements were just as gentle. Folding his legs and gently guiding her, he lay them in a bed of leaves and kept her close against him, making sure was still tucked under his chin. His neck reaching over hers as his nose lightly brushed her cheek and his front legs gently cradled hers as she settled into the leaves. Even his tail rested around her back legs, lightly covering her rump as he continued his murmuring.

Breathe a little, love. Shh-shhh, breathe now. Bring the peace of the forest back to your heart. There's no use in freezing so; shh, love. Shhh.

He felt the rise and fall of her sides as she breathed, could feel the gentle thrum of her heart through her skin; and was sure she could feel the same of him. His own breath was slow, languid, relaxed; he exuded peace, wrapped her in it, cradled her with it.

She'd been shaky before the stumble, so there was no mistaking the sudden freezing once she actually touched him. There was no mistaking that she needed to be put at ease, either; he wouldn't bite her, certainly. Once her nervous uncertainty took over, his nature took over; he was hardly even using words, merely mirroring the slow song of her forest with gentle murmurs and quiet whispers of sound. And he sheltered her; he didn't pin her, didn't hold her, merely wrapped himself around her. Fit himself to her.

As they lay there, as he attempted to comfort her, the other inhabitants came closer as well; a bird landed on her horns, a squirrel sat in the dip of his hip, a hare snuggled into the bend of her stomach as a fox rested on his back legs. He paid them no mind; many a time had the small creatures of the woodlands sought shelter with him. More than that though, his entire focus was on the slight little mare he'd brought into his side as he tended to her. Just as she had tended this land.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 12:32 am
by Talia
Her whole body trembled, not in fear, but in abject indecision. Her natural instinct was to bolt when she was nervous, but she found that her body refused to oblige. Ever so slowly the quivering slowed, and then it was just her pulse and her breathing that were still racing and uncooperative.

Had he been any other, had he been more fierce or demanding, or his nature less temperate, she would never have ignored her natural urge to flee. She would have bucked or bitten, or simply shrank away. But he was not just any stallion, and he seemed to understand her. His whole demeanor set her at ease, and as he crooned at her softly, she could feel her breathing regain a somewhat steady rhythm. His own pulse against hers helped to ground her. She closed her eyes for a moment, and willed herself to stillness.

After a few more moments, she began to enjoy the warmth and the feeling of being enveloped or enclosed in his form. His presence was calming, without a doubt. Still, she remained silent, not quite trusting her voice to not completely betray her.

With the simplest of movements, she buried her face in his mane, ever mindful of her antlers. She let her slight form rest against his own as she slowed the tempo of her own breathing to match his.

It surprised her when she came to the realization that they did, indeed, fit neatly together, much like two pieces from the same puzzle. A sudden sense of belonging overcame her, and she nuzzled his neck slightly, still seeking comfort.

As the animals came to join them, a small smile lit her face, and she laughed quietly into his neck, still unwilling to move. The hare moved slightly and tickled her stomach, and she giggled again. With a small sigh, she decided that now might be the time for speech.

I swear I did not intend to do this, she began softly.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 1:17 pm
by Songhue
He had to smile at that; silly little mare. Of course she hadn't meant to be frightened, just as he hadn't meant to wind up wearing a blanket of animals as they curled on the ground.

I don't see as you've done anything, he said, keeping his voice soft and gentle as if speaking to a startled hare that might bolt at any moment. However I do seem to have reacted without thought and gotten you a tickly belly warmer in the process.

Tilting his head slightly, so as not to disturb her face nestled in his mane, he glanced back at the rabbit and flicked an ear; the little critter stilled instantly, having previously been making those tiny movements that only rabbits can make.

Sometimes, he continued, it helps to speak of the things that spook us. It can make them seem a little less frightening; it takes courage though. As much courage as not running does.

He arched his neck down here, still careful not to displace her, and on a whim tried for another of those sweet giggles as he lipped at her chest with a murmured Sometimes a laugh can help more than anything else.