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Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:32 pm
by Sethelu
Spectrum froze as the giddiness left, leaving confusion and a headache. She turned when she heard the unmistakable sound of a filly in distress. She felt her heart break at seeing the filly...acting like a filly. She went over and laid beside her, ready to give comfort if wanted. After some debate, she leaned a little closer and whispered Thanks for saying to run. The light had me under some kind of spell, and if you hadn't said anything, I wouldn't be here now. So, thank you for saving my life she finished with a small, grateful smile. She owed the still semi wobbly filly her life. And she found that she couldn't mind.

Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 9:51 pm
by Songhue
Sniffling and hiccuping, AuraSidra slowly pulled herself under control - and as she did she looked at Spectrum with such affection it was unmistakable. The mare had said just the right thing, done exactly what she'd needed when she most needed it.

'Course I did, she sniffed, offering her best brave grin, Yer my best friend.

Gathering herself up, she got to her hooves and nudged Spectrum's cheek with her nose. With a sigh she said le's get outta here.

Taking the lead out of sheer habit and being far more careful of where she placed her hooves, AuraSidra tried not to bump her nose into anything - with the glass and mirror qualities of this ice it was quite difficult, but she did manage to do a halfway decent job.

Musta been a rift, she said, more to fill in silence than anything else. Mama gives lessons; only just learned ta move 'tween realms. Tink dat was a hole, a rift to some ot'er place.

Shaking her head slightly she lowered her voice, speaking in the tone of ghost stories as she continued. Mama said dere was tings here once, tings that had a great fight and broke the world. Bond-ting says dere be lots of types of the tings - one is tiny and glows like glow-bug and can make ya laugh ta deat'. Put happy spell that kills on ya. Tink it was like dat; tink it was a rip to a place where ot'er mons'ers are, like ones dat broke dis world.

She didn't know why the rift would have shattered in that way, outside of a blast of great and powerful magic - but it made sense to her. It was through those same flinging magics that Rhyandrithae had been harmed. She had, for all intents and purposes, just seen a ghost.

And it had nearly blown them up.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:31 pm
by Sethelu
Spectrum blinked at the story. Then blinked again. That explained SO much! She followed close by the little one, bonking her nose on some clear ice. Yep, that really helped her headache. Not. She caught up to the little one before saying Your theory makes sense. I was giddy giggly out of nowhere, and it immediately stopped after the light was gone she said while looking around. This all looked the same, she couldn't tell one part's difference from another. Then, she felt it. The slightest of breezes kissed her cheek, and she turned to the little one excitedly. I have an idea! I felt a little wind just now. If we follow it, we can find our way out. She hoped the idea held weight, and wouldn't just lead them to another bad place.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 05, 2013 10:59 am
by Songhue
She perked her ears, quite happy with the idea of having some way out of here other than blind wandering. This was all a grand adventure, sure, but adventures had to come to an end at some time.

Looking down at herself and then up at her large friend she still pulled a sour face. She was so tiny! No wonder she hadn't felt the breeze; it'd be hard enough to find or follow it around all these twists in the ice. Finding it while being two foot tall? She didn't have a chance.

Yer bigga den me, she said with only a hint of a sulk in her voice, You walk first; should feel da wind more an' find a way out.

With a quick little shuffle she slipped back behind the mare, hoping rather sourly that Spectrum wouldn't suddenly have gas. If nothing else, she did at least get to stop bonking her face around; if the mare could pass through without hitting her legs then the filly would be all clear. It almost seemed a fair trade for being the short one.

For several long minutes she was silent as they walked, paying close attention to not falling or hitting anything. She could pick up the different textures in the ice, see how the ones that reflected were different than the ones that were clear (in those rare occasions she managed to properly see a clear bit). It reminded her of the wind-carved monoliths back home and she felt another stab of homesickness. Thinking of home and her ice palace reminded her of the deal her and Spectrum had set up; how soon her palace would glow like the two suns. It cheered her up, especially as she thought of all the colors of crystals or moss she might be able to use - that would be the hard part, choosing colors. She thought she'd go with the blue though; the ice was all kinds of shades of blue. Some parts even looked exactly like her coat. Hopefully Spectrum would be willing to part with that many large blue ones... She did say she rather liked the blues.

She got so busy planning how she would use the glow-crystals that she wound up bumping her nose again; a sharp reminder to pay attention. With a snort she jerked her head up and, squeaking slightly, proclaimed I feel da winds! I feel it too! We gots ta be close, righ'?

She really had to work on not sounding like a newborn whenever she got excited...

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:48 am
by Sethelu
Spectrum had to smile at the little one's excitedness. She was just too hoofing cute! I think the entrance is just a little further she said, getting excited herself. She sped up the last few feet and there it was! She ran out and began rolling in the snow and staring at the sky. This area, was weird. Melons that make self heating carrot liquid, caves that have exploding light balls, what's next? A walking tree? That would be kinda cool, actually. She turned and looked over to the little one, checking if she made it out alright.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:21 pm
by Songhue
Romping out with a buck and a squeal, the filly flopped into a pile of snow and shot up with an explosion of flakes. The snow was falling hard now; it was getting difficult to see amid all the swirling white.


It wasn't that difficult for her to hear though - having an Arctic Winds father she was quite comfortable with the little breath of wind that was swirling the snow around.

Mama, Mama! the filly called, and bounced up to collide into her mother's chest.

Nova, for her part, took a half step back and squinted at her filly as she attempted to decide how to react. Her foal was a mess; her mane was sticking up in all directions, her wings were looking rather rumpled, there was a smudge of soot across one cheek and coating her back that was quickly mixing with melting snow as it landed on her, and her thick fur looked haggard and kinked. Good thing her fur was also short; the undercoat was dense to keep her warm, but excess heat was easily released through the short topcoat. No telling what tangles she might have otherwise.

I do believe it's time to go home, Nova said mildly, and AuraSidra instantly jumped back to Spectrum's side.

But Mamaaaaa, she wheedled, I wanna play wif 'Pectrum more!

Pectrum? Nova asked, and looked up to the mare that had nearly disappeared as her white blended with the snow; she'd thought the spots of color were simply reflected lights against ice.

Greetings, she said, a mere hint of surprise tainting her warm voice, I'm Nova, AuraSidra's dam. It's lovely to meet you, erm - Spectrum? she asked, taking a best guess in translating her filly's lisp. Thank you for entertaining and keeping track of my filly.

Hmph! AuraSidra snorted, a look of clear disdain crossing her features, She did not foalsit me! She my new friend! And then, with a brilliant smile to said friend she added My best friend.


Yup! Can we play more?

And how, Nova asked, offering her filly a gentle grin, do you know she even wants to keep playing?

AuraSidra turned to her mare friend at that point, wielding her large, imploring eyes to her best ability. The silent pleeeaase really wasn't all that fair.