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Swish and Flick

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 11:16 pm
by Vineda
OOC| Sooooo very rusty, but ya gotta start somewhere, ya? Sorry if it's funky. Any brave soul looking for a stretch??

His normal laugh was strangely absent, but not even his concentration could leave the devil-may-care grin in the dust as he flapped feathered wings even harder. Trees jumped out in front of him haphazardly, leaves tried to trick him into believing there wasn't a solid branch in his way when there was, and spaces opened up unexpectedly as he wove through the trees bordering a green-gold field. It was the bugs he had to watch out for, mostly, when flying over the grasses. Bugs and birds taking flight and hidey things that might wind up in his path.

Dangerous? Yup. Foolish? No doubt. But he had to push it to the limit, speed as fast and as nimble through the obstacles as he possibly could. The rush was his love, and he knew he'd never tire of it. Flight loved the clever movements, the do or die reflexes, the turn on a dime manipulations to his path...


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PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2014 2:53 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Instantly thought of Breeze. XD Mind if he and Nova jump in?

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PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2014 5:16 pm
by Vineda
Be delighted, so i would, and i believe that's just what the yeller feller was lookin fer :)

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PostPosted: Sat May 31, 2014 1:41 pm
by Songhue
They were on another date, as it'd been quite some time since they'd broken their comfortable routine; Nova's idea, surprisingly enough. Normally Breeze was the one to suggest something new, but he was beginning to think that he may be rubbing off on her.

There was certainly evidence for such at the moment. Even in their gentle flight over field and trees they circled one another, performing barrel rolls and peppering their random touches with gentle bumps. Never enough to knock either from the sky, but enough for a jostle before one or the other would sneak under a flap and plant a kiss or nip at a mane.

In all honesty, if he was to reflect with sincerity, he wasn't rubbing off on her nor she on him. As much as he enjoyed his daredevil races there was a valid reason he loved windchimes so very much; the soft music made by gentle winds was one of his secret passions for it made him feel whole as few other things did. Sitting on his mountain peak, listening to the wind and the music it made, watching the clouds dance below him; it warmed his as the sun couldn't at such a height.

Likewise, however controlled the alien-seeming mare could seem, she had a secret part of her nature. There was a fondness for stark chaos, a fact that was reflected in her home; a fact that few had ever had reason to even guess at. Her home was just her home, and as different as she herself was. But she never felt quite as comfortable in the orderly lands of her bondmates; no, give her grass that only grew in tufts on logs, flowers whose blossoms hung heavy onto the ground to act as shelter for what small creatures could survive, white skies and suns that never left. Give her strange tribes of bears that would pass along the edges and deal with her for trinkets to grant her honey. Often times she'd been glad for Tribe and her treasures, the small things found in her many wanderings; but always it was she who performed the oddity of trade. At least, until her daughter.

She could certainly appreciate the touch of chaos in barrel rolling a circle around her Mate; a small, tinkling laugh rang out as she flipped upside down and watched the trees flip overhead, reaching out to lick his ear as she passed by. Breeze chuckled in response, warmed by the sound, and dropped down to tickle her sides as she steadied out. Another squeal and a few feet of height was lost, but within moments she had reached her head up and nipped at the underside of his stomach.

Sweet revenge! His laugh rang deep and clear as his wind chimes, and he wobbled unsteadily before regaining his wings. Eyeing each other in playful impishness allowed them to share a moment of closeness, the spark lighting their eyes leading them to perform another roll together - and to share a kiss while they did.

Leveling out once more revealed that they had dropped to just above the treeline, a fact that each found amusing in their own way. It was indeed something to be so wrapped up in one another as to be unaware of having lost so much altitude.

It was only their nearness that let them see the flash of sun-bright yellow streaking through the leaves. Breeze saw it first; Nova had been looking up at the sun, enjoying the feel of the warmth on her back. It wasn't the same as at home, but a sun was a sun after all. A flick of her Mate's ear caught her attention as she lowered her gaze and within moments she'd followed his focus; the yellow had slipped out over the grass for a mere heartbeat, revealing a flash of madly flapping wings.

Another Serian!

A glance, a grin, and the pair had come to an accord - they would race.

Between one breath and the next they'd dropped through the trees, the two of them seeming to move in sync as they tilted and dodged, pressing forward. Breeze, being large, had the advantage of a stronger wingstroke; yet Nova knew how to use her smaller size to her advantage and often found ways to speed through openings with nary a twitch. He was slowed just enough by dodging that she managed to keep even.

Within minutes there was a blur of yellow between them; they had pulled level with the stranger. A shared look, a whickering call from two throats, and they offered the sun-streak a dual greeting. The next flap sent them bursting through the tree tops, spiraling around one another as they climbed to the proper height; a loud flap, wings spread wide, and they descended to finally touch hoof to earth once more, landing in the field at the edge of the wood.

Nova was practically glowing; the sight made Breeze very proud. It'd been a hard journey for her to come to such acceptance with herself, one that had only been shared with him and their bonded. It was a sensation he saw reflected back in her eyes as he stood as solid as his mountain, waiting to greet this stranger.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 1:13 am
by Vineda
Breaths came hard and fast, muscles strained and worked. He could hear his heartbeat in his ears, feel it in his wings. It was hard work weaving through the trees; no drafts wove their way through the branches to help him. So focused was he on the dangers of his path that he missed the two figures until they were very nearly literally on top of him. His heart gave a little jump; none of his bondmates would race him through the air and he wasn't used to company!

A greeting and they were gone, leaving him to collect his wits and catch his breath... he veered out over the grasses again and slowed his pace, glancing around to locate the new Serians. They descended to the field as well, so gracefully in unison it seemed as though they were of one mind. He let his thoughts linger on the wistful for only a blink before he was walking with legs feeling wooden toward the two. Quite the pair they were too, both having yellows of their own in striking color schemes.

Odd it was, that there were no companions with him to begin formal introductions. Even Sham made them, though he sprinkled them with jests. He settled for the simple. Hey! His grin split his face, ecstatic to have found others here on this trip out.

((Very sorry, couldn't get internet or computer for a day and a half except on the phone >_< gonna try to be better prepared for that one))

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 11:41 pm
by Songhue
OOC| I think we've all been there before. XD

BIC| Greetings, Bright One, Nova replied, arching her neck slightly as she gracefully bowed her head. Of the pair, the tiny mare was most often the one to step forward; while Breeze was reliable and could be counted on to do what was needed, it was Nova who was the princess. We saw your aerial capering while flying by and thought to join you; 'tis fairly interesting to test oneself against that which Nature presents. I am known as Glimmer, but you may call me Nova. This is my Mate, known as Horsefeathers.

Breeze, the stallion added, flashing a brilliant grin and ruffling his wings as he shifted his weight into a more casual stance. Nova felt her lips twitch; her Mate knew how to use body language to do most of his communicating for him, in this case to help the stranger feel welcome with them.

It is rather infrequent that another is found with the same preference for the rush of such a challenge, Nova continued, though I must admit it is only thanks to Breeze that I learned to enjoy such myself.

Wanna race? Breeze summed up, tilting his ears forward and flashing another grin. It's great we ran into ya, we were just out lookin' fer some new fun.

A spark lit his eye as Nova snirked out a giggle, amused by his silliness. He was certainly playful today, and he did enjoy teasing sly little giggles from her.