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PostPosted: Fri Dec 20, 2013 3:28 pm
by Silverdust
Astarte blushed a little at AuraSidra's succinct assessment. Perhaps in time she would learn to see what others seemed to, but at this awkward age it was still a struggle. At least she had her trinkets to occupy her mind, and the occasional adventure they brought along. Unfortunately, it seemed like this one had been through a bit much--even though the essential pieces were all intact and accounted for, the body was missing parts of its elegant architecture. Ah well, she would fix what she could.

No matter how involved she was with the artifact, however, she kept an ear for AuraSidra's words. It was an apt test for any craftsman, she supposed, to be able to keep many tasks going at once. Besides, the filly's bright curiosity was oddly soothing, and the way she mirrored the floating pieces quite charming on its own. "Practice is important, I had to do so a long time before I could do this."

With a slight furrow of her brow, a few more spare pieces rose up, juggled in a quick ring in front of AuraSidra's nose, and settled back again--all while Astarte continued to fit gears into the main body. She was gradually learning to spin more and more "hands" for herself, and busy them with multiple tasks. It took effort, but a little showmanship wouldn't hurt. She didn't want her new companion to become overly bored.

The name Darroch seemed familiar to her, but no image came to mind, only a vague half-memory of a long-past festival. "Everything? That's quite the claim," she chuckled. "But if I ever meet this enlightened one, I'll be sure to hold my tongue."

A few more tweaks and the project might be complete. She could feel it start to warm to her, but that could mean many things. "It depends." She flicked her ear and concentrated, fitting a stubborn bolt in place. "On exactly what kind of thing." Another rapid succession of gear checks. "This decides to be. But I will run with you if it's bad, just stay close if that happens?"

She should really be questioning the sudden amount of responsibility she was taking with this young foal, but her avi's instincts were strong in her. The inclination towards protection felt natural.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 25, 2013 2:56 pm
by Songhue
She squealed as the pieces danced in front of her nose, an excited chirrup of sound that only the very young can successfully make. She gave a little wriggle all over her body, letting her hooves clomp on the ground for a moment; the Serian version of clapping in excitement.

Dat was so neat! she squealed, clearly impressed. I didn't know you could make the floaty-bits fit together and get them to dance.

Standing up, she started to circle the thing as it slowly got put together, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible - she'd gotten zapped by lightning often enough for disturbing Hybrid's concentration that she quickly learned how to be quiet when needed. It was kind of neat, watching it take form; she got so wrapped up in trying to understand exactly what she might be looking at that she spoke in the absent-mannered way of someone half asleep.

'Course I'll stay close, she answered in a tone that heavily indicated a 'duh' in there somewhere, I can't make sure you don't get hurt if I leave you behind. But it isn't awake yet.

Stretching her nose out once more she gave it one last experimental sniff and sat back down, turning her scrutiny back to Astarte. Even this one said that practice was good - which meant that if she wanted to be able to make things as beautiful as Darroch could, she'd have to do more than play around with her talent. She'd have to honestly try.

Screwing up her nose she squinted her eyes in concentration - a new challenge of 'painting' had just occurred to her. She could play with the auroras in the sky, so why should she have to call the light and air to make pictures on stone or trees? This time when she shifted the density of the air and gathered the light, the copy of Astarte appeared right next to the older filly. It was a passable impression again, but this time she wanted more. So she tried to hold the image she'd started with while fixing details - the shape of certain squiggle marks, the direction the mane fell in, and several other minute touches.

It shattered as she tried to divide her attentions, making her snort in displeasure. Looking at the many floating pieces that spun around just beyond her nose she tilted her head and snorted again; she was going to need a lot of practice to get that good.

Sometimes she hated it when others were right. It meant a lot more work for her.

Maybe if she started out smaller...

Screwing up her concentration she kept her eyes on the hoozi-whatsit and, with some effort, created a mirror of one of the floating parts - a ghost image. It was small and simple enough that this time she managed to capture most of the details without too much trouble; this time, as she tried to tweak it, her concentration lasted just a little bit longer. It didn't fall to bits quite so quickly, something that quite reassured her. Excited now, she tried it again, choosing piece after piece to create a ghost image of.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:53 pm
by Silverdust
Astarte laughed at the filly's amusement, preening just a little inside that her paltry gifts had such an effect. Sometimes she wondered what it would be like to grow up around others close to her age, siblings either smaller or just a hint older. She'd only ever known the company of adults, even though Lock and Hellion did function as somewhat odd sahars and Trite as her distant bhai, closer in experience rather than age. First Bellatrix and now AuraSidra had somehow wandered into this otherwise closed world, giving her a glimpse of what could have been, perhaps. It gave her small joy to know she was not so inept.

The filly was cautious enough, as well, which made it much easier to work with a focused mind. It seemed that she perhaps had some experience with watching craft, and the vague question of exactly where she had come from tickled in the background of Astarte's mind. Still, she was rather inexperienced in casual conversation--perhaps it would be out of line. She snorted at AuraSidra's attitude, but her smile was true. "Fair enough, thank you for that."

She let the quiet reign again as her companion settled down; she recognized the intensity of purpose of her face, a look she too had worn on those first lessons, under Sive's careful hand. Vaguely, she registered that there was a mirror copy beginning to take form beside her. Oh, so AuraSidra was much more than a painter of light, now a sculptor. She tried to remain relatively still, so as not to disrupt her task. "My blood-dayi knows an illusionist, an Elemental. Is your gift the same?"

She had not been meant to hear the exchange, an "adult" conversation between her avi and dayi Brittle, but they had thought her too wrapped up in her task to listen to them. And she had been, for the most part, but she did like to hear of those other than the Bonded she saw almost every day. Besides, it was unlikely AuraSidra knew any of the involved parties.

The device gave a sudden twist and let loose a discordant jumble of sounds from the keys. Light flared and flashed erratically through the crystal tubes, then with a final shriek of gears it was still. Astarte tilted her head at the outburst, then sifted through the remaining parts, careful to leave alone the one AuraSidra was working on. It seemed like there was nothing more these trinkets could do. Well, she'd have to fix it another way.

"I'm going to have to find some other parts to make this work," she said, standing and stretching out her legs. She shot an inviting smile at the filly. "Would you like to come with me? Er, but I suppose I should also ask if you are allowed..."

She had been given free reign to wander when she had been the filly's age, but she knew that her Amma and Avi's parenting methods had not been the standard.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 10:59 pm
by Songhue
No sooner had she opened her mouth to answer than the thing began its shrieking; a sound that sent a quick shiver down her spine. It was a very alive-sounding reaction, one that made her squint at it anew, her painting skills now forgotten. So her friend did more than put things together; she gave them life.

Oh, I can come, she said brightly, quickly turning her gaze to scouring their surroundings; treasure hunts could be fun, in her experience. Especially if the treasure was honey. It wasn't this time, but that was fine. This would also be fun.

I can go almost anywhere, because there's always someone followin'. They dunno that I figured that out yet. She grinned slightly and shrugged, passing it off as unimportant; they had yet to interfere. It's just if I shout or need help, they'll be close, so I don't mind. Oh, and I almost forgot! she added, perking her ears as she looked back at Astarte, I'm na an elemental. I know how to esplain... Explain it, though. Mama and Poppa and Bonded talked to me 'bout it.

Mama says my name is who I am; it's my ident-it-tee. Poppa says my name means wind and star and Goddesses and light all in one. Bonded says I'm like Mama and Poppa at the same time and also like neither of them at all. Mama's from Eternal Sun and is all about great huge esplodin' - Exploding stars and suns and all that fire out there in the sky. Poppa's from Arctic Winds and is all about movement and iciness. So when freezing space winds plays with light pieces way up in the sky at home, it's like me. Is space and wind and burning brightness and freezing movement all at one time.

So that's why my talent is painting with sky lights
, she finished brightly, apparently assured that such things would make perfect sense to anyone but herself. Ev'ryone has a link to their part of nature, just like Poppa knows what comes on the winds and Mama knows what sort of summer da suns will bring. I know the feel of star-winds.

Tilting her head slightly, she took a break from her rambling explanation long enough to look between Astarte and the odd item she'd been repairing. That certainly wasn't a talent that had sprouted from a tie to nature. Could it still be an elemental ability?

Are you an elemental? she asked, suddenly bringing her focus back to her friend, Does the illu-... Illu-shun-ist. Illusion... Illusionist paint with star-winds, too, and bring them closer like me? Does she have the lights-that-look-like-dancing-fire in her sky at night, too? The Auroras? Do you have a lot of these things back home? Is your element hoozit-bits? Is that even an element?

Young'uns... Well, at least she was still sniffing around for more bits and pieces for the contraption. She certainly knew how to split her mind between tasks.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 2:43 pm
by Silverdust
Well, she hadn't been expecting the torrent of words. It was possibly the most she'd heard anyone say at one time, then again most of the serians she knew made use of little to say much, relying on the connections of their souls to speak for them. Astarte realized she had much to learn about younglings, and perhaps her fantasy of having a baby sibling should stay as such. Regardless, at least the filly was trying to say something, rather than rambling incoherently. She tried her best to piece together fantastic images in some semblance of understanding, as she busied herself brushing the leftover parts into a pile.

"So not an elemental, but gifted by your parents' altars, sort of like that?" Astarte hazarded. The filly's gift was far removed from the practicality of her own, something cosmic and ethereal. She had more practice with those who were grounded, Warriors and those with small and vague gifts. "Sorry, I don't know much about suns or astronomy or the winds of the North, but you make it sound very lovely. I was raised in the desert, so it's all new to me."

She had learned to read stars, of course, for in the changeless surroundings they could be one's only guide, as well as the harsh winds and the temper of the sun. But to her they were no more gifts than knowing how to breathe. AuraSidra and her line seemed to know the hidden secrets that held the world together, which somehow made the filly seem a little wiser than she in some respects, even given their age. But luckily Astarte was not one to feel the sting of jealousy, only wishing to learn, to put together the puzzles of experience as easily as she did those of gears and gilt.

Now, onto the questions. She hesitated a moment, unused to speaking of herself, but drew comfort in the fact that they were the only ones in the clearing, and the hope that AuraSidra's guardian was more shouting distance away than eavesdropping. "I'm not an elemental, and I don't think putting things together counts as an element. Sive, my amma's bonded, said that my amma had been gifted once, but she used it all up. My avi was raised like a Warrior, but he wasn't one even though he wanted to be, but I still think he's strong enough even though my dayi are stronger. I guess what I can do is more like a talent, like being able to put together a puzzle. I mean, when I look at broken things, I know how they want to go back together. Nothing likes being thrown away."

It was a little hard to try to put her feelings in words, and she admired how sure AuraSidra had been of herself and her abilities. Sometimes she missed the simplicity of childhood. "But this." She paused and reached out her "hands", picking up a few stray parts in danger of tumbling into the grass. "This is just a simple enchantment Sive taught me. She has many books with many spells, and this one was useful to me because I don't have hands and I shouldn't put my mouth on things." She smirked a bit at this last bit, remnant of a serious talking down when she had been but a little older than AuraSidra.

"The illusionist? I don't know much about her, really. She's someone my blood-dayi Avalir is close with, or something. My khala Eve said she can create images that real but not, like with scent and taste and weight, but I don't know how. I'd ask Avalir but he's--well, he's gone somewhere."

The small hurt was there still, but she smiled and tried to bury it away. Now was not the time for that. She let AuraSidra nudge the last few parts into the center and then began to wrap up the canvas, letting the nearly fixed device poke out over the top of the knot. Carefully, she eased it back over her neck. "I think I'm going to try to see if there's some living parts I can use, deeper in the forest. Do you know your way around here?"

Something else crossed her mind, and she shifted her pack a little. "By the way, do you know who your guardian is this time? Is there anything I shouldn't do, or we shouldn't do? I don't want to get you in trouble with them."

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:10 pm
by Songhue
That's a good way of putting it, she said brightly, pleased with the summary. It wouldn't have made any sense to her when she first learned to understand her talent with altering the shape and colors of auroras, but it did a nice job of explaining things once a basic understanding of Alters was obtained.

With a tilt of her head and a flick of her ear, she tucked the words into a corner of her mind. She was very good at absorbing things.

I've been in deserts, AuraSidra said, smiling as she got another piece for the image of her friend, one of my bondmates lives in one with lots of colors. He tells me to stay near the water in the oasis. She nodded slightly here, pleased with the concept of desert dwelling and long nights exploring once the burning sun gave way to freezing cold. It seemed altogether pleasant, to her way of thinking; but not nearly as much fun as her home. Nice for a sleepover, perhaps.

When Astarte started speaking of putting together lost things she paused in her poking about to listen a little more attentively. It all sounded wonderful to her. Like our bondeds, she said, smiling at her friend with a new appreciation, You find broken things that were thrown away and make them better. Like the bondeds do. She paused here a moment, considering her bondmates and the differences they had. After a few long seconds of silence she added with a nearly disturbing sobriety after all her perkiness Some things get more broken than others.

Shaking her head she seemed to cast off the sudden blanket of moroseness that had momentarily oppressed her and continued to search for any pieces that may have escaped notice as the spell of weaving 'hands' was explained. This time when she lifted her head it was with confusion on her face.

I think I know what hands are, but I don't know why you need them. Ev'yone at home uses mouth and hooves for things. Or paws or talons, sometimes. But it would be neat to have enough to hold up all the parts like that, she conceded with a grin. To have one filly juggle all the parts that would have needed the cooperation of three or more of her bondmates was no small feat, to her mind.

That's neat too, to have scent and weight and things, but I'm happy with my star-winds, she said brightly, momentarily considering what it'd be to have the ability of such creations, Did your Avalir run off for a date with her, if they're close? My bondmate Path has been gone on a date for a few days now. But we all know she's with her mate so nobody's worried.

Tilting her head in consideration she finished nudging those last pieces to the middle and perked quite visibly when her shadowing guardian was mentioned. Oh dear, now she'd done it.

I don't always know, she said, her voice getting higher with excitement, but I do this time. See how all the plants are leanin' behind me? Is Darroch that does that; the world reacts to him. They all stay real far back, and he'll stay farther back than anyone else cuz the plants will tell him if I do somethin stupid enough to bleed from - he don't even have to be close enough for a shout an' a hard gallop like the rest. But, uh... Astarte? What's "in trouble?"