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Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:25 pm
by Talia
Nymph trotted nimbly through the foliage, pausing every now and again to nudge a crumpled plant with a nose-tip and to paw the unearthed ground back into its rightful position. She lipped quietly at a small patch of grass, enjoying the reassuring noises of the forest. Every inch of the mare just seemed to belong there. She blended in with the trees; her emerald body slipped silently between stands of evergreens and large leafy bushes. Her smoky tail flicked serenely as she rummaged through the leafy detritus with a horn, searching for any edible berries, nuts or seeds. Her wing-tips fluttered with lazy abandon, one set a sheer pair of dragonfly's wings, the other bat-like and webbed.

She enjoyed being on her own- it wasn't that she was anti-social, but the mare knew that she was a bit socially awkward due to her shyness. Her boisterous bond-mates were fun, but she preferred the gentle quiet of nature. It was calming, reassuring and familiar to her. She really was meant to be here, much as Shimmer was meant to be near her reflective pool. Each had their own special place that was comforting to them.

Something felt... different though today. She could sense another presence- she knew that she wasn't alone. The presence wasn't threatening however; it was both alien and yet strangely suitable for the environment. Her ears perked up in curiosity and she called out tremulously.

He.... Hello? she called quietly, trying her best to peer through the bushes for some signs of the newcomer.


Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:07 pm
by Songhue
Hello, Thyme called back, and blinked in surprise.

He'd heard of the wandering itch before, but not yet known it until this moment; when he found another forest, not at all unlike his own forest back home, he began to doubt though. Maybe it wasn't a wandering itch; maybe he'd just felt uncomfortable, wanted to go back home.

But this wasn't home. The energy signatures were wrong, the plants were subtly different and, most importantly, there was a very strange, very gorgeous mare suddenly before him as he weaved his way through dense undergrowth.

Am I intruding? I'm Thyme, though those closest to me call me the Dryad.

He paused, not quite sure what to do or say. He was comfortable with the woodland, but less practiced socially. His green coat blended wonderfully with the flora, his brown points adding a subtle touch that aided the stripes in breaking up his mass of green. When seen out of the corner of the eye he seemed to disappear entirely, and the scent of herbs and crushed spices that lingered around him fit naturally with the environment.

It was no wonder he hadn't been detected at first; what was a wonder was that he hadn't noticed her, either. He was usually more observant than that, yet she also seemed a natural fit for the land.

It would truly be a shame if he'd accidentally been drawn to where he had no business in being. It was wonderful here, but he'd not upset her for the sake of that wandering itch which drew him to different woods than his own.

They truly were lovely though... Perhaps, if he was intruding, he could return later, when he wouldn't be a bother. And if he wasn't - well, all the better. A new friend for exploring this new place.

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Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:32 pm
by Talia
She started, suddenly unsure of herself. She had no shield this time, no one to hide behind, no one to speak for her. She was quite suddenly alone, and yet, not so. For here he was, a stallion that seemed to move through the forest with the same grace and respect that she herself possessed. She was curious, yet apprehensive. What if he wasn't what he seemed? But she did feel oddly comforted by him, like he was an old friend that had just been absent for a little while. She could sense these things sometimes- the little mare was quite empathetic, and as much as her social anxiety pained her, she knew deep down that he meant no harm.

She sensed a bit of his own doubt and drew herself up, trotting forward to greet this new stranger. You could tell just from the way in which she moved that she was still hesitant; her hooves trod lightly, cautiously. One could never be too careful, after all.

No, not intruding, not really, she said with a small smile. I'm Nymph.

She had never been one for conversation, but she was determined to try! She desperately hoped that her ridiculous shyness didn't interfere.

She couldn't help but give the stallion a once-over, which definitely lacked in subtlety. The mare was an open book, and rarely hid her emotions nor her intents. He certainly seemed to belong here. She found him strikingly handsome, from the graceful curvature of his neck to his boldly striped markings. He had a soothing demeanor that she instantly found relaxing. Familiar scents wafted from him and she felt comforted.

She trotted forward a few more steps and dipped her head slightly in greeting. Do you... do you come here often? she asked, blushing slightly with the effort.

Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:03 pm
by Songhue
Oh, but he smiled. How he ever smiled. Not only was he not intruding, he found her hesitation comforting; he wasn't the only one left uncertain. And she had a sense about her that gave him an impression of... Innocence.

Hold onto that, he thought gently, watching her move in silent appreciation for her dainty steps, hold onto that gentleness for as long as you can.

She was small, compared to him, but the tips of her horns reached to around his ears. She could certainly poke out an eye if he got on her bad side; not that he intended to. While she took him in he made his own study; the pale green on her left foreleg put a mild quirk in his grin. It was his favorite feature about her, that single anomaly.

These particular woods are new to me, he admitted, his expression softening from the overjoyed relief that had made him light up to a more contented grin, I rather like the feel of them, though. They're well-loved, wouldn't you say?

He shifted with that, motioning towards a squirrel that was just over their heads. It watched with bright eyes that were free of fear; after a few long seconds it scurried down, dashed straight between his hooves, dug up an acorn and scurried right back up the tree. He smiled again, glad to see that the creatures here knew peace.

I do hope to come here often now that I've found the place, he continued, lowering his head to nose for any transferred nuts or berries that others may have dropped, I love the woods, and it seems to be time that I began to know some that aren't the trees I live among. Do you come often? If you know these woods I wouldn't mind a guide. I'm rather thirsty. If not, I'd welcome some company while I explore a bit, if you're up for it.

He was adaptable by his nature, compatible with most situations, but that didn't mean he was always within his comfort; he was now. This was something he knew, something that sang deep in his soul. The winds rustled the leaves, the berries dripped from the trees and bushes, and there was a continuous gentle scurrying as old leaves and crushed pine needles were knocked about by the hidden critters around them. The scent of the two types of leaves mixing was a strange and wondrous thing for him; aspen and pine, oak and elder, redwood and ash all lingered around his nose.

Even better, this wasn't a mare that he could easily fit himself around; he was, at times, too compatible. Any hint of a strong personality and he adjusted himself to suit, simply because it was easy to let someone else be in charge. Each creature had many facets; laughing, brooding, playful, contemplative. It was easy to shift certain aspects of himself to the fore; it was unusual for him to find someone else that was just as quiet, allowing him to be as natural as the leaves.

It was also why he spent so much time alone. Sometimes, it was nice to simply be. Who he was as a reflection of others wasn't quite the same as who he could be when on his own, without another around to influence him. He smiled more with Sparkle and Breeze, and listened more with Path and Nova; if he was melancholy on his own he simply needed to visit someone that would entice him to reflect their brighter nature, and if his mind was busy he would visit those that helped him to be still and listen.

Even the most quiet natured of his bondmates had an overwhelmingly loving personality; he would find himself growing incredibly affectionate after enough time with that pink winged stallion. And yet, other than being of the woods, he didn't honestly receive any overt sensations from this mare. She simply.. Was. Shy, oh yes, certainly shy and uncertain, but she just fit here, the same as he did.

It was why he had grinned so much; he had nothing to fit himself to, because she moved as quietly as he did, melded as he did, reflected what he knew of himself. He honestly couldn't shift his mindset to fit himself to his company; it was the first time it had ever happened.

Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:21 pm
by Talia
(Sorry for the short post! Just getting this one moving some more and trying to get more posted everywhere for you. <3)

Nymph almost felt self-conscious... for a moment. The way in which he seemed to regard her didn't make her nervous, just flustered. She was both strangely interested, yet uniquely terrified by the situation. It was an odd feeling, odd enough that it made her pause, frozen in place in indecision. She was akin to a deer in some ways- the smallest movements and quietest of voices could make her take flight. If you crooned softly enough, she might stay, but you never knew when she might spook.

Regardless, she found herself fascinated by him. He moved in much the same manner as she did, like he knew the forest well. It comforted her. He was a slight stallion, but if he had been any larger he would have intimidated her more than he already did. The striped pattern along his coat was both vivid, yet blended well with the greenery. She was surprised to find that she was attracted to him, even though she knew so little about him. She blushed fiercely just thinking about it.

You seemed so at home, she commented quietly. One would think you were from this region. She paused for a moment, a bright smile lighting her features. I tend to them. I hope they're loved. I've invested quite a bit of time and energy into them...

She trailed off at that. The forest was her favorite past-time. Although she didn't possess an elemental's abilities, she spend many a day out here nursing dwindling trees, or dying foliage. The area had flourished under her care, and she was quite proud of it.

She grinned at the squirrel, noting the fact that the creature had not feared Thyme. He must be a friend, otherwise the creature wouldn't have strayed so close.

The creatures seem to like you, she said in response, her eyes lowered. I come here almost every day. The forest knows me well. I can point you in the direction of a stream if you would like, but if you'd rather explore first, I would love to follow.

She almost surprised herself with her own forwardness. This was not like her! Her mind tittered nervously, like a bird fluttering in a cage. It seemed so natural- going with him, that was. He seemed to be of a like mind, and shared similar interests. She didn't find him threatening, but rather she was fearful of her own thoughts.

Re: Tending to the Forest (For Thyme)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 12:27 pm
by Songhue
She seemed nervous - he noticed the small signs, a trait many-a-bondmate had picked up from his bonded. The rhythm of her breathing clued him in as much as the way she eyed the ground did; yet it also reassured him. She was offering to accompany him and he didn't pick up any signs of fear regarding his presence - she wasn't leaning away from him or attempting to make herself smaller.

Wanting to reassure her and yet not quite knowing how, he offered her another gentle smile and lowered his head so that their gazes would be level as he said I do much the same at home, I must confess. It's how I earned my nickname. That, and yes, the way the critters react to me, he added, amusement ringing clear in his tone, and to be honest I've only ever returned a couple of fallen birds to their nests so I can't claim to understand it. It's interesting to find that it isn't limited to home; I'd love to explore some more and see what else might be found. I'm sure we'll come across a drink in time.

Shifting his legs, automatically placing his hooves so that they wouldn't disturb plant or root, he came to stand beside her so she might lead the way. And he found himself talking again; it was something else he couldn't explain. He was simply so at ease that it was as if he were back home, speaking to his trees; he was simply being natural.

Your work is beautiful, he noted, a certain level of sincere awe reflecting in his words, I love that there's just enough space between the trees to move and allow ground growth. I tend to take new seedlings and find them space to grow without getting crowded, but my ground plants aren't quite so neat; many smaller ones, herbs and spices and ferns, run wild in such a way as to give the ground a texture that could be compared to fur.

He gave a quiet chuckle here, a gentle sound that almost sounded like trees swaying in the wind. Fur, indeed; well, it was certainly dense enough in some areas. I haven't nearly the array of plants you've found here, either, though I do have a few winterberry bushes I'm quite proud of. They took special care; the woods are so lush that it often hardly seems more than dusk at midday and the winterberries need quite a lot of light.

Thyme glanced at her here, slightly curious; any mare that could help this place to flourish would intrigue him. She'd already caught his attention, with her gentle voice and movements; he was quite sure she'd catch anyone's eye with as much of a unique beauty as she was. In all honesty he found himself looking forward to their walk, eager to talk with her. He was, quite simply, happy.

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