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Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:55 pm
by Sethelu
She watched the little filly trot away a little surprised, before letting out a loud laugh. Ooh, she liked this filly. She quickly ran after her and when she saw her on the rock, rear in the air, she just couldn't resist. She jumped up the rock and with her muzzle went to push the little filly onto the lake. As she did she shouted Hey Aura! Get bent! before collapsing into a fit of giggles. She could be quite ironic at times.

Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 8:12 pm
by Songhue
She was so focused on her leap that she honestly hadn't known if the stranger had followed her or not. As she squinted at the ice, right as she began to push off, she felt something soft and warm brush her back end. With a surprised squeak she shot forward, ruining her chance at spraying glittering ice; at least she was semi-versed in the usage of her wings. She knew how to hold them out at least and help soften landings!

With a few flaps she managed to land on the edge of the ice, nearly facing the odd mare that was currently in hysterics. A loud crack made her flick her ear, though she ignored it; it was a frequent sound back home, with the constant war between thawing sun and freezing wind. A moment later, however, she couldn't ignore it as her back end fell into the water.

Umph! she cried, scrambling madly with her front hooves for enough purchase to get back on land. A few hard flaps of her wings, mostly instinctual, helped just enough to pull her out of the freezing liquid; it was so cold! Even ice wasn't that cold! Blimey!

Shaking herself off as hard as she could, she stomped back into the snow and glared daggers at the stranger, her voice going squeaky with indignation as she cried My name is not Aura! I AuraSidra, or Sidhe, but I is not just Aura!

Honestly, of all the things to irritate her one wouldn't really expect it to be a diminutive of her name; but then, she was an odd little foal, regardless. Maybe it was because she'd had her name explained to her and saw it as part of her identity; maybe it was just because nobody had called her that before.

In the meantime, while she worried over names and meanings and identity, she'd started shivering; the water on her back end hadn't all come off when she shook and was now beginning to freeze over her. It was a thin layer, easily cracked by movement, but it was quickly sapping her body heat. Still glaring, she stomped a back hoof and remembered her father's lessons of moving as much as possible whenever she felt too cold. Stretching her wings as far as they could, she decided to practice flying; it was a great way to move. So she climbed back on the boulder, looked down her nose at the laughing mare, and leaped into the air flapping as hard as she could screaming I is AuraSidra!

She did manage to soften her landing with something that resembled a glide, though she still stumbled as she hit the earth again. Huffing, she ran back to the boulder and climbed back up, by this point not sure if she wanted to try to land on the mare the next time or just pointedly ignore her. Landing on her sounded like more fun, so she decided to go with that. Lining herself up, she gave another mighty leap and did her best to collide with the offending mare, a wild laugh bubbling up; hey, this was actually fun! I'ma getchu! dashed through her mind, a completely random thought that left a determined spark in her eye. She'd play chase with this Spectrum! Rather the mare liked it or not. Ha!

And she'd start by trying to land on Spectrum's face.

Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 8:23 pm
by Sethelu
Her laughter was replaced with a look of horror as the little one fell into the freezing water. Oh, sweet sunsets! What have I done!?! she thought in a panic. She was so shocked she couldn't move for a second. When the little one managed to get out and began screeching about her name, Spectrum was able to relax enough to move. She let out some laughter of relief mixed with little bouts of She's okay, the kind that only happens after an avoided catastrophe, as she jumped off the boulder to check on the little one. Spectrum went to check on her only for the little one to brush right past her and jump back on the boulder, thankfully facing away from the ice. She watched as the little one managed to glide slightly, mildly impressed. Then watched as the foal aimed for her face. Spectrum stayed put and decided to allow it. She did deserve it for getting the foal wet after all. The foal landed with an oomph from Spectrum, before she rolled her off and bounced a few steps away. She made a rude noise with her mouth and shouted Come and get me Foaly! bouncing one more step away with a big smile on her face.

Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:03 pm
by Songhue
Prancing after the hop-stepped mare, she found herself grinning again as she did her best to nip at Spectrum's heels. It was a wonderful demonstration about how her father was out of his gourd - she didn't seem to distinguish between foals or adults. They were all just Serians to her.

Dashing around, leaping through the snow, she found herself beginning to warm up - and beginning to like this mare. She was fun, finally! I mean, it sure took her long enough, but hey she was fun!

Flopping on her side with a chuckle, AuraSidra spread her wings high and rested them over head, leaving an imprint of a flying filly as she scrambled back up. With a huff of breath that fogged before her nose she looked at Spectrum and said You ain't so bad.

With that the filly gave a very grown-up motion with her head, a silent invitation to join her. One might think she was the grown up deigning to tolerate the filly!

Come, dere might be something worf finding, she said, and again began to trot through the snow. Maybe flower frozen in ice or something. Or some place neat to esplore.

She still wasn't quite as articulate as she wanted to be, but at least now she'd stopped layering on the baby talk. And besides, they really might find someplace fun to explore together. Maybe even other Serians!

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:08 pm
by Sethelu
She giggled as the filly left the imprint in the snow. She was so adorable! Even if she was a mare trapped inside a little filly's body. She grinned and followed after the little one, happy to have finally gotten into her good graces. She leaned down and whispered I'd still like to trade. If you don't want the crystals I have other things in my caverns. Glowing mosses, rocks that grow exploding nuts, even a cave full of seashells. How do you get seashells in a mountain? she asked with a little look of disbelief. The look changed to shame as she whispered I'm sorry about the ice breaking thing. I was trying to play and I didn't know the ice was thin. I feel terrible about it she finished with a look of pure regret on her face. She already adored the filly and couldn't stand the thought of anything happening to her. Ones like her were rare at best and she felt blessed to be living in the same realm with her. She suddenly smiled and asked Do you like strawberries? with a hopeful look in her direction.

Re: Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:43 pm
by Songhue
She stopped suddenly, her weight swinging forward with the abruptness as her hooves seemed to grow roots. Swinging her head around, AuraSidra gave Spectrum a rather intense stare. Something had caught her full attention for the first time on this outing - every ounce of personality contained in her little body was now aimed at the multi-hued mare.


Tilting her head, the filly gave the notion some serious thought. She hadn't really paused to consider why the ice hadn't held her that time when it had always been reliable back home, but this made sense. It must have been too weak, and it must have been because of how little ice there actually was over top of that freezing water.

Thin ice, she said, and sounded both pleased and befuddled. Was gonna jump anyway and ice would still be thin. Either way I get wet. Don't feel bad.

She grinned, and in her simple innocence it was the most engaging of expressions. For all that she'd been upset before, she wasn't the least bit sour over it now. It was a sincere expression of enjoying her current company.

'Trawbewwies are yummy! she cried in the next breath, perking up and resuming her prancing walk through the snow. Yummiest with sugar. You like 'trawbewwy?

She hadn't ignored the concept of trading, for all that she'd yet to respond; she was thinking, going over her mental inventory. That glowing moss could certainly prove useful, though she couldn't imagine what anyone would want with exploding nuts... The possibility of pranks or weaponry didn't even occur to her. With a little scraping she did manage to consider the sort of fun it might make in a fire; could really liven up a party. But it'd be a trivial thing, something she'd more use for her own means than attempt to trade off for some of her precious sweets.

Seashells, short of being exotic jewelry if they were different shells than found on local coasts, were of course useless.

They'd done some decent poking around already; with the filly's bouncy trot to set the pace she couldn't hardly see the water for all the piles of snow. The boulder was still plainly in sight, but so were some trees now. Randomly choosing the nearest one, AuraSidra gave a mighty jump and a few hard flaps. With a little effort she managed to hook her front legs on a low, sturdy branch before flapping once again. Once the branch was even with her back legs she 'dropped' forward and, within moments, was swinging upside down from her hocks. It put her at exactly eye level with Spectrum; it was also fun to try and work her wings some more. Other than a jumping boost or softening a fall, they really weren't any use quite yet.

I wanna see the moss, she said, giving Spectrum a sharp once-over, and the crystals, too. Might not be any good.

Or, if the crystals proved to be of good quality and she found a way to combine them with glowy moss, she might have just found her prime source of trade. She couldn't go exploring like Tribe, but she could certainly set up her own enterprise.

Of course it didn't occur to her at all that even if she did have a legitimate trade for the sweets she'd still be limited on how much she could eat. Though she did consider that some of what she got from the bear-folk wouldn't really be hers; it'd have to go towards more trinkets. But she'd share with Spectrum if Spectrum would share with her.

You have 'trawbewwies to trade? she added, a single ear flicking at the possibility. She was getting hungry, with all this talk of sugar and fruits, and the grass in this place wasn't nearly so easy to find as it was back home; probably wouldn't taste the same, either.

She'd have to hunt some down when she was done with business.