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The Sound of Silence

PostPosted: Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:07 am
by Songhue
Things were quiet, but not uncomfortable; they both preferred the silence.

Flint lifted his head, testing the air as he and his companion wandered the Fields. It'd been quite some time and much had changed; for him, anyway. He was wondering if the siren-voiced mare beside him would ever move past what had held her back.

He saw potential in her, a way for her gentleness to be sweet rather than timid. But no, actually; that was a lie. All of it was a lie, actually. Things had changed for her as well, once he stopped to consider. She no longer pined, no longer cried; she'd simply adjusted.

Sign was strongest with West, safest when he was around, quite happy to slip behind him while he dealt with the world. Timid, quiet spoken and kind even in her fierceness, she was a mare that would never be strong or bold. She wouldn't carry herself with quiet self-assurance or look upon others with a gentle knowledge. He had hoped for a time that she could become exactly that; gentle, but with a quiet strength about her. Yet she would always be a soft soul, and in spite of the rounded curves of her flank and chest she wasn't strong. She could run, she could swim, she could probably prove strong enough that even having a threat sitting on her very back wouldn't slow her; but there was no more than that. Rather than power in her step he saw the light tread of a swimmer. Her smooth hide and stout build came from many hours of playing in the waves that crashed over her cove, not from any sort of power or ability to fend for herself.

It was why he was with her, he knew. She needed someone there, someone to look out for her. And he needed someone to look out for, truth be told.

She saw that fact as clearly as he did; recognized the changes. He had a build that fit a fighter, even though he was no warrior; strong, well defined haunch, built for powerful kicks to compliment the deadly spikes throughout his mane and along the base of his tail. He moved easily, confidently, his muscles a languid ripple that came from much more than treading the sands that would drag his hooves under. Every step landed with a solid clop as it met the earth, his hooves lifting perhaps slightly higher than they needed to after spending his life in the deserts. There wasn't a hint of reservation anywhere on his body.

He was completely relaxed, merely keeping an ear tilted in her direction. Keeping track of her. He'd hear any shift in her gait, notice a variation in her breathing, distinguish how close or how far she wandered.

There was a peace to him that she appreciated. Rather than exuding and aura of power, foregoing the force behind his movements or the stance to challenge the world, Flint simply flowed with an easy self-awareness. In a way she was reminded of her own Mate that way; he held a similar sense of quiet about him. Perhaps it was a trait of Red Sands Serians; she couldn't tell.

They had no destination, no particular direction at the moment, although they inevitably wound up at the beach; warm sun and sand for him, the shallows playing along her fetlocks for her. It was peaceful; and it was good to wander once more, she had to admit.

Careful of the tidal pool, he said quietly, his deep voice a melodic rumble that glided into her ear as smooth as the surf to the shore.

Glancing down she saw what he spoke of; specifically the crab that would have snatched at her fetlocks. A quick sidestep got her clear, bringing her closer to her current companion - she refused to think of him as a guardian for some reason - and she flicked an ear as the tip of his tail trailed over her knee for a moment.

Snorting quietly she let herself drift a bit further into the water again, smiling to herself as the shells in her hair tinkled lightly. Flint grinned a bit himself, shifting his weight and letting his hoof stomp into the water as it came in, splashing over her knees and making her give a short squeal of surprise. Flicking her tail had a similar effect over his rump, as the thick hair flung a curtain of water at him. It was wonderful for keeping warm in the chilly waters of winter, but all that hair was another reason for her bulk; it weighed her down.

Bumping his shoulder, they walked on in their easy silence content to see what there was to see. The rustle of sand, the rumble of the sea, and the shushing of wind surrounded them, sealing them in the sound of silence.

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Re: The Sound of Silence

PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:29 pm
by Talia
Golden eyes watched the waves roll in with a certain sense of resignation. Her own life had a bit of the wave's ebb and flow motion to it- she would be dragged out into this massive void, only to be pulled forward onto the earth once more, happy to have the ground beneath her hooves. The pain was still there, although she had learned to mask it somewhat. She had been through so much; and then she had found her mate. Only, not long thereafter, he had been brutally wrenched away from her with no rhyme or reason. No goodbyes. Only silence. Her love for him had been genuine enough. She had been young of mind, and with all of the irrational sensibility of the immature, she had thought that she had found her soul mate.

Now she was old of heart, and her mind was weary. She wanted to feel that connected again. Perhaps she was just too bitter- she reminded herself of Tatter. Only, Tatter had a mate, and Tatter seemed almost... happy now. "Tatter" and "happy" didn't seem fathomable. Not that the stallion was a grouch, but he had such a fierce facade that very few ever saw the softer side of him (with the exception of Mango of course).

The sultry icy-eyed mare watched Gem with a questioning look. It was true that she had been with the herd for far less time than the brilliantly hued mare, and was far less familiar with Gem's history than others, but she recognized her lost look and wished that she had enough experience to draw upon to empathize. Truth be told, she was far too used to being the heart-breaker than the heart-broken, and she knew that Gem would not appreciate her opposing view.

Siren opted for some frivolous fun instead, in an attempt to cheer her up. With a sly wink, she galloped into the waves with all of the abandon of a filly, churning up sand under her hooves and sending enough splashes in Gem's direction that she needed to backpedal in order to avoid getting completely soaked. Siren rarely acted infantile or girlish, so her behavior was enough to catch Gem's attention. Gem tossed her now-damp turquoise forelock out of her eyes with a long-suffering sigh.

If I had wanted to get wet, I would have gone swimming, she said wryly.

Siren smiled charmingly at her before tossing her head and soaked mane, spraying Gem unceremoniously, once again, in the face. Her hair hung in damp ringlets now, fanning over her back and neck in near-perfect little curls. Even when most would be in utter disarray, Siren still managed to look almost flawless.

Well, you were staring at the waves so longingly that it was hard to tell, the mare retorted teasingly, her voice a mellow purring timbre that was soft on the ears. She nudged her friend, her eyes momentarily clouded with concern. You need to stop thinking about what has been, and focus on what can be. What happened to you was a lifetime ago. You need to live for today darling. You can't waste your life away waiting for something that will never come. Move out of the shadows and shine Starlet.

Gem frowned and shifted in place. The thought of moving on made her uneasy. She wasn't sure how to go about doing that. How would one go about regaining the part of them that's been missing for so long? He had held her heart, and he had taken it with him.

We'll see, she managed in response. It was as non-committal as Siren was used to. She knew then that there was very little that she could do for the mare other than offer her a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear. Gem needed to find a friend, or a companion... anyone... that could help her move past this. And unfortunately their herd was full of happily mated pairs, or happy singles. None had faced the same trials she had faced. Gem wasn't one for self pity- at least, not anymore. She simply seemed consumed by a deep sadness. A sense of longing, of being unfulfilled.

Want to walk? she offered, quietly.

Gem nodded, her eyes still fixed on the horizon.

Re: The Sound of Silence

PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:51 pm
by Songhue
The vibrant yellow mare was easy to spot, although to be fair Flint was on alert. He'd thought he'd heard something and had Sign wait at the shore while he checked it out; even though there'd been no threat he was still watchful on his return. Sign had simply watched for him; why should she bother eyeing what may be traveling up the shoreline? The sea was one of the few things that gave her peace.


Strangers? Sign asked, her voice a silken whisper that mirrored the shushing of the waves.

It seems that way, Flint responded; he often found himself speaking as little as possible with this mare, as if the slightest of sounds would cause her to take flight. Plus someone we know.

Sign blinked at him, her seashells tinkling as she turned her head to look at him with surprise. A moment later his statement was explained as Caustic stepped out from behind him.

Flint and Caustic had a unique relationship. Both were natural leaders, and neither bowed to the other; it lent towards a tenuous mutual respect so long as they held the understanding that Flint would follow the Warrior's lead if there was serious trouble.

And if Flint was feeling charitable he had to admit that Caustic had relaxed a bit from when he first joined their bondherd. There was less intensity to the air around him, less indication of constantly being ready to battle or challenge. It helped Flint to not feel so on edge himself.

He honestly had no idea that it was intentional; a good leader knew how to read his herd. Caustic was learning how to handle the silvery stud. He was also learning how to handle himself around Sign; he had previously avoided the timid mare for the fear of completely destroying her.

Siren, he greeted, glancing at Flint with a nod as he adressed the mare in a deep and deadly hiss, How appropriate. Watch.

And he turned his gaze to the waters.

Sign cringed, expecting some of her precious sea life to start bubbling and floating up to the surface; when nothing happened she regarded him with absolute astonishment.

You're learning to control it?

No, he corrected, tilting his head to make sure she couldn't see his eyes, The waves dilute the effect, refracting what would be seen. It only works through still water.

Which means it's safe for him here, Flint explained, nodding at the Warrior as they fell into step once more, Not much to kill in the sand.

Is it hard? the quiet mare asked, glancing at the black stallion from the corner of her eye, Having to limit yourself, I mean?

I choose to, he said simply, and left her with a vague sense of comfort as he reminded her that he didn't have to put forth an effort to avoid killing beautiful things. If he wanted, he could leave a trail of withering and rotting death behind him.

Having someone like that watching over, protecting and caring for you certainly did leave one feeling safe.

They'd been wandering towards the distant mare as they moved in relative silence until, by this point, they could see there was someone else with her. That, or a wave had grown legs and decided to stroll along the beach.

For a moment none of them spoke; Sign certainly wasn't about to call out, and Flint paused to look at Caustic. Deferring the option to the resident Warrior was simply practical; Flint would hail the figures only if Caustic so no need to challenge them, and he would only bother with that if he perceived a threat to those under his care.

A slight nod - barely a tip of his chin - granted his permission for the other stallion to call out. They smelled of mares and he couldn't pick up the stink of fear or blood. It should be safe.

Hail! It's a surprise to find others wandering this lonely stretch. Care to join us?

Why not? There was really no point in wandering if one wished to remain reclusive. There was never any telling who might be found. And besides that, as the two smelled of mare it seemed likely that they would prove gentler company for Sign. She might appreciate her 'guardians,' but that didn't mean they were the best for chatting.

If it made their most timid member happy, then the pair would gladly accept further company.

Re: The Sound of Silence

PostPosted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 7:27 pm
by Talia
The greeting caught Gem entirely off-guard; so fixated had she been on her own hooves, so distant and absorbed had she been in the sound of the waves as she desperately tried to find her own sense of calm, that she hadn't even noticed their approach. She almost took a few steps back without thinking, but mentally admonished herself and curbed her hooves frantic need to retreat to silence and safety. It was too bad that she equated safety with silence, but hey...

Siren, on the other hand, had likely noticed the others at about the same time that they had begun to pick up the scent of mare. She turned her head ever-so-slightly; dampened ringlets tumbled down her neck and partially obscured her face as she peered out from beneath long-lashed eyes. The gesture was inadvertently coquettish and delightfully sweet in the same heartbeat. Her curiosity was peaked. She spied three Serians, two seemingly larger stallions, and one mare with an infinitely lovely mane and tail. One of the stallions all but exuded "warrior". She wondered at that, as she found him slightly unnerving, even from here. But that presented its own unique challenge, to be sure...

She glanced briefly over her shoulder and tossed Gem a winning smile before giving her a reassuring nudge.

Come, let's make the most of this! It'll do us some good, of that I'm sure.

Gem tossed her a baleful look, although she knew the mare was right. It would be good for her to get out of her own head for a little bit, however brief the encounter may be.

Siren danced forward, her dainty silver-stockinged legs carrying her over the sand in a smooth lope. Gem followed suit- she was graceful in her own respect, but she refused to try to imitate the slighter mare. It was near to impossible to do- Siren exuded poise and elegance in a way in which she could only hope to emulate.

They stopped slightly short of the group, careful not to splash the three with their prancing hooves.

Well hello there, Siren responded with a beguiling smile. We thought the beach all but abandoned ourselves. I am Siren. And this is my companion...

Gem, she added shortly. It was friendly enough, but she had never been much of a conversationalist when first meeting new Serians.

Gem... Siren continued, with a small frown. She wasn't disturbed by her friend's interruption as much as she was by her poor attempt at socialization. And you might be? Her voice was soft and delicate, yet compelling. Try as she might, the icy mare couldn't bring herself to meet the warrior's gaze. Which only served to make him that much more interesting.

Re: The Sound of Silence

PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2014 5:32 pm
by Songhue
Caustic barely glanced at them, though he did automatically shift his perceptions to include watching over these two strangers as well; it was his Warrior nature. He protected.

He did note that one of them carried herself in a way that spoke volumes to one such as him; she barely spoke, but there was no indication of aggression. It didn't seem as if she was displeased to have them around so much as it seemed that she was timid in the way that only those who've been kicked while they were down could be.

Without thinking he motioned to Flint, a mere flick of his ear, yet the stallion understood and shifted his position to place himself on the outer edge of Gem and Sign; the two of them were now in the protective center of the group. Flint was momentarily flummoxed; he was listening to Caustic's direction and yet didn't feel at all put off. It was more akin to the pair working together, even while he was taking his cue from another. Without Caustic's usual intensity and the sense that he was one wrong move away from being challenged to a fight, he found himself quite happy to work with the stallion. He just wanted a little respect himself.

Sign smiled at the new pair as she was placed next to Gem, though like the bright mare she remained mostly silent, pleased enough to let the stallions handle the introductions.

I'm Flint, the silver stud responded, looking over Siren with blatant interest; she was clearly showy, used to being found pleasing. Rather or not she was of the right mindset to be considered for a second mate was something else entirely, but he did see parallels between her and Shiro in that aspect at least. Shiro made a point to be appealing for him, learning that showing off a bit was the proper way to romance him; Flint enjoyed watching him move. He was so pale and delicate... It was delicious.

I thought it would be a good idea to take a wander around for a bit, especially for Sign here, he continued, nodding towards the mare who smiled at the strangers once more.


He'd been heading home after a Circlemeet and found them, though he didn't mention it; why explain himself to them?

The beach seemed perfect, Sign said in her soft, whisperingly musical voice, We weren't trying to avoid anyone, it was just where we'd all be the most comfortable.

I'm Red Sands, Flint explained when it was clear she wasn't going to continue, and she's Sacred Sea. It has the best thing for both of us here.

Her comfort is a priority, Caustic added with a nearly-imperceptible edge; he was very, very protective of her. Only two others required protection more than she did; Thorn, who was broken to the point of being apathetic, and Shiro, who was the most delicate of all of them.

Flint simply nodded slightly, understanding well enough. It wasn't a slight towards his own comfort with the sand, but merely a note that she was the primary focus - it was the same for him. If she was more comfortable in the deeps then he'd endure for her.

What brings y'all? he asked, half curious and half for the sake of polite conversation. It'd be interesting to learn how it came to pass that they found one another's company. If it's a specific reason perhaps we could help.

Caustic was only half listening, not particularly interested beyond what it took to watch over them. Sionayra was a haven, yes, but only so long as he and others like him ensured it was kept that way. There were still things out there that could do serious harm, much more than the erratic storms of residual magic.

Sign, however, looked to Gem as Flint spoke, her nurturing nature piqued by the larger mare. She found herself wanting to sit and talk with her, for the simple fact that she said so little; Sign had been the most silent when she'd been the most hurt.

Re: The Sound of Silence

PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:58 pm
by Talia
Siren noted the stance that the warrior took and the way that his aura now seemed to encompass them all. She was well versed when it came to warriors and rogues. And elementals for that matter. She had seen them all, and lived with most. Although his shift in energies wasn't noticeable in a visual sense, she could feel his intentions. He had typical warrior instincts- protect and engage any threat. She found it almost endearing yet mildly insulting at the same time, even though she knew he was likely directing it more towards Gem and the other quiet mare than he was herself. She had never been the damsel in distress, and did not intend to be. But it was... cute... in a way. Although most wouldn't label it as "cute", and most definitely not within his hearing she supposed.

Gem just felt... apathetic about all of this. They seemed nice, it was true, but she just couldn't bring herself to be social. She wasn't trying to be rude, and she knew that she would muster up the energy to be talkative if need be, but she just felt so tired. The quieter mare did make her curious though. She wondered at her silence; there was a gentle similarity there that made her think.

Gem tracked Flint's movements out of the corner of her eye. While her pride would have normally made her feel snubbed by the action, she almost felt grateful now. Their protective circle made her feel close, for once. So much so that she shot him a grateful smile, despite herself.

The mildest bit of surprise registered on Siren's face- Gem seemed almost relaxed. This was new.

She turned her attention back to the stallions and the new mare with another charming grin. Siren tossed her head slightly, her eyes all for Flint initially. She noticed the once-over, and it made her feel almost girlish. She truly wasn't attempting to be flirtatious; it was as easy as breathing.

Flint. A pleasure, I'm sure, she said, her eyes twinkling. Caustic and Sign- It's wonderful to meet you both!

The warrior still intrigued her, but he seemed immovable. Ah well- she would just have to try harder, she supposed! She glanced at Sign again and smiled gently at her. It was obviously that the two stallions cared quite a bit about her. There was something about her that reminded her of Gem. Perhaps the two could be a comfort to one another, or at least confidantes. She tried her utmost to help, but she was afraid that she just didn't understand...

Truth be told, we weren't trying to avoid anyone either. I'm Sacred Sea- this place just makes sense to me. And for Gem here, well...

She trailed off and frowned again. She doubted that Gem would appreciate her broadcasting her own personal reasons for being here. Surf had been Sacred Sea- this place meant a lot to her. She felt close to him here.

Gem glanced up sharply, worry tinging her golden eyes. Worry, and hurt. She wasn't afraid of Siren talking about it. She just didn't like being reminded about it.

It's fine Si. Really it is. she said softly. This place is special. It reminds me of someone dear that I lost, she added, by way of explanation. At this point, she really did consider him lost- she didn't see him coming back, and she had almost learned to accept it. It made her wistful- their relationship had so much potential, but they hadn't been given the opportunity.

Worry creased Siren's feminine features and she nuzzled Gem comfortingly. She knew it had taken the mare quite a bit to admit even that. She was proud of her.