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Fight or Flight (Open)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:00 pm
by Talia
A blur of amethyst and brilliant red went rushing by the smokey stallion as he cried out hotly in protest.

Hey! Hey now! You two... Hey! Oh for crying out... AH! he exclaimed, yelping as the two blundered into him, falling from the sky in a muddled jumble and blur of wings. He sidestepped the pair- they were now full out wrestling on the ground, panting from exertion. He watched them, a quizzical expression on his face.

Don't be... such... a stick... in the mud! yelled Ovela as she buffeted Blitz with her wings, grinning widely. Blitz squeaked and scuttled backwards as he searched for an opening. With a speed that surprised the flame-haired mare, he bolted to her side and nipped lightly at her flank. He flicked her squarely in the face with his tail and she shook her head, whinnying a challenge to the stallion.

You'll have to move a bit faster than that chump to best me! he said, crowing triumphantly.

Ripple stood back- way back. He preferred the roles of mediator and adjudicator- he sensed that a judge would be necessary for this event!

Ovela's eyes narrowed. The little stallion had speed on his side, but she most definitely was the stronger of the two. With a smug smile she hoisted herself up into the air, and used her expansive wingspan to stir up the dust in the fields. The earth and sand swirled around Blitz's face, limiting his visibility.

You'll have to do a bit better than that Blitzy! What's the score now? A 4 to 4 tie? A tail flick and a nip is hardly worth a point! She landed heavily behind him and pulled his tail with an impish smirk.

It was all the opening that Blitz needed. He whirled quickly and shoved off from the ground, connecting heavily with the mare's side. The two went down, yet again, and when the dust and sand cleared, Blitz had pinned the mare, her back pressed squarely against the earth.

Ripple trotted forward and cleared his throat.

1 point to Blitz! he declared, eyes twinkling.

The stallion grinned and let the mare up. Ovela shook her mane and tail out and glared at the two stallions. Blitz fixed her with a look and smiled.

It seems to me that you have lost, fair Lady, he said mockingly. So, what was that score again? 5 to...

He was cut off abruptly as the mare silenced him with a wingtip, her expression icy. Ovela was notorious for being a sore loser.

Don't... you... dare, she hissed. Blitz appeared to be cowed, and he looked at her sheepishly. She tossed her mane, a haughty expression on her beautifully masked face. The mare had a fiery temper, but there was no doubting that she was exquisite. She enjoyed the chase and the challenge, and Blitz was, by far, one of her favorite playmates.

Ripple shrugged, and tossed Blitz and apologetic shrug. The mare Never lost.




Re: Fight or Flight (Open)

PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:26 am
by Kyra
The purple and garnet stallion was flying at rapid speed for the sheer fun of it. He enjoyed the wind roaring in his ears and whipping through his mane and tail. He was in an exploring and energetic mood, thought searching the fields would be a great way to spend the day. He flew in the direction he hopped would land him with something fun or interesting

The ebony mare walked through the forest. Her velvet harks swiveled around for any slight rustling or sounds. The night and iridescent body was on high alert but only she knew it, to others looked like she was very confident, her body did not let on how wary she was when out of her comfort area. Her golden eyes scanned her surroundings taking in all the sights and wary for any movement not of the breeze. Sage's frosted white mane, forelock and tail flowed out from her side, rippling in the light breeze. Her nostrils flared taking in all scents of the surrounding area.

She stopped and flicked her wings nervously, she had caught the scent of others. Sage looked to the direct the smell was coming from, but did not move. She only stared as if looking at the trees in their direction would help he decide what to do. She was out her to meet others, and for a change in scenery. Though even now being one of the bondeds, she wad still awkward and wary of others. She was only truly close to her bonded though even then she met her now new family but not gotten or let them get to know her much just yet. She was still working out family now that the one who had drawn her to the magenta girl in the first place was indeed... She tossed her head and lowered her head to the ground. She lifted her left hoof and traced the grass below her. She was out her for a break from that but it still was in her thoughts.

Being a bonded did not change her as she feared before, it gave her a home and a place to draw strength if she needed it. Though being around others than when right before she was bonded, was very little and these smells ahead did not match any from that time. Sage hated this, she was confident and being this so uncertain and nervous was driving her nuts. She thought of a few words that her bonded had given her and raised her head and headed towards the others.

After a bit she could hear that and stopped right behind the treeline. She was not just going to waltz out there, she watch first, and decide from there.


Re: Fight or Flight (Open)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:12 am
by Krinlith
MoonFyreLilly was heading through the fields with BlackIce when she heard what seemed to be the sounds of a struggle. As she headed over to provide some assistance (or kick some tail, whichever needed being done), she quickly realized it was just some good old fashioned wrestling, and she felt very silly for a second. She must have been some sight, bursting through the trees with a wild, yet focused look on her face before she realized the situation. She decided she ought to introduce herself, so that she didn't seem like a (complete) nut.
"Hi! Sorry about bursting in like that, I thought something was going on. I thought someone might need some help. I'm MoonFyreLilly, by the way." she said, smiling rather sheepishly.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:40 am
by Songhue
BlackIce wound up right next to Fyre; instinct had taken over and when she'd bolted forward at the sounds they'd picked up on he'd been ready for trouble. He had to blink a few times while she spoke, slowly dragging his mind out of his past. Once he'd seen it wasn't trouble he'd been absolutely certain it was himself and his sister he was watching...

Wake up, Grandfather!

That was enough to rouse him, for sure. Jerking his head up, he rolled his eyes and attempted to hide a grin behind a snort as Breeze shot over his head and landed in the middle of the strangers. He followed suit, offering Fyre a reassuring smile on the way; no use in hanging out near the treeline.

I'm BlackIce, he said, shifting his weight so he was nearly paired up with Ripple - he seemed to be the sensible one of the bunch. At least he hadn't been involved in the tackle. And this is Breeze, my bondmate. Speaking of, what are you doing out here, Breeze?

What? I'm not allowed to take a walk?

I didn't expect to see you without mate and foal in tow any time soon.

Nova got worried, Breeze admitted with a shrug, told me to go out and find some fun. That I had to keep being who I was.

With that he tossed a grin at the others and said So, hea Ah ams!

BlackIce rolled his eyes again; Breeze shoulder-bumped him.

You got yourself some fancy moves there, he said to Blitz, eyeballing him as if sizing up his potential, if I wouldn't be running a risk of having a hoof land in the back of my head for it I'd jump you right now to see who was better.

Darn right I'd plant a hoof in yer head, boy! BlackIce snorted, At least have manners enough to get a name before you go tackling 'im.

It was Breeze's turn to roll his eyes, though he accompanied the motion with a few hard flaps to hover for a moment. It'd been too long since he'd had a really good flight; maybe Nova had been right. He was missing the thrill of crashing through frozen caverns, trying not to slam into a wall and break a wing before he could find his way back into open sky while flying at breakneck speeds. At least, he was now that he was on his own to miss anything at all; he was normally entertained by his mate and filly.

I'm stronger in the sky than in a tackle anyway, he whickered, landing again. He gave a glance at Fyre as he did; he wondered how she'd fly. The wings were clearly functional, but he'd never seen any in function that resembled those - the buzzing must be marvelous.

You're right, though; I really should stop babblin' long enough to catch everyone's handle.

What's a handle?

My handle's Breeze, or have you forgotten that ya old stud?

BlackIce flicked an ear and rolled his eyes once again. He'd have to quit that soon; they were getting tired!

This here is Fyre, in case you missed it while nearly clipping me in the skull, he snorted, sounding rather fondly resigned to the eccentric stallion, it's short for MoonFyreLilly. Apparently, she's recently found a home in our realm.

Our realm? What, like how Shimmer's down the trail and to the left, in that place where one of the bonded's kinfolk tend to, making the place their own instead of part of the Wilds?

Exactly like that. One of "the bonded's kinfolk," as you put it, bonded with her. She's down the path, take a few turns and go straight.

Which turns?

I ain't likely to tell ya that, BlackIce snorted, then you'd be free to bother the mare whenever ya'd wish. You'll need to get such from her.

Meh, later. I still wanna tackle somebody. Preferably straight out of the sky! This looks a soft enough landing, he grinned, and there was a definite little gleam in his eyes.

Hoo boy.

Re: Fight or Flight (Open)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:50 am
by Talia
A body went streaking across the sky-incidentally, this caught Ovela's attention long enough for Blitz to take advantage of the situation. With a smirk, he flanked her and body-checked her hard enough that she stumbled and fell over with a brief snort of surprise.

You Will pay for that! the mare said indignantly as she shot a steely look in Blitz's direction.

As two Serians came bursting into the clearing, Ovela had managed to find her feet again. Blitz was so surprised by the sudden appearance of the striking mare that he forgot all about his wrestling match- this was obviously not lost on Ovela.

She grinned, smugly, before she made her move. Pushing off slightly from the ground, she propelled herself towards Blitz's unprotected side. She clipped him squarely with her wing, which sent him tumbling to the ground with a yelp of shock. As he lay on his back, surprised, she trotted up and planted a hoof squarely on his chest.

Pleasure to meet you MoonFyreLilly. I'm Ovela, the obvious victor, and you have indeed located the individual in need of assistance. Meet Blitz. I'm sure he'd greet you more formally if he could, were his back not in the dust.

Blitz glowered at Ovela for a moment before returning Fyre''s sheepish smile with one of his own.

Sorry, he replied, sarcasm dripping from his voice, If Miss Ovela wasn't so significantly rude, I would by out of the dust by now!

Ripple merely watched it all unfold with an exasperated expression on his face-it was the look of one of the resigned.

I'm Ripple, and the two wrestling infants are Ovela and Blitz, in case you missed their names during all the commotion. I wouldn't doubt it. BlackIce, Fyre, Breeze- pleased to meet your acquaintance.

Ovela rolled her eyes and removed her hoof from Blitz's chest. She didn't appreciate being chastised, but she supposed she couldn't leave Blitzy in the dirt all day long. Her point had already been made, after all.

Indeed, it's good to see some new faces, she added with a warm smile. When Breeze commented on Blitz's flying skills, she smirked. His fancy moves often have him landing on his backside. I'm the real challenge. she said with a toss of her mane.

Blitz meeped in protest, having found his footing. Unfair. I beat you fair and square. You're a sore loser Ovela. He eyed Breeze appreciatively. Now there was a stallion with some fancy footwork in the skies! That's a challenge I'd love to try. I'm certain you'd at least follow the rules- unlike certain mares.

Ripple sighed. They were a lost cause.

I'm so sorry about all of this, he said apologetically. This BlackIce seemed of a like mind. There was comfort there at least, and Fyre seemed of a sensible sort- and gorgeous to boot.

Talk of Shimmer perked him up momentarily and he smiled. I'd be careful- she's not one to be interrupted during family time. She may appear gentle, but when it comes to her family that Rogue is fierce. She's currently occupied with her mate and filly.

He turned his attention back to Fyre and BlackIce. Thank you again for coming to try to assist- it was most appreciated, even if you were coming to the aid of these two dolts.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:37 pm
by Krinlith
Fyre was a bit surprised at just how competitive Ovela and Blitz were. She had a bit of a competitive streak in her, but not nearly that big. She worried that they might be so competitive that they might go so far as to do real damage to each other, but then she thought she might just be a bit silly for thinking like that.
She often got very motherly when it came to how others played, no matter their age. She didn't want anyone to get hurt, and found herself fretting these things, even with strangers. This was a trait that her bonded shared with her, he got very fatherly and worried about others often.
She couldn't help herself, and before she knew it, the words were coming out of her mouth. "Ovela, Blitz, do be careful with each other, please." As she said it, she felt herself start to blush a bit, but she still meant it. She was sure they cared for each other, but that they just got a tad carried away sometimes. Perhaps she should have bit her tongue, after all, she wasn't their mother, despite the motherly instinct that came out of her (with or without her permission).