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Typhoon's Playtime

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:37 pm
by Krinlith
It had been a long time since Typhoon was able to be out and about to play. She had finally been re-adopted and (after a bit of prodding between her and her bonded) she decided to go for a little adventure. As she walked through the swamp, she reminded herself of what her bonded had told her: Playfully drowning people wasn't nearly as funny to them as it was to her. She sometimes forgot that drowning others was usually seen as a hostile act, and they usually died from it. That whole thing had always been fuzzy to her, but then she had only been half-listening when it was explained to her. That was her biggest issue, it seemed. Why listen to boring people drone on and on when there was stuff to do? There was so much stuff! Typhoon was excited to see what was going on today.

Re: Typhoon's Playtime

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:06 pm
by Songhue
She didn't belong in a swamp, not by any stretch of the imagination; that was exactly why she was there. Besides that, it was boring at home.

The rains were coming and her home was no exception; although considering the place she lived it was more frozen sleet and snow pelting her like little pebbles. She had plenty of refuges in her ice palace, which proved to be a good thing considering the days she'd needed to recover from her last outing. But she was fully rested and growing tired of sleeping through the days - okay, day. Okay, fine. Morning. Whatever.

She knew that time moved differently across the realms. Her three hours at home had seen days pass here, and after her nap she felt loads better, really. It probably didn't matter that the mud was sucking at her hooves so much; it was just stubborn mud. Had absolutely nothing to do with her, surely.

And most importantly, she was going to prove Darroch wrong. She was a perfectly fine swimmer! Really, she did just fine in Tribe's cove and Sign's shallows. He didn't get to say she couldn't handle something just because he was one of her best friends.

She had three best friends so far, too. It was a good feeling. She knew for sure that two of them would be forever-friends, the ones she could start her Circle with; Darroch and Spectrum, though she thought of each in fond nicknames. She called Darroch Oaky - the only one allowed to get away with it. And Spectrum was Prism in her mind, for the many colors that decorated her back. She hoped her last friend, Astarte, who she kept wanting to think of as Tart would be another forever-friend; it'd been great fun to hang out with her, even if it did make her have to take a nap from playing too hard.

She refused to admit to any residual soreness that may or may not be lingering... She did know that she'd be happy to be sore for the rest of her life if the other filly was simply willing to be a forever-friend.

Nobody had actually talked to her about Circles yet, but she was very good at observing. There was a special sort of love between her parents and their Circlemates; she knew that Spectrum and Darroch looked at her with that same love she did them, but she wasn't sure about Astarte yet. Did she like the pretty scribble-marked filly too much; enough to hope for impossible things? Time would tell.

Darroch would fuss at her for being out in this swamp, but Spectrum wouldn't. She smiled a bright, adoring smile when she thought of that mare; Spectrum would love to try out a new adventure, and they'd watch out for each other. If she fell in a sudden sinkhole and had to prove she was a good swimmer, Spectrum would pull her over the slippery edge again when it was time to climb out.

She'd had a good visit with the mare right after her nap too; they'd finally gotten those crystals put into her ice palace. They'd almost been equal in exuberance; Spectrum was a little bit flashier about her joy, though. AuraSidra was getting the impression that if she wanted, that mare could reflect something absolutely beautiful out of even the worst moments; she was just so vibrant!

She knew that if anyone would be a forever-friend where they would always look at each other with that special love, it'd be her. And Darroch had been her most steady friend, and the least likely to be ready to jump to her rescue. He was the one that laughed when she hit her head rather than pausing to watch her stand up as if making sure she still could.

With so many wonderful things to see and amazing Serians to meet, she wasn't about to let something like being told she wasn't a good swimmer stand in her way.

Although dropping into a sinkhole did effectively stop her. It wasn't even a proper pocket of water; more like a very large patch of super-soft mud. She'd been so busy thinking about everyone that was super-special to her and wondering if her and Astarte would find each other again to see if they could be special forever-friends that she had stopped paying attention; of course, it wouldn't of mattered if she had been paying attention. She didn't know the first thing about marsh or swamp land to recognize a sinkhole when she saw one.

The more she flailed the worse it seemed to get; and the mud seemed to be getting very, very heavy. Maybe she was still a little bit tired; but she had to try to flap. Her wings were sticky with mud and lifting them would be harder than normal, but with a sharp whicker she gathered the willpower to lift herself a couple inches; just enough to get the mud back under her withers.

And that was about all she could do. Panting and snorting, she spread her wings out and lay them over the sinkhole, hoping it might slow her down; maybe they would catch the mud the same way they caught at the winds that so often propelled her through the air. It was her best hope; she'd managed to slip out without anyone trailing her this time. They all thought she was resting still, more likely than not; all but her bonded. Their bonded always seemed to know when they came or went, and if the odd creature hadn't shown up yet then she at least wasn't going to die. Yet.

Although how she might get out of this she hadn't the faintest idea.

Re: Typhoon's Playtime

PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:44 pm
by Krinlith
Typhoon noticed, or rather felt, someone new in her Swamp. As she got herself around to getting a good look at the new person, she saw them stuck in a sinkhole. Uh oh. Her bonded cared for her, but if someone got hurt in her Swamp, she might get scolded. As the poor mare struggled to release herself, Typhoon got a hold of the mud underneath her and started to shift it around, getting it into a platform of sorts underneath the mare. Now came the difficult part, the lifting. With a great effort ,Typhoon managed to lift the mare out of the sinkhole and on to some firm (if muddy) ground a few meters away. She had to admit, saving someone was kind of cool. Now time to greet the new person. "Hi, are you okay? I'm Typhoon."

Re: Typhoon's Playtime

PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:11 pm
by Songhue
However cool it was to be lifted by the ground, a tiny part of the filly's mind sulked; she was usually able to get herself out of things. Being rescued was a little stinging to her pride.

It didn't last long, though; as soon as she saw the muscular mare that had saved her skin she was far too occupied with staring.

Woah! Now those are horns! Are you an Elemental, was that you making the swamp move, wait you can't be, you're way too strong, and Oaky says that Elementals are really frail, he said so when I asked why Hybrid was soo bony, that since Hybrid is really strong with magic he's super frail. Hey, I just managed to talk a whole lot without sounding like a little baby idiot! Practice really does help, huh? But you can't be Elemental since you're super muscled so how did you do that magic? I can do a little magic too, wanna see? I paint with auroras! It's really funny because my name almost was Aurora, except that it'd be funny that my name be what my Talent is, and the winds make the wrong colors here too; and my green freckles aren't nothing like an aurora would be on me and I'm blue instead of green so it wouldn't really fit because they don't have those colors here in Sionayra but they do back home, so I like them more because they have more life to them.

Well. Someone was excited. She didn't even realize that she'd forgotten to give a name.

Re: Typhoon's Playtime

PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, 2014 11:00 pm
by Krinlith
That was a lot of words at once. It took Typhoon a second to process, it seemed that in her excitement, this new mare had forgotten to give her name, and had doubled the normal talking speed. It was quite impressive, actually. "Hi, I'm Typhoon. I'm not an elemental, but I am a kelpie. I can play with the swamp as needed to make it do what I want. Normally I bring people further into the water to play, but you didn't look like you were having fun. What's your name? Are you okay, by the way?"

Re: Typhoon's Playtime

PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 4:55 pm
by Songhue
I'm akay, the filly grinned, her eyes sparking at this newfound discovery; typically, Warriors held little to no magical talent at all. Caustic had magic enough that his direct stare could kill, but that was more or less the extent of his non-physical abilities. But this one had a weird bit of magic all her own, just like she did - just because the auroras were the aspect she best connected with didn't mean she had any business being able to paint with them. The magic of their kind ran strong in her, through her mother she thought; that mare had the uncanny ability to enhance any light she came across.

I'm AuraSidra and I was proving I can swim good acause my big brother was a goodly rotten apple. Her mother's influence was already clear - then again, with her sense of adventure so was her father's.

I can't swim in mud though, she said, and sulked in a way that only the young can manage properly as she glared at the treacherous ground. So that doesna count. And with that she stomped one tiny, vibrant green hoof, looking the perfect picture of a fussy-tired filly as she cried And I'm talking like a baby 'gain! Blast it all!

It got her so frustrated that tears quickly gathered in her eyes; apparently she either had be to be trying very hard to speak properly or else forget about how hard it was to crisp up her thoughts altogether. It was hard though, and she couldn't just forget it all the time! It wasn't fair. The stupid mud made her even achier and now she couldn't even talk and to make it worse she was having a fit right in front of an epic warrior mare that could help prove Darroch was just a silly stallion with a head full of pox.

Blubbering did not become her in the least.