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Re: Swish and Flick

PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:59 pm
by Vineda
Ahhhhh no! Just had some trouble getting a posty up with no wifi. Taken a while to get it all on the phone, 'pologies. So glad yer still azoomin'! Flight's tryin to be patient with me as I attempt to keep up with him in this :p

Flight's breaths came in quick snorts over the grass. One deep breath before he dove right into the trees again, pulling to keep up with these two in their brilliance. He lined himself up as best he could before the rock disappeared from sight... not so boring after all, and he smirked for it. Getting cocky was always a danger. Let the weaving begin anew!

Branches seemed to sprout out from nowhere, startled birds squawked indignant mutterings after him as they dove out of the way. And here, then there, then over yonder he could hear the others making their own ways through the forest. A tilt and whirl, a dodge and a duck... and a goose?

Nope! A Breeze, chomping at a wingtip! Ahhh so they were feisty ones nowabouts, eh? He dipped a bit late, but perhaps it was the dip and not the nip that'd been the point. Balderdashes! And then! Then there were hooves over him, flailing in a most peculiar fashion! Steer clearrrrrr of that, he thought to himself. Flight dipped even lower and pushed off the ground for a flying leap to the tops of the branches again. Spiraling with wings bent at his sides, he whacked into a set of branches so fast he left a flurry of them flying back behind him. Perhaps his companions would enjoy a rain of leaves in their teeth this early afternoon.

Straightening out of his spiral he found himself a little shaken and wondering exactly which direction the rock was in. A little to the left perhaps? Or had he stayed on course? And then he was left looking around him on either side for trouble, for he knew now that it was bound to be there already. Ahhhh but where were they?? Where've you devils gotten to now, eh? he called with a laugh in his voice. It was worth the breath to call out the joke. It'd been so long since he'd had such playmates in the air and by the gods it was sweet. Even, he supposed, if he got his tail kicked this time around. But this time only!

Still no sight; time for a peak above the branches!

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 2:26 am
by Songhue
The problem was keeping track of five things at once, Breeze decided as he got a mouthful of swishing leaves - hard to dodge branches when they're flailing about. There was his Mate, his new friend, the rock, the branches, and all the scurrying things he sent away scolding him. There was one particularly cross squirrel that nearly landed on his wing as he leaped about.

He surfaced last, whickering out a laugh as he saw the other two sun-touched Serians get their bearings as well. They were fairly scattered, and yet still they were clearly traveling together. Somehow, his little imp of a mare had managed to pull ahead of him again, yet she was still just behind Flight. It must have been the flailing branches - or perhaps that squirrel.

They were also in the final stretch.

Game on!, he called, and Nova let out a wordless cry in response. The challenge was struck!

Let us be quick of wing as we harry towards our prize! she called to Flight, and grinned at him with fire in her eyes.

And they dove again, the teasing taunts set aside for the last desperate charge. The end was just visible through the trees - a background of gray rather than more green and brown, something that could have been anything if seen purely from the ground. It was even more ambiguous traveling at breakneck speeds, but a suggestion was all they needed for a sense of direction.

And to find a winner.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2014 1:32 pm
by Vineda
Back down he zipped, closing his eyes momentarily as he busted through a particularly thick lot of leaves. Leaves, everywhere! If he flew with his mouth open he could probably eat them for lunch and be stuffed! He opened his eyes to find Breeze surrounded as well, but his attention couldn't linger there. His breaks didn't kick in quite fast enough, and he ended up kicking off of a humongous tree branch in order to avoid running straight into it.

He threw a harried glance at the other yellow stallion and adjusted his wingstrokes once again for the confined space. Below them, a deer of some sort zipped away, clearly thinking they were trouble. And yes, yes they probably were. Breeze was gone again, glancing this way and that he thought he saw the brilliant hues of Nova's dragonlike wings pulling ahead. With all the commotion in the last leg of the race, it was sure hard to tell!

Onward! He added a bugle when he heard the cries of the other two; clearly they were caught up in the end game as well. Go, go, GO!! Huzzah! His coat would probably be a bit marred for it later but for now he proceeded to crash through the forest's growth like a wrecking ball, yielding only for those things harder than his head.

And there it was! Had he not known what to look for, he might've missed it. The outline was becoming clearer, however, as he knew what to look for. Briefly he wondered where they would all fit as they hurdled toward the single destination of hard rock. Didn't matter. The thought was gone as soon as it came, for he would worry about that later. Now was simply the time to get there.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 7:31 am
by Songhue
It was interesting, or at least would have been had they had a spare thought to consider it, how Flight's methods altered to a flat-out charge as the stone grew closer.

It was hard to keep track of everyone, but at one point the mated pair were very aware of one another in the last stretch, this mad dash to the final goal. Nova, still higher and weaving through branches that would have slowed her stallion, watched as the larger Serian used technique coupled with long experience to shave seconds off each turn as he wove through the trunks. His form was impressive; and, more than enjoying the option to drool over that which was hers, it helped teach her.

He could gain a precision she would never mirror, for a mere twitch of a feather on those beautiful wings could shift his course to allow him through with scarcely a breath to spare. But the flexing of muscles, to shifting of how weight was distributed, the angle the wings swept down; that was something she could mirror.

And as she learned from his technique, he watched her confidence grow. Nova slipped through smaller and smaller gaps, often times rustling the leaves with little more than the wind of her passing and allowing herself a nearly straight flight. She used her smaller size to every advantage she could; and he enjoyed watching her exploit her delicate frame.

And then - the stone! Suddenly, all three of them were together, nearly level with one another. Breeze tried to use his larger wings to his advantage, bursting forward with every stroke, but with Flight's disregard for the local foliage it wasn't enough to counter the need to shift around the thicker branches. Nova kept nearly on course with Flight's headlong plunge, shaving precious seconds with her mirrored lessons; it was that which let her touch hoof to the top of the rock first, her head pulled high and back to make sure she kept her balance in the abrupt landing as her wings shuddered wide to stabilize her.

Breeze saw Flight just ahead as he pulled in to land, the difference made by needing one last turn - just enough to place him behind the other stallion. Great gusting winds, caves with stalagmites, those were easy; the minute obstacles found in the forest had proven a challenge he hadn't mastered, costing him a victory.

Settling on a lower ledge of the boulder, he looked up at his lady and took a moment to admire her; her coat seemed to glow, gleaming with a fine coat of sweat that shimmered in the sunlight, and as she found her balance her chin lifted from her chest and her spike-edged wings were folded oh-so-delicately. In that moment his heart was in his eyes, an expression of unguarded adoration settling bone-deep over his face.

And then he smiled and bugled, shouting out his congratulations.

Victory! he called, and she tossed her head high with a proud smirk under his accolades, Victory to Nova, mare of the sun!

Grinning at Flight, he reached over to offer their new friend a companionable jostle as he fluttered his wings to leap up the stone. Not such a bad one to lose out to, hm? he asked, and gave a conspiratorial wink; there were worse losses than to a worthy opponent, especially a beautiful one.

And then he was standing just below her, a spark in his eye as he said Care to take your prize?

With a laugh and a grin she did, shuddering happily as he gave her a resounding kiss, quickly followed by a short bow that let her have a moment to regain her composure; Well flown, little darlin'.

Nova giggled, momentarily forgetting herself as he carried out the silly tradition of the victory bow, and for an instant as he bent low she gave a reflection of his own admiring expression; heart in her eyes, with raw affection that lit up her face as the sun never could.

And then together they turned to Flight, Breeze settling back on his lower ledge as they grinned and asked in unison Wanna race again?

OOC| I try to zoom along. xD No matter what else I have going on I put in an effort to be attentive to my lovelies. <3