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Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:08 pm
by Sethelu
Okay, the eagerness was not only amusing, it was enough sweet innocent adorableness to make Spectrum's heart explode. Yes. In a few days, that crystal right there will be replaced by a completely different one. Maybe blue. I like blue. The bigger they are the longer it takes, but since that one's so small, it'll be replaced really soon. Same with the moss. That's what makes the crystal glow. If we could find a way to fuse them, then we get the pretty crystals to glow naturally. Maybe our bondeds can help. My bonded is your bondeds niece. How cool is that? she asked with a happy smile. Naturally glowing crystals would be great. She could make a pretty nightlight for her bond-mate Sunspot. He was still having trouble with the dark. She could see it now. This was gonna be great!

Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:31 pm
by Songhue
Large, limpid eyes looked up at her at this information, the shimmering green seeming to swallow up her whole face as she said You my best friend.

How ironic that the first Serian she met outside her bondherd would also be her first personal best friend. So far though, the mare's perky disposition had proven her to be an ample playmate, and she (much like her bondmates) didn't treat AuraSidra as any less for her youth; in fact, she'd been quite respectful of the forceful personality contained in the tiny little filly.

And, most importantly, she'd made it through that forceful personality with plenty of good humor and understanding. And she was willing to share these marvelous crystals!

I have idea, she said, once Spectrum mentioned attempting to fuse the moss to the crystals. Moss grows good on cave rocks, right? So, should grow on crystal rocks. Just needs little help.

With that, she picked up the crystal and gently brushed off the moss and dust before carefully using her hoof to chip out tiny little holes on one end. This she coated in snow and breathed on, until the snow melted and filled the small chips with water. Placing the moss back over the watery crystal, she closed her eyes and focused hard on remembering the few magic lessons she'd received so far; and then did the only thing she'd learned, which was to go from her gut instinct and try to fix any mistakes she made.

Pushing her will into the moss she encouraged it to grow just a little. After a moment it was glowing brighter (and looking fluffier) than before; the moss had put tiny spores into the little chips and promptly grabbed hold of the small irregularities as it soaked up the cherished water. Picking up the 'clean' end of the crystal, she gave a might shake of her head, tossed it on the ground, kicked it around with a hoof and picked it up again - the moss stuck tight.

With a crow of delight she promptly turned and showed her discovery to Spectrum.

Chip one end as it grows out she said brightly, clearly pleased with herself, Cave rocks have small chips for moss to hold to, so give crystals small chips where you want moss to grow. If you chip it in diff'rent ways, moss will grow to hold crystal in diff'rent patterns too!

With that, she put the crystal down and looked back and forth from this new treasure to her new friend - more than some mare she'd met, but now considered a legitimate friend.

You share dese? she asked, and in that statement her voice was pure innocence and wonder. Not worf honey to share dese. I gib leaf of honey bits and two leafs of sugar bits and two leafs of gummy grass and two of my juice-grass. Looking down at the crystal she tilted her head, flicked her tail, and said I gib that for every three glow-moss-crystals. And for big one, she added, glancing back at the tree, I gib... She paused, trying to remember how high she could count, before finishing with I gib fif-teeee honey leafs and twinty of rest, and I gib two leafs of fruit seeds that can grow in your home. But I need ta know what type of home you has.

With that, she gave a self-satisfied smile and looked up at her new friend, waiting for a counter offer.

Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:06 pm
by Sethelu
She stared at the little one in awe. Best friend? She couldn't have dreamed of a higher honor. Spectrum couldn't believe her ears. She sure wasn't being stingy either. So, she said the first thing that came to mind. Sounds good to me. We'll need help to get out the really big crystals though. Seriously, those things are huge. She smiled at the filly again. Best friend. She liked the sound of that. I live on and in a mountain. There are a whole bunch of caves and caverns running through it. Outside the temperature is below freezing, and it is forever at sunset. But inside is warm from the volcanic vents right below it. Ill make sure to chip... get others to help chip the crystals for the moss. And you are brilliant to have thought of that. When will you stop impressing me? she asked, her voice laced with happiness and excitement. Best! Friend! This is the best day ever!

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:29 pm
by Songhue
She nodded, attempting to listen closely while her eyes kept slipping back to the crystal. The trade arrangements were agreed to, now all that was left was to start up.

I can ask Da-rakhh; he knows lotsa of plants.

She forgot to mention that he was an elemental and would best know what flourished in low lighting, or that he was acting as an older brother and she pestered him about almost everything any chance she got. Thyme might know almost as much, as he was known as the Dryad among her bondmates, but Thyme wasn't her current hero.

You can do moss shapes while I ask for plants? she asked, tilting her head and calculating how much she would charge when she re-sold the crystals to the bearfolk. At least five leaves of honey. And maybe seven or eight sugar leaves. Per crystal, if she could get away with it, or at the most for a bundle of three. She could trade some of that for the gummy grass and harvest her juice-grass herself.

This was looking like a very profitable friendship.

We has things to do 'fore we can start; has chips to make and plants to find and pick. Can we find each other again when ready? Tilting her head she changed that to I wanna play more. Can we find each other afore? Yer fun!

With that, a bright grin, and a flick of her tail she reached forward to offer a nuzzle - it's what her parents did to show her affection, so she thought that was what one did when pleased with someone.

Mama says fun needs food, she informed Spectrum, and with a sage nod declaired Mama's right. I'm hungwee. Let's find food!

And thus, she resumed poking around.

Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:49 pm
by Sethelu
She happily accepted the nuzzle and decided not to call her out on the increase in baby talk. She poked her hoof into some snow and began digging around.She eventually felt her hoof catch on something and called out for the filly. She soon uncovered some melons that were white with silver swirls. She looked at it curiously and then used her hoof to split it open. A shot of steam came out and the two halves separated while somehow managing to keep the liquid inside. The liquid smelled like carrots and was nice and warm. She took a cautious sip before drinking more deeply. It was GOOD! This is really good. Especially if you like carrots. Do you? Like carrots I mean? she asked without even noticing the orange goatee on her lips.

Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 12:32 am
by Songhue
Food! But the strangest food she'd ever heard of. Then again, she hadn't really heard of all that much as of yet.

Taking a cautious sniff, she gave a curious tilt to her head. Self-warming food, buried in snow? She'd have to ask her poppa about that...

Whassa care-rot? Is this one? she asked, and giggled a little as she looked back at Spec and saw the orange stain on her mouth.

Well, only one way to find out if she liked it. Arching her neck she took a delicate sip, paused to consider, and nudged half the melon off to the side for herself. It wasn't great - it certainly wasn't as good as gummy-grass - but it wasn't horrible either, and maybe there'd be something to actually chew under all that strangely warm juice.

Now I know why Tribe esplores so much, she said brightly, sniffing at the odd thing once again. Dere's so many neat tings to see! Like care-rots that keep theyselfs warm.

She flicked an ear as she drank again, suddenly feeling restless. Once she finished the meat of the melon it would just be her and this mare hanging out and, honestly, she wanted to do something. Like tease mongooses. But she didn't see any of those here. All she saw was...

With an impish grin and one last mighty bite of the melon, which tasted like a sugary version of the juice, she kicked out with a back hoof and sent a spray of snow flying right at Spectrum's face. One excited squeal later and she was jumping sideways and tearing back towards the lake, laughing fiendishly.

She was sure to get it now!