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Re: Storms Over Winter

PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 4:29 pm
by Songhue
Hybrid smiled as Flint took her leave after she spoke, admiring how she was clearly comfortable with everyone; even managing to hold her own against Flint. She hadn't looked away or backed down, but she hadn't poked at things either - she met his challenge without challenging him. She was tough and practical and brave and oh, he couldn't wait to spend more time with her.

It was a small grin, full of affection and hope and newfound tenderness, and for all of that it was rather enigmatic; his expressions tended towards mild. If it were any other than his Circlemates most wouldn't have recognized the little spark of joy behind it as he watched her tell Horsefeathers that the future would tell.

Lay off on the games, Horsefeathers, he said, tossing his head as if shaking out a non-existent mane - well, non existent until a streak of lightning sparked over his neck and almost seemed to be his mane for a moment. You came to tell me that we had work to do.

That we will have work to do, Breeze corrected with a mischievous grin, Which means we oughtta play while we can.

What would our new acquaintance prefer, Nova asked, offering the other mare a tender grin - she was polite, well spoken and was made of sturdy stuff, a mare that Nova felt would prove to be reliable and kind.

Ohhh yes! Shiro squealed, nearly bouncing in place with exuberance, What do you do at home? Or with your bonded, sweet love, what games has he taught you? We don't know anything of the brother of our bonded.

Hybrid snorted and grinned, a moment that clearly said this was exactly what one might expect from Shiro; that one was all about love. Nevermind them, he told her, quickly looking her over to see if their game of elemental chase had tired her out, What's your favorite thing to do? What makes you happiest?

Re: Storms Over Winter

PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:35 pm
by Krinlith
It took Fyre a second to think of games that she and her bonded played that were unique, but she thought of something that made their games unique. "Well my bonded and I play a lot of chase, but we play it a bit differently. I control shadows, and he's a shifter, so we use that to our advantages. It's even better when we play tag, it's super fun. Afterwards, I can help you guys with whatever work you need, if you'd like." Fyre definitely wanted to make a good impression with Hybrid's circle, but she was also a bit competitive and wanted to win at whatever game she played. She hoped it didn't show too much when they played, it had her a tad apprehensive. Either way, she still wouldn't back down during competition.

Re: Storms Over Winter

PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 7:12 pm
by Songhue
He couldn't help but grin; chase was one of his favorite games, so for her to mention it after they'd just played was marvelously amusing. He loved the special challenge their unique elemental aspects lent the game as well; although Hybrid got the feeling that if they played that way again they would utterly annihilate his Circlemates.

If Horsefeathers is correct, then you'll get your share of work, Hybrid told her, shifting slightly to let his tail glide across her back legs as he spoke - he really was a shameless flirt.

With you holin' up in the same realm, yer bonded will prob'ly have you help out just as ours does, Breeze confirmed, adopting yet another of his accents.

It goes quickly though, Shiro reassured her, a warm smile hovering over his face, and the storms are important; they refresh the whole realm.

Such talk is for later; for now, we play! 'Tis good to have a humorous outing with loved ones and new friends to lighten the heart.

I'm it! Breeze volunteered, and waggled his eyes at Fyre as he added I'll get you, my pretty! You and your little friend, too! Muahahahaha!

Nova laughed, Shiro squealed and took off with a buck, and Hybrid smirked, planted a solid kiss on Fyre's cheek and ran Hellbent for leather; within seconds they had scattered, but Breeze had already picked his target. He was tearing after Nova, but the little mare was working with Shiro; between the two of them they managed to get him to trip over a hunk of half-melted ice, the surface having gotten a strange sheen from Hybrid's ministrations.

I thought you wanted to catch me? Nova taunted, before diving behind one of the sculptures; this was great terrain, with all the obstacles to half-conceal or dive behind.

He wasn't about to make up the distance at this point, not with the direct approach; time for a new target. With a smirk he cast his gaze on Fyre and did his level best to tackle her; he even remembered to keep his wings tucked in tight so they wouldn't catch on anything, rather than half-opening them to help his balance.