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Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:51 pm
by Sethelu
Spectrum looked into those big eyes, and couldn't keep it in anymore.


She looked at Nova and answered Yes, my name is Spectrum. I had a wonderful time playing with AuraSidra. Serians like her are rare at best, and I'm honored to have met her. Here she paused and, looking back at AuraSidra, decided to take a risk. With your permission, I would like to show her a part of my home that I think she'll enjoy. Not without you, of course! I just wanted to show her the pretty. If she even wants to go she finished with a look at AuraSidra. It was really up to the filly, wasn't it?

Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 08, 2013 2:08 pm
by Songhue
She paused only a fraction of a breath before leaping into the air and kicking out in excitement. She had a legitimate excuse! Ha!

There was a spark in her eye when she landed that hadn't been there before - she was thinking again. If they were going to pop off to her friend's home, she could start casing out the crystals that were growing there and get an idea as to the sort of patterns the moss could be enticed to grow in.

Besides, she'd have to visit her home eventually anyway - to help transport and pick out the crystals.

She's close! AuraSidra added, trying anything she could to help, She said our bond-eds are connec'ed and you said dat dere be lots o lands in our realm wif ot'ers so she has to be close!

Well Nova said, looking down at her filly that had ceased prancing to turn those imploring eyes upon her mother, Perhaps a quick visit, since she shares our realm. But it is time you get some rest, my little windstar Sidhe-foal.

Bouncing around, looking about as wild as her ruffled state would indicate, AuraSidra practically leaped onto her friend's back as they got ready to shift realms. Nova merely grinned and, with a slight shake of her head, stepped to the mare's side; Spectrum would know where in the realm to shift and would be responsible for shifting both of them with her.

It'd been a great day with grand adventures, but it was time to leave the Fields and head home.

Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 08, 2013 2:13 pm
by Sethelu
Spectrum smiled at them, and got them to the base of her mountain. This was gonna be fun!