Night and Day

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The sun glitters above vast fields ringed by verdant forests to the north, mountains to the south and east, and wide rivers to the west.

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Re: Night and Day

Rein and Oblivion both blinked once... twice... at Black Thorn before Rein burst into laughter.

Well done! he said, his bells tinkling merrily. Cousins eh? More extended family of Tal's? Honestly, how much kin is she hiding out there? Between kin and friends I think I must be related to or must distantly know just about every Serian out there!

Oblivion just rolled his eyes. That was response enough.

Every Serian? Come now. He replied with a shake of his head. Well... cousin. A pleasure to meet you. I'm sorry this oaf is a bit... rambunctious. You will have to stop by to meet more of your family soon.

The golden eyed stallion turned his attention back to the violet mare, his interest evident in his steady gaze. I thank you-it's a pleasure to meet you. To hear Vision speak of you, I had imagined that you were still a little filly, barely toddling about. Yet here you are, and you are quite the contrary. I suppose you will always be young in his mind. Having a family that is cross-realm is difficult at best. You're lucky- your father and mother are one of the closest pairs I have witnessed, despite all that they have been through. Distance will never be a factor.

Oblivion laughed at poor Satomi's obvious hunger. The same could be said of Rein- the stallion always smelled of peppermint. At least he despised peppermint. Good thing he enjoyed the company of the stallion, or else the stink might have completely driven him away!

This one reeks of Christmas, he said, motioning towards Rein with a toss of his head. His miasmic mane floated about in an ethereal manner- the air about him seemed to thrum with energy.

Rein grinned broadly. I do recall Vision griping about Satomi's tummy aches. That was you eh? You vixen! he said with a wink at Deck. Can't say I haven't done the same though. Seems to me that it was a joint effort- I snuck her more candies than I could count while she was visiting her Pa.

Rein chuckled some more and then shot another wink at Satomi. I daresay, any stallion or mate of yours is going to have his work cut out for him! Your father's a fierce one when it comes to his little girl. The thought of telling him that I was the cause... err... one of the causes of your discomfort still makes me terrified! Good thing I never bothered to mention that little tidbit of info!
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Re: Night and Day

Black Thorn smiled a little shyly at the others. He hadn't meant to blurt it out like that, and was a bit embarrassed about it. He looked around, hoping to find something he could relate to. Awkward-and-out-of-place was not a feeling he wished to get accustomed to.

SilentDance trotted through the fields, a specific destination in mind. She was going to visit one of her new bond-mates. She was one of the few remaining at home, and it was time for her to go out again. She spotted him with four Serians she didn't recognize. She came over and nodded to the four strangers. To her bond-mate she said Hey Kiddo and gave him a little hug around the neck. She hoped her bond-mates weren't afraid to touch. Much of her communication was through touch. Why waste the air with words when you could just show it?

Black Thorn looked at SilentDance with pure gratitude. Who said wishes don't come true? He turned back to the others and said This is my bond-mate SilentDance. She doesn't talk much he said in explanation of why he was introducing her. He gently bumped SilentDance's hip with his own. It was a little thank you for coming out there. She smiled and gently mussed his mane. He smiled out of nothing but pure joy. It was nice to have a family.
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