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It's been a while... (Open RP)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 3:46 pm
by Aria
It had been quite a long time since he had interactions with another. He was always a loner, enjoying serenity more than anything else. Only now it has been much too lonely, it was about time he stepped out of hiding and ventured back into the fields. He didn't need much, perhaps just a hello and a smile from another, and then he could retreat with content for another long while.

The first step back into the fields was always the toughest. Yet today, he was confident. The feel of the long grasses under his hooves and talons was refreshing, and added a barely noticeable spring to his step. As he trotted into the open, his eyes darted around nervously. He hoped he came across another like himself, a calm and quiet Serian looking for a touch of communication. He fretted that he might run into a wild and rambunctious young one, or a fancy lady one that would disarm him. There was no way of knowing who he would meet in the fields, and he was desperate enough to take his chances.

Finally, Hydra came to a very small clearing with some shallow puddles left from the recent rain storm. He checked his surroundings, checked them once more, waited a moment... and bent down to taste the fresh rain water.

Re: It's been a while... (Open RP)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:43 pm
by Vineda
OOC| Just hanging out over yonder, in case you'd rather choose not to notice us over here... Wondering if anybody else'll be brave enough to jump in as well ^^

Another figure stayed away from the open spaces of the clearing, hidden amidst some low branches. Lurking tended to be his forte, and here he was yet again. Social situations weren't exactly his thing, so here in the outskirts of the Fields wasn't where he expected to find a serian-watching opportunity. This one, this dark one with spines adorning him. He seemed the quiet sort, if not the gentlest-looking serian he'd ever laid eyes on. Purple talons of his own tightened on the branch he clung to so awkwardly as he watched the figure stop for a drink, and he debated following this one when he moved on. Talon's curiosity had been piqued as usual, and he wanted to see what would happen.

Whatcha doin?

The voice spoke in the quietest of cadences, practically a whisper and familiar even, but how he jumped! If it hadn't been for his tight grip on the branch, he'd have fallen off for sure. He watched others so closely, yet he was unpracticed at being watched himself. When he turned and glanced down a bit to the ground he found the bright yellow eyes of Galaxies watching him steadily. Not a trace of the laughter he'd expect from most of his bond-mates escaped her.

I was... watching. The electric blue-tipped feathers adorning his crown slowly lowered from the panicked position they'd risen to, and he began to feel a bit embarrassed. Both of them glanced over toward the dark green serian to see if he'd noticed the commotion.

Re: It's been a while... (Open RP)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:06 am
by Aria
The water felt refreshing, despite the slight taste of dirt brought up by the rainfall from the night before. His eyes followed the ripples created from sipping, and he watched them grow and spread across the still water. It wasn't until his eyes reached the ends of the pond that he noticed a pair of gleaming yellow eyes. He froze, holding his breath for a moment, but then realized the eyes were not looking at him. They were focused on another, and without moving anything else but his eyes, he followed the gaze. Another pair of eyes stared down from the branches of the tree.

All at once he had stumbled upon two Serians? He must be WAY off his game. He had checked his surroundings not only once, but twice! How had he not seen them?

He watched cautiously as the one in the tree shifted suddenly, and now it made sense. He was being watched, and the watcher had been watched as well. He found this somewhat humorous, that the three of them had been so quiet and careful not to be noticed, yet here they were, all aware of each other.

He finally chose to raise his head from the pond. Now that his presence was known, he shook his neck and mane, as if to stretch out and prepare for what was to come. He couldn't bring himself to say the first word, being somewhat shy himself. Instead, he waited to see what the other two would do, now that they knew he was aware of their presence...

Re: It's been a while... (Open RP)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:44 am
by Vineda
Talon's light grey paled as he thought of approaching this one he'd been so intrigued with watching before. Besides, he was stuck up in a tree! Usually his dismounts were done privately... for however awkward and graceless he was getting up into the branches, it was ten times worse getting down. He began to loosen his death-grip on the tree - hard work; they'd been clamped tight for hours, with hardly a muscle moved!

Galaxies left him to it. He'd hide in the branches all day long if he could. Her small frame lent her careful steps a quiet edge as she advanced toward this new fellow. Almost gauzy wings drifted out behind her, as they didn't neatly fold in and lay at her back. Regarding this figure she introduced herself before she got too close; for all she knew they were unwelcome spies.

Hello, good sir. I hope my companion and I are not bothering you. Hadn't meant to intrude, you know.

There might've been more, but if there was it was curtailed by a rather large and leafy FLUMP as Talon found his way to the ground.

Re: It's been a while... (Open RP)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:37 am
by Aria
Now that he could see the first serian entirely, he looked her over cautiously. He was extremely curious about the neon yellow/green swirls on her grey coat. She had the most vibrant red horn and hooves, and was just so stunning to look at after all this time. It didn't cross his mind at all that it was rude to stare. His gaze was broken suddenly, however, when the one in the tree landed in a thump in the leaves. He was a handsome stallion, now that he was in full view. His grey coat blended into teal feathers, and Hydra wished he had front talons like that to explore with instead of rear talons.

It had been so long since Hydra's last interaction with another, that when he sent a reply, he almost couldn't. It took much more effort than it should have to form the words and emit them, and once the sound finally came out, they were squeaky and unsteady, as if from a boy undergoing puberty. The sound was foreign to him, after having talked to only himself for quite some time. And now he was embarrassed. The golden spines that were erect in his mane fell limply along the hair.

Hello. No intrusion at all, I am the one intruding. My apologies.

If his coat color had not been dark green, he would be bright red right now. He attempted a small bow, by bending his right front leg and bowing his head, and then straightened up again. It wasn't the most graceful of introductions, but he needed this. He was fully aware of his awkwardness and wanted a change.

My name is Hydra. I don't get out much. That was really all he could think of to say at the moment.

Re: It's been a while... (Open RP)

PostPosted: Fri Apr 11, 2014 6:03 pm
by Vineda
Galaxies flat out grinned at him as she advanced. She really wanted to know his name; serian names were oh so interesting and this one had some interesting characteristics. That red of his mane and eyes was brilliant against the dark green of his coat. But she'd let that be part of the fun of mystery; all in good time you know.

Talon shook himself off and made sure no dirt or leaves were stuck to his coat or feathers before following. He'd already done that move before, wearing foliage through an entire outing before someone took pity on him and pointed it out. His nerves probably showed in his movements. If there were any way to high-tail it out of this spot he would take it... but knowing him, he wouldn't be able to resist his curiosity and he'd wind up sneaking along to watch the happenings.

Galaxies heard the roughness of his voice and nearly cleared her throat. She didn't want to make him self conscious, however, so she steered clear of the urge. No apologies needed; none at all. It was the purpose of my companion's camping out, i believe. Finding someone to... 'watch'. Her mental tone was disapproving as she thought 'spy on'. She tried not to let it show. I consider myself quite lucky to make your acquaintance. I've heard tell that the Fields have grown oh so quiet again. And here not only have I met you, you seem friendly. So, lucky! Her grin returned.

And a bow even! She returned with a curtsy of sorts, a small dip of her knees and a lowering of her wings out to the sides. This was so much fun so far! Here she'd been expecting a quiet chat with Talon. Ahhh, and there was a name! Interesting indeed!

She moved aside a bit as she reached this Hydra, glancing back over her shoulder and giving Talon a head bob and a clear 'hurry up!'. He lengthened his stride a bit, scuttling to the small gathering. Uhhm, hello there Hydra. This is Galaxies, and I'm Talon. Pleased, very pleased, to meet you. Another glance at Galaxies, imploring her to help with conversational skills.

What brings you out this day, if you don't get out much?