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Promenade (Open)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 2:15 pm
by Silverdust
The cherry blossoms were doing well. Mist reached out and nosed the silky green leaves, teasing the spindly branches. Delicate, but resilient--they sprung back into place as she moved on, with nary a disturbance. They did not need her, but she attended them fondly. It was nice to take care of something.

The grove lay at the edge of Cedar’s forest, where Sive’s borders bled into the Field lands, thus it fell to her naturally--Cedar never strayed outward, so between them they maintained the balance. Lately he’d been giving her more and more of the periphery (she’d caught his books’ words slipping easily into her thought patterns now), slowly withdrawing deeper into the secluded heart. Sometimes she worried about the distance, as a ship perhaps would worry about its anchor in the depths, but all she needed to do was pull and the bond would be there, comfortably solid. Besides, he had entrusted her with much that needed her attention--she’d enlisted Eve’s help for the tamer thickets, and Trite’s sunlight to rejuvenate a few starved grottos. And Avalir had a touch like hers, their Forest Song lineage pairing easily enough that they could almost match Cedar in the rough spots, but that--well, she’d certainly have a backlog of tasks for him when he got back. Definitely. Till then--

“Lovely work you’ve done here,” came a voice over her shoulder. Ah, she’d almost forgotten. Mist turned and smiled at her companion.

“Thanks Confetti, but I really can’t take much credit.” She turned her eyes back to the heavy branches. “I’m lucky these guys can take care of themselves.”

She felt his gaze linger on her, counted the seconds and pretended not to notice, until he gave a contemplative ‘hn’ and slid past her. There was always a bite of winter in his wake, and the leaves trembled on their branches, their edges furling slightly. Frowning, she summoned the summer into her breath and blew, coaxing them back to normal. Well, Confetti couldn’t help it; it would be like telling a tsunami to watch its wind. Still, she should catch up to him--damage control and all that.

It was really silly of her to have the Elemental walk with her like this, his very presence undermining her careful tasks, but she considered it another one of her new responsibilities. Usually it would be Avalir, adjusting the newcomers in his quiet way, but he was not here and Mist was pretty sure he’d have a tough time of it anyways. Confetti, a unique individual? A free agent, he called himself. So far he’d shown little interest in any of his bondmates, save the Warriors and herself. Perhaps it was her Rogue parentage, though there was little evidence of its mark on her save for her curse, at least as far as she could tell. Her reserves were already draining as she fixed the small touches of frost here and there--yep, she was definitely not gifted. Now if only Confetti would believe that, and stop testing all the time, she was sure they could be good friends.

“Must be gorgeous during spring,” he remarked offhandedly, interrupting her train of thought. She didn’t even look at him this time, rearing up to melt some ice crystals on the higher branches--how did it even go up there?

“Hm? Oh, yeah, it’s very pretty, like a pink snowdrift, petals everywhere.” She nipped off one of the small branches too far gone for even her, feeling a small stab of guilt as it dropped softly to the ground. “Um, Confetti, if you wouldn’t mind walking just a touch further from the trees--”

“Darling, for you I’d make this whole grove blossom as it never has before.” He laughed as he cantered past her, his tail lashing playfully across her chest. “Well, if one of the sisters had been born in spring, perhaps. Dead seasons, all of them, no wonder they’re a mess.”

“Sive is summer born, though.” She did a quick pass through the remaining trees, surveying the remaining blemishes. Little bit here and there, but they’d survive.

“Storm season. Rains enough to drown these pretty branches, winds enough to raze them.” This time Mist met his eyes, gilded silver to her iridescent gold. If there was anything Rogue-touched about her, it was her eyes, and there she held him.

“Roots run deep, Confetti,” she said, finally, quietly. “And storms pass.” A beat, then she smiled brightly again. “Come on, there are a few more places I need to check.”

She spun about, setting a wide path away from the trees, and after a few moments she felt him follow, humming quietly to himself. Yes, better to keep him with her here, regardless of the cold--just something else to take care of. Mist allowed herself a small smile. She was getting good at this.


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 9:47 pm
by Sethelu
Sirensong had had enough! She was sick of lounging around her or her bondmates' homes. She had been ranting about it to anyone who would listen for weeks now. Well, not so much ranting as noticing out loud. She had been in Shadowstar's meadow the last time and the mare suggested she go out to the fields. When she stated the problem of not having anyone to go with, it was countered by a statement of 'go by yourself'. So, she went. Now she was here, wandering in a realm not her own. Something drew her here, a sort of sixth sense she hadn't realized she had until now. She looked around at the beautiful green trees she was walking beside. They were obviously taken care of by someone, a Forest Song probably. She smiled at the healthy plants, enjoying the life in them. A sudden chill wrapped around her and tried to seep into her bones. She shivered and trotted forward to see what had caused the chill, and whether or not it was friendly. As she came closer she froze in her tracks at the sight of the brown mare before her. Her heart rate increased ten fold, her breathing quickened and her mouth suddenly went dry. A single word fell out of her mouth: "Mother."

Re: Promenade (Open)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:04 pm
by Silverdust


She'd felt the presence, prepared herself to meet it with the usual casual smile and greeting, but all of it crumbled with that simple word. And she couldn't deny it, not the gold markings mirroring her own nor the coat that flowed with the same color as her mane nor those eyes. She didn't recognize the other elements, but she recognized her own. Her blood.

"Oh dear," Confetti murmured at her side, a veneer of mock worry overlying a bite of wicked mirth. "Well, the little lady does take after you. You could be sisters."

Mist ignored him and his subtle barb. The curse had made it so she looked scarcely older than her child, but still the girl had known her. And gods she wished she could do the same. Her legs trembled with the want to run, to turn away and flee to the comfort of the forest's heart. Cedar. Cedar would know what to do, he would--but no, not with this. She couldn't. Not with this.

She shut her eyes briefly, steeling herself with the sharpness of Confetti's ever present chill. It stilled her thoughts, her racing heart, and dulled the old fear worming through her veins. She could not run from this, the moment that had always been looming at the edges of her new life. There weren't right words she could say, only the heavy truth.

She sighed, quietly, and opened her eyes, meeting the girl's for the first time. "Hello, daughter, I--" her voice faltered, but the words couldn't be stopped, marching relentlessly into the waiting air. "I'm sorry, but I can't remember your name."

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2014 10:57 am
by Sethelu
Sirensong smiled a tad sadly. It was a trifle heartbreaking to hear her mother say those words, but knew no ill will was intended. So she just smiled a little wider and answered Sirensong. My name is Sirensong. But some of my friends call me Mermaid.

She sensed her mother needed a few moments to collect herself so she turned to examine her mother's companion, identifying him as the source of the chill permeating the air. Her smile turned nervous as she said Hello there. I don't believe we've met. What's your name?

She couldn't believe she was this close to her mother. She honestly couldn't remember the last time she'd seen her. In fact, the only reason she knew what her parents look like is because she asked a former bonded for descriptions of them, just in case this situation ever occurred. She only remembered the bare minimum about her parents, so she couldn't be mad about her mother not knowing her name. That simply wasn't fair. So instead she smiled and waited for a response.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:54 pm
by Silverdust
"Sirensong," Mist murmured, turning the musical syllables over on her tongue. "That's a pretty name."

Had she been the one to name her child, or had the girl chosen her own? She'd never know, really. Even as she tried to parse her memories anew, there was nothing--only the long darkness. But Sirensong seemed to understand, and for that she was grateful. Sad that it had to be so, bit grateful nonetheless.

Confetti smirked in response to the nervous smile--he did so like a good power trip. "Confetti, called that by everyone...well, to my face, at least." The cold grew an edge, suddenly, and Mist's head snapped up. "So nice to run across one of darling Mist's forgotten children. Or are you the only one?"

"Confetti, please."

"Well, aren't you in the least bit curious, love?" The stallion moved in an easy circle around the two mares. "It's quite the windfall for you--we've only ever been grasping at straws. You have to hand it Rogues--" He stopped at Mist's side again, but his curious eyes stayed on the new girl. "--their powers are certainly naught to be trifled with."

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 2:58 pm
by Sethelu
Sirensong smiled slightly at hearing her mother say her name. It sounded beautiful coming from her. Her whipped over to Confetti as the chill grew even sharper and blinked in surprise at his words. She felt anger swell in her at the mocking accusation in his tone, and had to fight the urge to yell at him to leave her mother alone. Normally she would have, but she didn't know her mother's relationship with this serian, and she didn't to upset her mother. So she swallowed her fury, and said in a tight voice I only know of myself. I have not yet run across any others.

Her eyes followed him the entire time he circled the two mares. She did not trust this stallion. Not one bit. She smiled a little at the comment about Rogues. She had to agree there. If the description Shadowstar gave her of the Rogues' light show was accurate, they are definitely not ones you want to mess with.

She made a bold move and went to wedge herself in between Confetti and her mother. She didn't like him standing where he could reach her easily. Mist may not remember her, but she's still her mother! And most anyone would fight to the death for their parents. Sirensong was no exception. She looked to her mother and asked What's he talking about?