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Re: Swish and Flick

PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:15 am
by Vineda
Bright One? He grinned to himself at this. Ahhhh but he was among some of the serians who made words beautiful. He was a plain serian, though some of his bondmates got fancy with their speech.

Greetings yourself, Nova! He tried very hard to ignore the mention of the name Glimmer, for if it was a name he may not call her by he did not want to make an accident of it. And, errr Breeze. Throwing the fellow a grin in return, he tried to get a feel for the air currents of these two. Horsefeathers, eh? No snickering.

And how did sir Breeze teach you to enjoy such challenges? Were you not smitten with acrobatics in the air and the rush of the challenges to begin with? Trying to keep his tone from anything that could be perceived as negative, Flight was a bit perplexed.

But then ohhhh this fine creature standing before him.... Now he knew how to talk some good talk!

You betcha I wanna race! Where to?!

Re: Swish and Flick

PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:37 pm
by Songhue
Horsefeathers is a nickname well-earned, Breeze confided with an impish grin, shifting so he stood a bit closer to the tree-line. It was my love for the chase that gave it to me, and that helped this little queenly mare see flight as something beyond a way to move faster than runnin'.

He teased me into a chase, she admitted, smiling warmly up at her stud, It was a wonderful release of pressure and vastly needed at the time.

She'd shifted as well, flicking an ear around the area. With a glance she and Breeze seemed to reach an accord - they knew just where to play.

See that rock yonder ways that stands just taller than the trees? Breeze asked, turning to nod at the stone in question, What would ya say to there and back to this here field? First one gets the 'bow of defeat' from the others.

Ha! Nova cried, not able to hold back a bleat of a laugh before explaining, When first I lost to his aerial acrobatics, my attempt to graciously accept having been bested included a formal bow. It amused him to such lengths as to incorporate it into becoming a ritual.

Hup! Breeze cried, raising his wings with a shuddering flick whispering from the tips of his feathers, Set! Nova replied, glancing at the two stallions with a challenging gleam as she followed suit, Get gone! they cried together, and leaped forward as their wings swept down with a swish of displaced air.

The game was afoot!

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 6:13 pm
by Vineda
The comments on the nickname and the love of the chase, and even on this pairing of two, kept his thoughts defiantly wandering as Flight looked over the wispy grasses bobbing in the wind. A Hup, a Set, and a Get gone grabbed his brain out of the daydreamy clouds they were apparently meandering through, and he snapped to attention. The rock, the rock, aye the rock! A hop, a skip, and a jump and he was airborne. He wasted little time scolding himself. It was certainly clear even after this briefest of meetings he'd just had with these two that such lollygagging would get him nothing but left in the dust, and faster than he could blink.

He extended his wings full force, using great sweeping motions as he eyed the two figures already ahead of him and in their stride. He wanted to see how serious they were here. Unfortunately it was a bit of a straight shot to the rock... perhaps after this race they could choose something with more obstacles. His grin back in place, Flight gritted his teeth and picked up the pace.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:33 pm
by Songhue
Three wingbeats and they were clear of the the open grass, jettisoning straight back into the trees. You couldn't see the rock in there - a sense of direction was paramount, and easy to lose amid all the dodging and jumping around.

They shared a glance once more right before the trees parted them, each glancing back in search of their new playmate - and then the dance begun. Nova climbed higher, easily leaping through the branches, while Breeze remained lower towards the trunk - fewer things to dodge, an easier flight path.

Of course, they had to spice even that up, as Nova zipped down and tugged at his tail, sending him careening into branches with an indignant snort. He was laughing as he launched himself forward again, a challenge in the tone, and reached to nip at Flight's feathers - hopefully he would at least manage not to tumble that far behind!

It was at that moment that Nova caught her first glimpse of the rock through the branches - she'd gone off course a bit, but she'd expected as much. Veering to the right she tried to correct her course, only to feel a weight dragging on her tail - that imp! Breeze had managed to loop some of the hanging vines in those treetops through her hair, a triumphant smirk flashing her way as he shot past. A few good kicks freed her, though she was practically running over Flight's back at that point - keeping out of the way of his wing strokes was proving fairly challenging!

If she was to be honest though, she rather enjoyed the view from back here quite a bit more. She might be smaller and find it easier to maneuver, but Breeze... Oh, Breeze had the skill. He flicked through sudden obstacles as if he'd known they were coming, rolling with his wings tucked up through the narrowest of crevices. It was a wonderful moment of showcasing his physical capabilities.

It was also very distracting. Was that Flight pulling even further ahead, a flash of bright yellow that seemed a bit of moving sunbeam? Goodness, she had to get a move on! That rock was coming up fast.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 1:36 pm
by Vineda
Major setback out of the way; reply time set for tonight if you'll have one

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:15 pm
by Songhue
Oh, yay! I'd been worried I made ya mad somehow. XD