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Re: The Sound of Silence

PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2014 12:19 pm
by Songhue
There can be a sweetness to some pains, Sign observed quietly, and Flint tilted an ear in her direction. She'd been hurt for a while, yet he was fairly certain now that what had hurt the most was everyone expecting her to find some sort of inner strength. Just because they had the ability to harden themselves didn't mean she did.

Caustic did more than tilt an ear though; he looked right through Siren to give Sign a once-over, checking for any residual hurt that may have been brought back. She seemed alright though; there was no tension to her, just a sort of quiet memory in her eyes. Once he'd checked on her he slid his gaze over Gem, taking in the way she carried herself, where she let her eyes drift, and the tilt of her body. That was a mare that was hurting; but it was an old hurt, nearly numb. Every step seemed to take effort.

It can also be good to leave the past behind, Flint noted.

For some, Caustic corrected, For others it's part of them; it created who they are.

Which are you? I haven't heard much of your past.

My past is irrelevant. It didn't create me; I merely am as I've always existed.

But with deeper bonds, Sign added, and at his glance she grinned a bit and sang, her wave-whisper voice lightening into a clear ringing alto that, for the life of him, sounded like the voice of the sea.

Dreams have shown me who I am; a danger to myself
Trickster, feared, far from revered, so I must fear as well
Words and laughter wearing thin, breaking this disguise
Where do spirits fear to tread; how can I think to hide?
Somewhere all my darkest dreams are gathering
It's not enough to save the day; I can't escape my nightmares.

Caustic merely snorted, though there was a particular softness around his expression and a sheen to his eyes; he wouldn't admit it, but she'd struck home.

She'd heard, Flint told Gem and Siren, explaining for their benefit, There are nights where our Bonded will sit with us and simply... Well, it's different for everyone. She sings to him, sometimes. Her darkest songs, of loss and rage and pain and death.

An old sadness that created her, Sign whispered, and Flint nodded silently.

Re: The Sound of Silence

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 2:10 pm
by Talia
There was a twinge of painful recognition in Gem's eyes when Sign spoke, and another flicker of concern passed over Siren's features as she tilted her head ever-so-slightly in her friend's direction. Gem had never been the type that wanted to be fawned and fussed, so Siren made sure that her concern was barely apparent. It may have seemed a cold move on Siren's part from a casual bystander's perspective, but Gem appreciated it. She didn't want a scene, and she didn't want anyone to pry.

Gem's pain had started off as sweet, as Sign described, back when she had had a modicum of hope- but it had changed into something deeper. She had been able to fool herself for quite some time, and had almost made herself believe that Surf would come back for her. It had turned sour in her mouth though, and she had forged forward with a hardened heart. Yet every now and again, she came out here to cherish what was.

Sometimes the past haunts you, no matter how hard you try to leave it behind, Gem responded quietly. There was no hint of malice in her voice however; her expression was soft and thoughtful, and she even managed a small smile for Flint's benefit. She turned in the general direction of Caustic, unable to meet his eyes. It has changed me. Although I still haven't determined if it was for better or worse.

Curiosity tinged her eyes for a moment at Caustic's words. The warrior seemed stoic, and borderline stand-offish, yet she had always been intrigued by anything that wasn't overtly obvious. Even his own fellow bondeds seemed to know so little about him.

Sign's voice struck through both Gem and Siren's reveries, and they stood entranced and intrigued. Flint's explanation made Siren nod in understanding.

Our own bonded's connection with each one of us differs as well, she said with a small smile. Very few know about her past however. The Lady keeps much to herself, although I don't find that upsetting in the least. Everyone is entitled to their secrets.

Re: The Sound of Silence

PostPosted: Sun May 04, 2014 8:13 pm
by Songhue
It must be a trait of their kind, Flint reflected, giving a slight nod towards their companions, we know there was a great loss, a deep hurt, but little more. We don't even know where her Den is; she can go missing for long stretches with only a vague sensation of her presence in the back of our minds to show we aren't abandoned.

It's more than feeling the echoes of her scars, Sign added, She understands too well. Sometimes that helps the most.

Letting it go can also help, Caustic observed drily. Sometimes the best thing to do was to simply let oneself enjoy a moment; to forget the hurt for a while. Flint simply snorted, a nearly-neutral agreement. Sign gave her mane a toss; the shells clinked musically against one another.

I like to listen, she murmured, tilting an ear towards the sea, to the gentle sounds found in still moments. The calmness ripples through me.

Flint gave a mild expression, a parody of a smile; Caustic, however, gave the mare a considering look. It intrigued him whenever someone revealed an aspect of themselves; so far he hadn't seen much of that in the other two. Gem was quiet in almost every aspect, and Siren had gone from flashy and prancing to simply observing.

That was enough of a change to make him notice the difference, though he still hadn't seen any true revelation of character; at least, not yet.

Flint wasn't worried about any of it; he wasn't in charge here. He'd take his cue from Caustic and let the other stallion worry about everyone's well-being. He knew it was a valid concern as well; more than the beasts beyond the sanctuary of Sionayra, often times others of their own kinds were the ones to do true damage. There were two mares with them that provided an ample demonstration.