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Hide and... Hope to Seek? [Halloween Plot]

PostPosted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:58 pm
by Talia
((OOC: I know it's a bit belated, but I wanted to make sure that I gave Foxx enough time to transfer things that needed to be transferred!))

It had been a long and trying day- Frostbite had left him in charge of their filly, Satomi, while she visited an ailing friend. And as much as his daughter was his world, the sweet little Serian did have an impish streak in her.

She knew that he had unusually good hearing, but she had adapted by being as quiet as a mouse herself. She had insisted earlier on playing hide and go seek, much to Vision's chagrin. He had eventually caved however, just like he always did- he was always the one that indulged his daughter's whims. It had started off quite innocently enough, but he had yet to find or hear her, and hours had now passed. Ever the doting father, he had begun to worry, and his search had started to become more and more frantic. What if she had hurt herself? What if she was trapped somewhere and she couldn't get out? How could he help her when he couldn't see her?!

He had called and called for her, and she either stubbornly refused to answer, or was unable to. He stomped a hoof in frustration as he circled through all the rooms of the house... for the 3rd time. He was nearing on tears, desperation kicking in, when he heard what sounded like hooves approaching the entrance of their home. Perhaps other Serians could help him!

The masked stallion faced the door and flicked his amethyst tail impatiently. Frostbite would murder him if she knew that he had misplaced their only child!

Please, he said, entreatingly, Help me find my daughter, my Satomi. You see... I haven't been able to find her for hours now. I'm afraid she's lost...

Fear was beginning to settle in, and he felt his chest tighten in pain.

She's my only child... please help! he added, motioning for the newcomers to enter. A dizzy spell overwhelmed him, stressed as he was, and he wobbled unsteadily.

I'm... I'm unwell... he added quietly. Please, find my daughter, and bring her to me. I just need a bit of a lie-down, he added, motioning towards the main bedroom. I'm sure I'll be right as rain in a few moments...

With a sigh of resignation, he retired to the main bedroom to rest.


OOC: Ok! So, in the house, there are 8 rooms total- 4 on the lower floor, and 4 on the upper floor, 2 left and 2 right. Feel free to start by searching any room you wish (just make sure you post which one you're searching to make it easier for Tigs- i.e, top floor, 1st room on the right). Our lovely Tigs will take it from here. Once you've searched a room fully, you can proceed to another room if you wish until little Satomi has been found and returned to daddy-dearest. :D

Re: Hide and... Hope to Seek? [Halloween Plot]

PostPosted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 8:40 pm
by Sethelu
The unidragon's heart softened at the stallion's plea for help. She could imagine how he's feeling, having wandered off from her father every now and again. She gave a sharp-toothed smile and answered I'll tear the house apart piece by piece if I have to punctuated with a flick of her barbed tongue. She took a look around and decided to start on the first room on the right of the first floor.

Many wouldn't recognize her in this form. She was a little bat before, as she hadn't discovered any of her other forms. This one was a dragon-unicorn-hybrid with three horns, two spirals on either side of her head with a long banana curved one in the middle of her forehead, green scales, sharp taloned toes, large, leather wings, and a small, almost invisible pouch. It was a big difference to her bat form. Especially the behavior and attitude. Her bat is fun and quirky, while her unidragon was aggressive and ready for a fight. Maybe not the best form for looking for a little filly, but she hoped the heightened senses would help her out. She looked around the room and said in a semi-creepy voice Come out, come out wherever you are. If the filly's smart, she'll listen. If she isn't, let's hope no one's attached to the furniture. She paused to consider her target, then remembering who, and what, she's looking for, she shouted Here I come! I'm coming after you and I'm getting warmer! in as warm and playful a voice as she could muster, then began stomping her feet loud enough to make a noise, but not enough to be scary. I'm getting warmer! Fee, fei, foe, fum! I smell the blood of a young'un! she shouted in a teasing of her largeness. She was being really silly and goofy to put the little one at ease with her. Or as silly as she could be in her predator form. Now let's just hope it works.

Re: Hide and... Hope to Seek? [Halloween Plot]

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 1:51 am
by Tigress
As the unidragon stomps around, the stillness fills with a small noise. It sounds like something moving, but inside the wall. This room has no closets, no obvious entry space to whatever tunnels or hiding holes the house might hide. In this room there is only an old sofa against the wall opposite the noise, and a low coffee table that has seen better days. Across the room is a large painting, and in the middle, directly across from the door is a large window with no curtains. It is possible the room to the left has a closet or some way to get closer to the sound, as well...

[a perfect intro, thanks Talia!]

Re: Hide and... Hope to Seek? [Halloween Plot]

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:12 pm
by Sethelu
She picks up the noise with her sharp hearing and quickly stops stomping, tilting her head to hear better. She exited the room and went to the room to the left. She looked around calling out Satoomiii! Alliallioxenfree! hoping the code word would help her realize that she had won the game and could come out now.

Re: Hide and... Hope to Seek? [Halloween Plot]

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:03 pm
by Kyra
The skymagenta haired girl walked up to the house. A pale hand on the white and tan mare's back. She smiled at the mare. She was a quiet dove, more open then Peace, those two would get along well, but still a quiet cute shyness too her. So when Star hear about a missing foal, she wanted to help. Regardless that she did not know anyone outside her new bonded family, it was in here, but she didn't need to say it but her silver eyes betrayed how nervous she was. So Kyra offered to help, she wanted to help as well. Poor Visions and she too was worried about the foal. Foals were foals; this could be a case of greatest hiding spot or she was in a predicament she could not get out of. Thinking of when she was a kid, and was competitive when it came to hide and seek; both were likely outcomes.

Star nickered and walked ahead. She stopped before the stallion, with Kyra baking her, she found her voice. We are here to help you find the little one. Try to think positive and to worry less, your daughter will be found. The mare looked back over her should and seeing her bonded right behind her she crossed the house's threshold and looked around at her searching options. She not sure why but the higher level called to her. Lets try upstairs.

Kyra gave a encouraging smile to Vision and followed her bonded. Sounds good to me, lets find this filly!

Star nickered in response and ascended the stairs. She trotted down the hall and entered the 1st door on the right. Her white harks swiveled around for any sounds. Not hearing anything right away she said, Satomi you won the game by a land slide! Come out! Your dad is starting to get worried! Don't worry I won't tell your dad your great hiding spot! I promise!

Kyra entered the room and caught what the mare was calling out. She looked around trying to see if she saw a spot to hide. Well with her bonded asking out for answer, now all that had to be done was to listen and see if there was a response and searching any potential hiding spots.

Re: Hide and... Hope to Seek? [Halloween Plot]

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:00 am
by Tigress
The room on the left has the same occasional shifting noise in the wall, but quieter. This room has no window, but three or four armoires stuffed with old sheets and old clothes. A lot of possible hiding spots, but who would challenge all that DUST? Eek!


Star and Kyra walked into the room next to Vision's room, and since Vision was in the master bedroom, this was a slightly smaller bedroom. There was a big wooden bed, which had once been on legs which were broken so that it now sat firmly on the floor, all sheets still on. There was also a long, short dresser. Nothing to hide under, but some things to hide in if Satomi was a contortionist or really good at arranging bedsheets.