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Re: Fight or Flight (Open)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:29 pm
by Songhue
I'm not interested in your sort of challenge, Breeze told Ovela in an overly sweet voice. There had been a moment of gloating there, where she kept Blitz pinned, that he hadn't liked - Breeze was all for daring play, but he couldn't tolerate it when things stopped being light-hearted. And if Blitz was right and she was a sore loser, he certainly had no interest; he liked fun, not fierce.

I've only got a few moves I'm particularly good at, he said to Blitz, quickly flapping and circling overhead as he continued, my usual game is zipping through caverns without slamming my face into anything. But I'm sure if you tell me how this game works I can at least give you a run for it!

BlackIce snorted, a mild grin twitching at his mouth. He took a moment to reflect on how that particular stallion had grown and changed - and then left him to his antics. So long as he didn't start trouble, he could play all he wanted.

Oh, there's no concern over that, he told Ripple, he's had it very clearly explained that while our bonded holds full sway over our homes and has an equal influence in the Wilds, she's granted no amount of influence in the homes of these other bondeds - just as they hold none within ours. As soon as we go visiting we're on our own and she won't even try to stop any consequences we earn; especially from her Clan. But Breeze likes the idea of it. The moment that someone - such as Fyre here - gives him permission to pop over, you can bet he'd be bouncing all over a neighbor homeland.

Chortling, he looked to Fyre and added Don't worry over Breeze - he's yet to break anything, and considering the sort of rush he enjoys that's actually pretty impressive. It seems, as Ripple here has spoken of Shimmer, and as Shimmer is someone I at least know of, that these are more of those that Sunspot called your "bond-cousins." Or ripple is, at any rate.

Looking back at Ripple he said Which means you'd be either bonded to my bonded's neice or aunt; it can't be her brother, as Fyre would surely know you in that case.

He honestly didn't have much of an interest in such things himself; they were other Serians, and they seemed pleasant enough company and a good bit of fun. That was all that mattered. But, as Sunspot had broached the topic with Fyre, and as she'd seemed to take an interest when he introduced them that way, he figured a little courtesy towards the notion wouldn't hurt anything. Hopefully. It was quite hard to tell what would offend some creatures these days.

Of course, that was half the reason he was quite happy to let Breeze take the spotlight; BlackIce may be called Grandfather, but he certainly wasn't the one to take point between the pair. He was more like a nattering old advisor to the force of personality that was Breeze. It worked well for them.

He did find the motherly streak in Fyre somewhat surprising, but then it also seemed to explain her 'extended bonds' interest to him. Maybe it was also a sign of her being ready for certain things once again; he'd heard that she'd had a filly at one point. Perhaps it was time for another.

Now, if you will forgive me, I was just ponderin' a bit and I've a bit of a question, he said, glancing between the two. I've some bondmates that are quite lonely and looking to fill up their Circles - would any of y'all be in a like mindset? For that matter, there's a certain little filly that's ready to do some real exploring; could you suggest some playmates?

Leave it to Grandfather to try and set them up.

Re: Fight or Flight (Open)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:47 pm
by Kyra
The purple stallions spotted large objects in the sky and changed course to see what they were. As he got closer he could make them out to be serians. He picked up speed, here was the adventure or interesting event he had hoped to find. He recognized one as being the stallion Breeze, it be a very short visit but they had met before. Rush looked forward to getting to know the stallion better. He also could see now several others.

As he neared them he slowed his speed. Hello Breeze! Nice to see you again! The stallion then turned his attention to the others below and choose to land. Making introductions from the sky seemed to him a stuck up move Dart would pull, and that was not him. Hello, my name is Rush! Nice to meet you all!

Sage watched but now there were more than three serians and try as she might that was way to many for her. She was not ready, she had hoped to be but... She pawed the ground but her feet were planted firm. The mare shook her head and turned to walk back the way she come. Three had been pushing it she guessed. True she met more right before she bonded, but it was serians and their bondeds, here was all serians... She needed to ease into meeting others again. She was coming around more so with her bond family. Maybe that is where she needed to start. Hanging with her family first before truly exploring on her own.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:46 pm
by Krinlith
MoonFyreLilly started feeling a sensation deep in her gut, a pulling sensation that seemed to want to lead her to a different adventure. She bid Breeze, BlackIce, and all of the others a farewell, with a quick explanation of "needing to take care of something", and began to head on her way.
She was truly glad to have met her extended family, especially as it seemed to be so large. She was always fond of the idea of having a large family. Now that she had been gifted this through her bonded (and his admittedly large family), she felt as if she had been blessed.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:52 pm
by Talia
Ovela took note of Breeze's tone with a start. It wasn't often that she was put in her place, and she wasn't sure that she liked it. She had always been challenged, never rejected. Her pride had been bruised, but she was too proud to sulk even. So she straightened her spine, content to pin Blitz with merely a look instead. She really hadn't meant it in the way that Breeze had interpreted it, but it was hard to explain that to someone who didn't understand their relationship. Blitz and Ovela were the closest thing to siblings that she could imagine. There had always been some rivalry there, although none of it was ever ill-intended. Still, try explaining that to a by-stander. She supposed it could look a lot worse than it was.

Gone were the days where she could get away with this type of behavior, she supposed. Still, she missed having someone around that challenged her, someone that kept her busy, and on her hooves. She wanted the excitement, the danger. And yes, she wanted someone feisty, someone who could roll with her punches, sort to speak. With a sigh, she settled somewhat.

Blitz grinned heartily at Breeze. It was nice to have someone around who was willing to play the game, and that wasn't quite so... intense about it. Although he did feel bad for Ovela. She seemed a bit put-out by the sudden end to their game. He tossed her a quick apologetic smile.

We'll play later, 'kay Ovela? he said. Like it or not, he did worry after her. She smiled appreciatively at him and nodded wordlessly. Blitz turned his attention back to Breeze, in full play-mode now.

Well, you see, my favourite move, or rather the whole point of this game before it turned into a wrestling match, is the dive. I start up real high, you see, and then it's almost like a game of chicken. The last person to pull up before they hit the ground is the winner. Obviously though, you don't want to hit the ground. That goes without saying. If you do, you most definitely lose. But you want to get as close as possible at least!

He demonstrated with a flare of his wings, as he lifted off into the sky.

Care to try?

Ripple chuckled at BlackIce and smiled. That would be your bonded's aunt, to be certain. I'm sure Breeze would be welcome in her realm, either way. She's just not overly fond of surprises, although she has become accustomed to them as of late!

Like BlackIce, Ripple was content to merely be a part of the background. He noted that Ovela seemed to have been chastised somewhat. He wondered what had put the mare in such a mood. Blitz seemed to be enjoying himself. He too worried after Ovela however. She was a filly at heart, and she really did need another free spirit. She seemed to pine after it. She had been orphaned with them, and had grown up with many parental figures. But she seemed reluctant to grow up herself. There were skeletons in her closet, things that she didn't want to admit to herself. She would have a lot of self-exploration to do before she could fully come into her own.

Ripple perked up at BlackIce's suggestion of a circle. It had been far too long since any of them had even thought of joining one. Or forming their own for that matter. But the notion was welcoming.

I've often thought of it, he said with a smile. He looked in Ovela's direction and frowned. You won't see that one join a circle without a mate. I don't think she's ready, and she will freely admit it, I'm sure. And Blitzy won't join without her. Those two are connected at the hip. I wish I knew of some little ones. Unfortunately ours are all grown now, but we do have enough fully grown Serians that act like infants, as you've noted I'm sure, he said with a roll of his eyes. We have many mated pairs. Perhaps someday soon one of them will be lucky enough to have a foal or filly on the way again. We can only hope.

And here he was, sounding like a nattering grandfather himself! Geesh!

Both Ripple and Ovela were pulled out of their respective reveries with the appearance of Rush. Ovela glanced up quickly, and smiled.

Nice to meet ya, she said. I'm Ovela! She motioned to Ripple at the side. This here is Ripple, and the flying red blur is Blitz.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 3:42 pm
by Songhue
Breeze loved the idea of Blitz's game, especially as he saw similarities with the obstacle course he turned his caverns into. Go fast, don't smash your face, make sure you're good at coming out of turns - they were sister-games, at the least!

With a grin and an excited flap of his wings he began to rise in the air, looking at the little red stallion as he started to reply. I've got a few things I could show you-

And, quite suddenly, Rush was there. No sooner did he see the large, light-toned stallion than he pinned his ears and looked back the way he'd come. Last time he'd seen this one there'd been another stallion with him, one he was to avoid at any cost; he was seriously hoping not to see him.

A heartbeat passed without the sky crashing on his head and he let out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding. Flapping to keep airborne, he hovered and offered Rush a mild smile - it would take a little bit before the bad association wore off for him. He also thought the stallion was either incredibly passive or, well, a little thick. He'd have to see how this encounter went.

Hey Rush, he said with a mild grin, We were going to play divebomb, if you want to jump in; we could pair up, me and Blitz and you and Ovela.

Blinking, he looked back at Blitz and said, You don't mind if I call it divebomb, do you?

BlackIce had watched without a word, though he'd paid close attention. For a moment there, something had put his bondmate on high alert. He gave a polite nod as Rush appeared and a kind smile as Fyre made her quiet exit; Thyme had done much the same not long ago. He did hope to see her again; she was a good hearted mare and, though he was the younger one, she seemed to have retained more of her youth.

And then he returned to his conversation with Ripple.

I suppose it depends on what bonds form first, he said, glancing at Ovela as well, If she - or any - were to grow close enough to someone to wish for that tie then it may change; but you're right, one has to be ready. I grew to be particularly close to two of my bondmates, and one of them had a Circle with his mate; so we joined. With a quirk of a grin he added A lot happened before that, though. We were practically one Serian; it would be difficult to find any of us without the others near by.

Shaking his head, he glanced at Breeze and said Ah, but I do carry on! I know that Caelum, the bondmate who founded our Circle with his mate, is going through some changes himself; he's tucked himself away on his clouds and hasn't been seen for quite some time. I think he's ready for a family again as well, yet he can't get in touch with his mate, bless.

He chose to overlook the fact that had Breeze been nearby at this point he would have begun claims of BlackIce being a nattering old grandfather again; the words always came with a smile and a demand that he 'Never change, old son.'

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:21 am
by Talia
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