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Re: Colors of the Night

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 12:37 am
by Songhue
Ooooh, a shiny thing! She had no idea what it was, though. It was very thin, pressed flat, and seemed to be almost transparent.

Mama tells me stories, she said softly, paddling up beside her friend and giving the item a sidelong look, She says that there were once ot'er things here, fae creatures. Maybbeh it was from them?

Curious and cautious, remembering the odd fae-light from her last adventure, she reached out and poked it with a hoof before shying back. It didn't bite her, at least...

Re: Colors of the Night

PostPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2014 2:36 pm
by Sethelu
Spectrum looked at the little fae thing, wondering how she could make the most out of it. She turned to the filly, and a sly grin tugged her lips. Who do you think would want this most, and how much do you think they'd give us for it? What better way to use a strange doodad than to get sweets out of it?

Re: Colors of the Night

PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:29 pm
by Songhue
She couldn't think of anyone right off the top of her head - though her face as she tried was beyond adorable, her head tilted to the side with her nose scrunched up. The problem was that while it was nifty, it didn't seem very useful at all; who could possibly want something with a squished flat tip that was only good for poking at things?

Lowering her head, she carefully picked up the smaller, rounded end and then used the flat part to flip a rock into the water. Nothing blew up, but it would be hard to tell from the way she flung it down and pranced backward. Snorting to herself, the little filly stepped back up to it again and tilted her head once more.

Maybe the bear-folk, she said with a half a glance at Spectrum; the bear-folk only wandered through her mother's homelands, however, so she wasn't entirely sure that the mare would know what she was talking about. They lift and carry a lot of stuff. Maybe they could play with it?

She didn't sound at all sure, but then a new idea struck, one that had the light of mischief gleaming in her eyes once more (though some were beginning to refer to it as the light of madness). Looking back at Spectrum she gave the mare a shrewdly considering glance.

Gimme the water weeds in your mane, she instructed, and reached up to paw the crystal from her mane before she'd even finished speaking.

Once it was safely nestled in the softened earth she looked back at her friend, a trademark grin lilting across her face; her father's grin, little though she knew it.

Oh yes; she could most certainly work with this.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:01 am
by Sethelu
Spectrum quickly shook the weeds loose until she could easily reach them. She laid them next to the strange thing and backed up a little to give the filly room to work. She was so excited to see her filly in action! Whatever the filly had in mind for this strange thing, Spectrum knew it would be epic!

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:30 pm
by Songhue
Working carefully, and muttering several unladylike phrases under her breath, she used her mouth to lay the strips out side by side. The odd thing was placed on top of them, and then the small crystal she'd worn in her hair. She didn't bother to take it out of the little bits of braided ivy that had held it in place; chances were good she'd be putting it back in before long. Finally, she wrapped the weeds tight and left just a small hole at the very top. Stepping back to scrutinize her work, AuraSidra gave a mild snort. It was hard to tell if it was approval or disdain that prompted the sound until a small grin found its way to her muzzle.

The light was completely blocked by the weeds, though it was highlighted and refracted by the odd little item. It left a small beam shooting through the top where the hole was, a concentrated circle glowing around the weeds between her and Spectrum.

It could be useful, for certain creatures. Such as her. She was trying not to feel awkward, but she didn't care for having such a glaring weakness.

Even in the brightly lit night, under a full moon and flickering stars and dancing ribbons of light, she was all but blind. Without the gem in her hair she would have been helpless. The seaweed helped to concentrate the light which the odd little thing had heightened, helping her to see clearly (or at least better) in a small area. But still... She didn't want to be useless.

Her mother had told her more than once, however, that if there was a problem then it was her duty to fix it. Being proactive was the only way for her to deal with life, or else she'd find herself utterly helpless. So she could wallow in her disability, or attempt to find ways to cope.

What do you think? she asked, her voice revealing all the uncertainty of youth. Sometimes she was just so much a filly. It's stupid, isn't it? It's just, if the shiny thing is going to make the light bounce stronger it'd not do it in every way like the cryss'als do with the moss. But who needs a big light in a small space?

She would have looked towards Spectrum for a hint of what she thought; an expression, the tilt of an ear, something. Except that she couldn't see her.

There were two suns that never quite set at her home, and so much snow. It glittered, all that snow, and it was so beautiful the way the light played off the ice. The way the towers of ice lit up and sparkled from the crystals she'd put at their bases. But that was normal for her; average lighting was too dim for her to see details, and on a night like this... Well, without her friend and their shared crystals, she'd be too crippled to dare such a venture.

It just reminded her how much that older mare meant to her though, and as she turned her head towards the scent of the other mare she had every ounce of appreciative adoration lighting her face. She was too young to cover it; she only knew how to act when it came to making a good deal and getting her sweets, how to be seen as helpless or how to reveal the shrewdness of her mind. Duplicity and deception was beyond her.

Doesn't matter, she decided, tossing her mane and shaking off her insecurities at the same time. I know that some of the bearfolk need to go diggin' to find their things. This might help them. What do you think I could get for it; maybe a dozen honey jars and some extra sacks of sugar?

Or maybe she was over-estimating the usefulness of being able to get a proper view of small details. Spectrum would tell her, certainly. And whatever she got, she'd split it 60/40, with the bulk of it going towards her friend. It'd only been her idea, after all, but it was Spectrum who found the shiny bit to make it possible. It seemed to her that that was worth quite a bit more than a mere idea.

That, and she just liked her. She wanted to be nice, to make sure that the older mare stayed happy. She'd always try and look out for her, because she knew she'd always be looked after herself.

Re: Colors of the Night

PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:52 pm
by Sethelu
Spectrum grinned from ear to ear in pride. She loved being able to say that this amazing filly is her best friend. She walked closer to the filly and reached forward to give her a nuzzle. You are so cool! This is wonderful! She observed the little item, considering their options. Suddenly, a memory of her herd's last gathering popped into her mind. Grinning brilliantly, she turned to her filly. Maybe we could have an auction. Since it's the only one in existence, it's worth a lot more that it would usually be. She really hoped the filly wasn't against things like auctions. Upsetting the filly was unforgivable in her mindset.