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Third Circle (open)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:45 pm
by Sethelu
Spectrum walked out in the fields looking for the youngest member of her new extended family. She had fit herself right in the family dynamic. She was now the oldest sibling, even above Sunspot. Now she was going out to meet the clever, tricky, and adorable AuraSidra. She couldn't wait to meet the little filly and swap adventures. And maybe embark on a new one with her. One thing was for sure though, the filly definitely showed promise. At least from what she heard from her bonded. This was definitely gonna be fun!

She had chosen a little tundra where the wind blew through her mane, but the sun still shined brightly. As she walked she began to hum a little tune in her tinkling voice. She delighted in the feel of the wind swirling the little bits of snow around her and the feel of it sticking to her eye lashes. She loved places like this. She began to move her feet in time to her tune, and was soon dancing and singing without a care in the world. As her song reached it's end the wind swirled around her and sang along. It was a magical moment that she delighted in and cherished. This was gonna be a great day, she could feel it in her bones.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:51 pm
by Songhue
It was her first time out on her own and if she was to be honest with herself, she was a little nervous about it. She hadn't seen her mother follow her; had no idea that Nova waited just out of sight, an easy run should any help be needed.

Trouble wasn't expected and Nova was far from overprotective; compared to how Path had been with Darroch she was nearly negligent. For them, the colt had grown substantially before he was even given a chance to explore by himself. AuraSidra was still slightly wobbly on her legs.

Still, Nova couldn't quite be as far away from her filly as a whole other realm.

AuraSidra had already caused enough trouble to have every last Serian in her bondherd on their toes. The filly had made her own trade arrangements with the talking bear creatures that supplied her mother with the store of honey they all shared; she also happened to get her trade items by "exploring" the homes of her bondmates. More than once she'd outsmarted very nearly each of them, tricking them into various expeditions. She never outright lied; she'd simply lead them to thinking what she wanted.

By all accounts she was far too brilliant for their own good, yet none of them quite had it in them to be cross over her clever little gambits. At least, not yet. So far she had managed to secret a stash of the gummy-grass that Caelum grew without being caught; she couldn't believe that nobody else had thought of the bear-folk being omnivorous. She'd just bet that they'd never had grass like that before! It'd score her quite a load of the sweet treat, hopefully with enough left over for her to enjoy herself. Sweets were the best. And maybe she could still get someone to 'play pretend' with her a time or two more. If she got them concerned with entertaining her with imaginary explorations of far and alien lands, she could explore a few more nooks and crannies of certain homes to find a few "forgotten" treasures.

All except for Tribe's home. That mare collected all sorts of baubles herself, found during her explorations to distant shores. She also kept careful track of each; AuraSidra wasn't stupid enough to go poking around there as she'd soon be found out and in no amount of good humor. Currently, Tribe was the main source of trade - if they couldn't do it on their own, they'd go to Tribe to help smooth out a deal with someone who could.

In all honesty, there really wasn't very much they couldn't do on their own. The rest they could ask their bonded for; but they were a little too proud to do that. None of them wanted to approach her with anything that wasn't a true need.

Probably because whenever one of them tried, she'd tell them how to do it themselves or else how to contact someone that could help them. Independance seemed to be how she ran things; "gimme" wasn't an option.

The little Sidhe-foal, as they had taken to calling her, was just fine with that. It meant there were less eyes watching her; she was expected to be independent to an extent, wasn't she?

Now if only her tongue could keep up with her brain, it would make life so much simpler.

Not that her brain was doing such a great job at the moment. She honestly thought she saw some strange rock shaped like a Serian up ahead. That was moving. Right. Because that was so likely. She'd seen all manner of things in her short life so far, but a moving bit of stone that was made of all color of stone smushed together?

That sang?

Okay, maybe it wasn't honestly stone...

Allo? she called, stopping with her head high in the whipping wind. She hadn't meant to find snow, honestly, but it seemed she was drawn to it; snow and wind and bright, bright sun. She could still be home, just about. That was fine though; not all of her bondmates homes had been very comfortable, but she was made for this weather. Literally!

Hi!, she chirped, trotting closer once her suspicion of a living Serian had been confirmed, I Sidhe, who ah you?

Well, her tongue may not have caught up to the rest of her yet, but maybe her baby talk would get her a new friend while she poked around. There might be something sweet hidden under the snow...

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:06 pm
by Sethelu
Spectrum's head whipped towards the sound of the filly's voice and when the words reached her brain she could only think two words: SO! CUTE! She trotted forward and actually bowed to the little filly. Good evening, little one. I've heard a lot about you from my bonded, who heard it from your bonded. And from what I've heard, it is quite an honor to meet you. I heard about the thing with Caustic. Well played she said with a look of respect. There was much she could learn from this still wobbly filly. No wonder her bonded liked to call her a natural queen. She grinned and said in a confidential whisper So, make any good deals lately? I can give you some crystals from my caves if I can get some gummy grass and honey she offered with a twinkle in her eye. This was gonna be good.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:21 pm
by Songhue
Her eyes flashed bright as the mare spoke, a quick gleam entering and leaving once again. It was a tell, that one moment where a shrewd mind could be seen; but it lasted just for that moment.

She'd been scared at first when the concept of bondeds talking together came up. Her bonded knew enough to cause trouble, though AuraSidra doubted she knew everything... Right? However much she did or didn't know, if this mare had been forewarned it might cause some trouble. If nothing else it would make for a more difficult target.

But then the conversation took a hard right turn and the next thing she knew, that little bow didn't seem at all to be mocking any more as she was being given accolades for outsmarting a big brute like Caustic. Which she didn't really see as that impressive; he was a strong and powerful fighter, but his magic was almost non-existent thanks to his death-stare and he really wasn't much for thinking. Not to say he was stupid, it was just... Well, it was just that he was stupid, she thought. At least compared to the potential he could have reached had he actually attempted to apply his brain to something other than learning new ways to kill things.

At the prospect of trade her eyes grew shrewd again; this time, they stayed that way. The bear-folk knew by now not to underestimate her.

Honee and gum-gum grass? she asked, feigning surprise. For cwys-als? Can use cwys-als for tweats, but is Mama honee and Cay-lem gum-gum grasses. I onlee gets little bit for bein good Sidhe-foal.

She nodded, almost conspiratorially, as if letting the mare in on the secret ways of grown-ups. She was certainly using her inadequate speech abilities to her advantage at the moment; in fact, she was laying on a little thick. She'd actually gained the ability to speak twice as well as that.

But, hey, this nutty mare thought that she could be taken for gummy grass and honey; and more, she still didn't even have her name. What sort of fool would she be to trade her two favorite treats for a few sparkly rocks she hadn't even seen yet to a mare she didn't even know well enough to call by name?

Whatever this lady had heard, it certainly hadn't seemed to have done her intelligence any real justice. AuraSidra may just have to do something about that; then again, maybe not. Being underestimated had come in handy more than once; they'd catch on soon enough. Hopefully not too soon, but soon enough.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:37 pm
by Sethelu
She blinked at the little filly in surprise. Did she really think she was that stupid? Cut it, kid. I know you "find" your trading items. She made sure to put extra emphasis on find. I'm not gonna sell you short. I'll set my price, then we can haggle. But I know you're one sneaky little princess, and I'm watching my step with you. I can show you my offer, and then, if approved, we can talk. She blinked as if something hit her in the nose. Oh, duh! I forgot because I already knew your name. I'm Spectrum a.k.a. Prism she said, her tone taking on the gentle airy one from before. Her actions were almost bipolar, but like her name, she has many different faces.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:48 pm
by Songhue
She blinked a bit and, when given a name, her face broke out into a broad smile that completely countered the calculating look she'd had a moment before. Hi, 'Pectrum, she crooned, get bent.

With that, and a saucy toss of her mane and flick of her tail, she turned and began to trot through the snow again. Honestly, she wasn't out here to trade, and while crystals might be useful to her she had what the mare really wanted - the sweet treats. And besides that, other than a flair of young attitude - the 'get bent' - she still hadn't given any indication that her bonded wasn't slightly insane when it came to what she'd said. Maybe the mare was mistaken; maybe it was just another foal that liked to play. One with a little attitude, perhaps.

Or maybe she really was a calculating imp that enjoyed toying with other's perceptions. She had a slight cruel streak in her that way; the good news was she was already being taught to keep it in check, or it could develop into being quite a bit more than a streak.

The snow was nice, at any rate, rather the mare came after her or not. She had her parents of course, and then her relationships had grown to involve her bondmates, leading to all her adventures thus far. She could take or leave anyone else. The way she figured it, she had the first two groups that were closest to her; anyone else getting close wouldn't be quite so easy, as they'd have to elevate themselves from simple stranger to someone that mattered to her.

This mare certainly wasn't all that fun at the moment, and she didn't seem willing to go along for a 'ride.' Whatever that meant; she'd just heard her father say that she'd 'taken Hybrid for a ride' one day. It was right after she'd gotten the stallion convinced that it was really safe to show her some of his lightning tricks, so she was sure it had something to do with her powers of persuasion. What, exactly, was still beyond her.

There really was so much still to see and do, and the large boulder next to the frozen water up ahead seemed as good a place to start as any. In her home she didn't really have to worry about the dangers of thin ice; the wind kept things pretty well frozen. The worst she might find is a slick surface as the sun began to make up for lost time whenever the wind grew still, was rare at best.

And she did love the flash and glittering specks of ice that would spray up from her hooves whenever she divebombed onto a hunk of the frozen stuff. Grinning to herself, she scrambled up the stone as best she could and gathered her legs, sticking her rump in the air as she prepared to jump. This wasn't her lake, which made it twice as exciting - she was really out here, exploring! It was awesome.