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Storms Over Winter

PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:50 pm
by Songhue
It was cold. He really wasn't that fond of cold, being cold-blooded himself, but he was tired of the aimless wandering he'd taken to as of late.

Hybrid had been thinking long and hard; a lot of changes had come. The largest was, perhaps, that he had finally put to rest his old crush. Sparkle had helped quite a lot with that; the old stallion knew plenty about falling for the wrong mare and paying the price.

The truth was he loved flashy mares, ones who were extravagant and bold and fierce. The first mare he'd found like that had taken him by surprise; he hadn't known he had anything in particular that he searched for. He did know he loved wings, although he couldn't say why; perhaps it was the idea of dashing around the clouds while they were still in the sky.

He had the next best thing.

Still, now that he'd made peace with having reached no true connection with Fancy, he'd decided it was time to get out and do some more wandering. He had heard that many who'd been abandoned were now bonded and able to wander the Fields once more; perhaps he'd meet a new face.

Then again, given the terrain, perhaps not.

It was certainly cold, but more than that there was ice everywhere. He'd come to the wide rivers and while they were frozen in many places the water was too deep and too fast in many others. He wasn't bothered, not with the talons on his back legs, yet he wasn't sure he'd see many others out here. It certainly didn't help that the sky was dank and overcast.

Still, he wasn't too inclined to leave; the crack of breaking and colliding ice was quite appealing. Turning his face to the sky he took a slow breath and brought the flashes of lightning out of the forbidding clouds, timing them with the cracks and crashes of ice to create a sort of music. He traced the sparks easily, his eyes well adjusted for violent and sudden flashes of light, and found himself smiling. He may be moving slower due to the cold, but he was at least out here where he belonged; he couldn't bring the rain or influence storms, but he could control the dangers held within.

Idly, he began to weave images as he timed the cracking booms with the shifting ice; he was quite the artist, creating intricate three-dimensional pieces of various things he'd seen in his time. It was quite the list; some of them were beautiful, others horrific.

Many were heartbreaking.

He didn't give much thought to these facts, merely wove what flashed before his eyes, bits and pieces of memory. Life was varied and often harsh; he'd long ago accepted this fact. It could make him seem hard, yet he refused to rail against the Fates. All he could hope to do was to make the most of what he had at the moment.

At the moment, he had a symphony surrounding him, a fantasy that he breathed the very clouds themselves as his breath fogged, and a lifetime's worth of artistic memory dancing before his eyes.

Really, that wasn't all that bad.


Re: Storms Over Winter

PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:13 pm
by Krinlith
MoonFyreLilly wasn't sure what had caused her to give such an abrupt exit, but she knew that there was a specific pull that was bringing her somewhere near here. She knew that whatever or whoever it was was close, she could feel it. As she walked, she came across a strange and wonderful sight.
There seemed to be a Serian on the ice making sculptures using lightning as a tool. They were really well done, too. She was pretty quickly impressed by his work. As she walked up, she also couldn't help but notice that he was a cute stallion, too. She decided to introduce herself. She was a bit more outgoing than her Bonded, who tended to take a while to warm up to others enough to say hi.
"Hi there. I really like your sculptures. They're very well done. I'm MoonFyreLilly, but you can call me Fyre, if you like. What's your name?

Re: Storms Over Winter

PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:37 pm
by Songhue
It'd been something of an accident, the first time he'd brushed the lightning over the ice and snow, yet he'd enjoyed the result; the ice was colored in varying smokey shades from the contact and gave easily under the slightest exposure to his element. He was in the middle of carving out another memory, one of a much younger Darroch looking up at him as if he held the key to everything - the moment the young stallion had first asked after his absent father.

It was a mixed memory for him. The little colt had looked so lost when he asked, a fiercely sad moment. It was one of his favorite memories of their time together though; the time he was truly needed.

Right as he was giving a little more scorched shadow features to the creation, adding depth and shading, a voice sounded not far away; he couldn't give a direction for it as he'd been pretty focused on his creation. Finishing the final touch he looked up and felt his eyes widen ever so slightly at the sight of the mare before him; by the Goddess, how had he missed her approach?

He'd seen her before, in memories from his Bonded; the odd creature had a habit of visiting any abandoneds she could find and he often enjoyed hearing her tales. This mare had been in one; for a long while now he'd held her image in his mind, using her face to fill in the empty slot of the mate he'd yet to find. It was a dream, a silly fantasy, yet she was not only real; she was here.

Just because she'd been used to reprisent what he was missing didn't mean a thing, though. Whatever had gone on in his head was put aside as he spoke to her for the first time. He did hesitate for a moment before he allowed himself to free any words though; he had a strange voice, rough and crackling and sounding as if it'd been burnt. Even his laugh rumbled and ground around like broken thunder.

That's most kind, he noted, glancing at the figure of a young Darroch and back at her - not many saw his artwork or even realized he was all that artistic. I'm Hybrid. If you wish I can create one of you.

With a flick of one ear he looked her over, finally noticing through his surprise that she had the feel of an elemental; he could feel the magic swirling around her, as if naturally drawn. As far as he knew all elementals could sense one another in this way. Which meant she would have known of his ability even had he not been putting his talents on display.

If you don't mind, M'Lady Fyre, might I ask after your talents?

He really wasn't one for many words - his crush had changed him before, made him put forth efforts to become more than he was in order to catch the mare's eye. He wasn't doing that again; it hadn't been coming out of his shell, it'd been desperate chatter.

But, he was honest.

Actually, he said, before you answer I must speak plainly. I seek a mate. You have my interest.

Well. Couldn't put it any plainer than that.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 5:23 pm
by Krinlith
Oh my. That was certainly very blunt. He was certainly cute enough, and there was something about him that she found very intriguing that she couldn't quite place. She liked that he got straight to the point, she just wanted to be a bit cautious.
"You're certainly interesting yourself, Hybrid. Before we jump into anything, let's get to know one another a bit better, first. I'm definitely not opposed to taking you as a mate, I just don't wish to rush. Just be a bit patient with me. Remember, good things come to those who wait." She said, with a bit of a smile. "My talent lies in the realm of shadows. I can play with them, hide in them, jump through one to another, and lots of other fun things. I'd love a sculpture of myself, if you please." she said, walking closer to him.
It was too bad he was so cute, it made it hard to not pounce on him and smother him with affection.

Re: Storms Over Winter

PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 5:35 pm
by Songhue
He smiled at her, a gentle expression that softened his eyes. She was just... Cute. In how she talked, how she moved, her interests, the fun ways she played with shadows. The idea of entering one shadow and stepping out of another was vastly appealing; he'd be willing to explore that with her, certainly.

Tilting his head he flicked his gaze to the gathering storm and brought lightning down once again, randomly letting it land a little close to her - within a few feet of the pair of them. He liked to tease, to laugh and chase and fight and kiss and tumble. He was a very physical, very active stallion; most Serians he met were given some small tease like this, to see if they really knew how to play.

As he shaped the ice he kept his eyes on her, letting his magic translate what he saw - and relished the opportunity to devour her form with his gaze. Between sizzling lightning striking the ice with harsh cracks he spoke to her, his red orbs dancing in the flashing lights.

I quite agree. You have my interest, but I wasn't asking you to be my mate right now. I am looking though and it's nice to know where one's options are.

Tilting his head and letting his gaze travel over her unique wings he changed his style of art just slightly, adding shadows and each finishing detail as he worked on every part of her - he didn't want to see a full-sized roughed out image of her. It almost seemed as if she was stepping from the ice as he blended in scorched shadows.

I have learned, he said, flicking his gaze back to hers for a mere instant, that it is better to know these things. I wasted years being smitten on someone that would never be my mate.

Shrugging, he gave a quirk of a grin and added I am glad you find me interesting, however.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 5:30 pm
by Krinlith
Fyre jumped when Hybrid made the lightning get a bit too close to them. "You're very lucky that you're so cute, Mr. Lightning Bolt, otherwise I might bop you." she said, with a bit of a smirk. "That's quite lovely, what you're creating. Your talent is astounding. I'm sorry, by the way, that you spent so much time on someone that wasn't willing to spend their time on you. If that hadn't happened, however, I might not have been lucky enough to meet you, though." she continued.
Was she blushing? She was blushing. Crap.