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Night and Day

PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:59 pm
by Talia
The two were a perfect contrast- Rein was a stunning Adonis, his golden mane and tail shimmering in the daylight. Bells chimed with his arrival, being bedecked as he was. Beside him, Oblivion almost appeared sinister. He was the moonlight to Rein's day. His dark amethyst coat seemed to almost drink in the sunlight, and the bright plasma tendrils around his hooves twisted and coiled around the earth. Both stallions were of an easy temperament today however, yet any bystander would have found at least the one stallion's presence disconcerting.

Golden irises observed the festive stallion for a moment before he remarked The air feels moist- perhaps a storm is on its way?

The air thrummed with his energy- storms were the elemental's specialty. Although he wasn't in direct control of lightning, lightning was comprised of plasma, his area of expertise.

Rein nodded in agreement, a smile lighting his face. Considering the time of year my friend, we may be more inclined to snow than rain! Don't get your hopes up.

The Christmas elemental was chomping at the bit for snow. It had been hard to feel Christmas-y with the melting heat of the summers upon them. Now that the days were cooler, he was brimming with anticipation for wintertime. Regardless, the stallion always managed to find a little ray of sunshine, no matter what the season.

Some company would be welcome today, Rein continued. The stallion loved visitors, and they had been in short supply as of late. Oblivion, being the newcomer, was less enthusiastic. He was quiet today; not really withdrawn per se, but overtly serious. This air of danger seemed to hang over him. Rein had never witnessed the stallion act out, but he had no doubt that he was of a unpredictable disposition. Rein frowned slightly.

Some company would do you some good, he chided. You could use a companion outside of your own herd-mates.

The stallion pawed at the earth in contemplation. We shall see, he replied, unsure.



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PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:51 pm
by Sethelu
Black Thorn trotted easily through the Fields, not sure what exactly he was looking for. He supposed he'd know it when he saw it. He looked up at the sky. It smelled like rain. Living in a swamp, he wasn't afraid to get his fur wet, but that didn't mean he liked to be cold, and given the time of year that wasn't a small possibility. His ears perked as he hears bells jingling nearby. His head tilted in curiosity, before he trotted towards the sound. He saw two stallions where the noise emanated. The bells were on the golden one's antlers, and Goldie's companion had a ghostly nature to him. Goldie and Ghosty. He had to grin at that. He decided to see if they had any interest in company. Hey. You two. Over there. Hi. Now to wait for their reaction.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:30 am
by Tigress
[Satomi is NOT a filly anymore, so just imagine a big Satomi XD]

Deck was in a good mood, but that wasn't really an unusual thing. Seeing her around Christmas time was almost scary, she was definitely an annoying to anyone who didn't have the holiday spirit. To say she was cheery and upbeat would be an understatement, but some Serians found it endearing. Satomi was one of those Serians. There had been so much drama, she needed to be around someone like her who was looking for an escape. Somehow this time of year was always full of broken hearts, broken promises, and torn connections.

Until everyone could rebound and sort out their problems, Satomi was letting the air clear and taking Deck out on an expedition. This was becoming a daily thing, but the holiday mare didn't seem to mind in the least. Even the coming storm didn't dampen her spirits, although Satomi was starting to feel antsy to return home.

"Why the hurry? Don't tell me you're afraid of a small storm." Deck chided, sidling up to the deep plum colored mare and bumping against her. Satomi gave her a look sidelong but smiled despite herself. "Afraid of the storm? No. But if either of us happen to get ill, we'll be stuck around the moody lot back home." Satomi grinned as Deck's face visibly darkened. "I hadn't thought about that... I think I'd rather be struck dead." She grimaced, and the dramatics made Satomi burst into light laughter. It wasn't nice to joke or poke fun at their friends' hardships but... Well, 'laughter is the best medicine' or so it was said.

The sound of Deck's accessories seemed to be echoing, making both mares look at each other strangely. In the distance, another type of louder jingling could be heard. Was it someone playing a prank, or making fun of her? "Don't look at me." The ruby mare said before trotting ahead curiously. The energy of the storm felt stronger somehow, and another energy could be felt. Voices met their ears, and as they rounded some trees, a small group emerged. Deck no doubt had made her presence already known, and her face positively lit up when she recognized what was, without a doubt, another of her element. She could feel his energy now, and it tasted like snow and wood fires in her head. Yep, that was a Christmas Serian alright.

"Well well, mystery solved. Small world." She commented upon approaching. Satomi followed up at a trot, realizing the others probably had no idea why they were being intruded upon. "Sorry for interrupting. We were a bit confused about the energy we were picking up on. I'm Satomi, and this is Deck." She dipped her head and took in Oblivion's appearance with curiosity.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:59 am
by Talia
Golden ears flicked forward with interest at the sound of approaching hooves. When a voice called out to them, Rein smiled. The fields never lacked in Serians, that much was for certain. Ask and ye shall receive! He called out to the new stallion, welcoming him into the fold.

Come join us! Incidentally, we were hoping for company, or at least I was. My dark friend here may disagree.

Oblivion glared at Rein and the stallion chuckled at his obvious discomfort.

Despite what my friend may have you believe, I'm not entirely anti-social, he replied with another dark look in Rein's direction.

Deck wasn't the only one that was confused by the sudden increase in bells. For a moment, Rein appeared perplexed- he could hear the distant sound of chiming, and he knew it had nothing to do with his own attire. There was a sense of familiarity and comfort- like coming home, or walking in from the cold. Oblivion regarded his companion with obvious interest.

It appears that we have more company than I expected, he said with a grin.

When the two appeared, it was all made clear. Of course a Christmas Serian would have set his senses off like that! She was as bedecked as he was, and he instantly felt a sense of kinship with the mare. They shared an elemental force- it was hard not to! She was accompanied by another mare, a slight but elegant femme that shared the same amethyst coloration as Oblivion.

Small world indeed, he responded with a laugh. The tiny bells hanging from his antlers chimed quietly as he dipped his own head in greeting. I'm Rein. Pleased to meet you both.

Oblivion had watched both approach, and much as he hated to admit, he was curious. There was something about the amethyst mare that struck him- she resembled someone he knew. The Christmas Serian had obviously charmed Rein, but it didn't take much. The stallion was a bubbling font of cheer, and he was certain that meeting up with another of his own kind had him quite enthused. When she offered up her own name, he knew- she was Vision's daughter. The resemblance to her parents was uncanny. He could see her own curiosity as she sized up his appearance and he mentally chuckled. It wasn't the first time he had been regarded in such a manner.

You're not interrupting-no need to apologize. These two would radiate enough energy to be picked up for miles, of that I'm certain, he said with the smallest of smiles. I'm Oblivion. I thought I recognized you. You're Vision's daughter.

Energy danced along the edge of his coat- he could feel the pull from the sky. He glanced up briefly; he was certain that the storm would start shortly.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:04 pm
by Sethelu
He trotted over and gave the two new arrivals a quick once over. Both mares were very pretty, the red one brought cherries to mind, and he admired the purple one's dragon like wings. Hi, I'm Black Thorn he offered quietly. He felt a little out of place since Goldi- Rein and Cherr- Deck acted like they were long lost siblings that didn't quite know they were related yet, and Ghos- Oblivion knew Dragonwi- Satomi, or at least her father. He was the only newbie. He turned to Rein and Oblivion and quickly blurted out We're cousins! before tightly pressing his lips together. Well that could have gone better.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 8:57 am
by Tigress
Satomi's eyes widened as she looked at Oblivion. He said his name and all the pieces came together. Her father had mentioned a new addition to their realm, but she hadn't been to her other home in almost two weeks. This explained why he didn't look at all familiar, she knew all of Talia's herd fairly well- at least by looks. She smiled then, dipping her head. "I feel like I should also welcome you, Oblivion. It's a strange feeling, being of two realms." Laughing lightly, she listened to Rein and then wrinkled her nose at Deck.

"Usually her energy blocks out everything else. Why do you always smell like a gingerbread factory? I'm getting hungry..." She whinied low and lightly, causing Rein to burst into laughter.

"That's probably because when you were a kid, I always fed you tons of the stuff. Especially around Christmas. Because you got these incredible sugar highs that lasted for days and your parents hated it. It was hilarious!" She kept laughing, the sound high and light as the bells Rein wore. Satomi stared at her with a mortified look, mouth agape. This mare was clearly insane.

"Nice to meet you Oblivion, Rein. Don't tell old Vision about that, hmmm?" She flicked her tail at them good-naturedly and nodded to the Serian who introduced himself. Satomi was still recovering from her first shock when he blurted out that he was cousins with one of the Serians. Or both? They didn't look related...

"Hi Black Th- oh! R-really?" Satomi glanced to the other two then back at him.