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Re: Dawn's Cold Light

PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2015 4:28 pm
by Songhue
The water was stronger here in the roots, and yet at the same time it seemed more relaxing; the swell and ebb tugged her whole body, making her sway to keep upright. Rocking her.

No, she answered, feeling the words just slide out of her without any knowledge as to what she would actually say. I don't think I am.

She had to look up to see Astarte's face. She'd never noticed that before, never thought of herself as being the smaller one. It seemed that she was suddenly noticing a lot of things like that.

I think, she started, faltering as she let her gaze flicker over the waves scrubbing at the tenacious roots, seeing the tree's death with each push and pull, I think I know what "mortality" means now. But we all learn it at some point, right? she asked, trying to offer her friend a smile. Astarte probably understood her own limits a long time ago. It wouldn't be anything new to her; and besides, it didn't seem fair to drag the older filly into her own personal upheaval. It could be dangerous; the deep currents in her mind could rip a tree loose, leave pieces of her soul scattered in different places, some parts broken, others newly growing. It's how it worked, right? Something had to be destroyed before something new could come; who she was now had to die in order for her to grow into the mare she would become.

She'd never thought about that before; never considered that it would hurt to have a worldview so fundamentally altered.

I've n-never- she stammered, not sure what she was trying to say, only that the door was unlocked now that the question was asked, It's never felt like that before. I never had to put everything behind something and only held on by my wingtips.

When she looked at her friend again her eyes were unguarded; deep with fear, sorrow, regret, and a melancholy one could easily drown in. It almost wasn't enough. I was nearly - I wasn't good enough, I couldn't fix it, not the right way. I almost hurt you just trying to fix what I did.

Her eyes glazed, though it could have been from the spraying water as it tumbled around roots and against the shore. A drop trickled over her cheek - but she was in the ocean. No way of guaranteeing it was anything other than the waves. She knew that, knew how to hide it; knew that it would be cruel to break down and drag her friend into her new-found fear. So a weak smile was carved into existence and a deep breath taken as that bright green gaze again came into focus, carefully burying the pain of growth. But it turned out alright. Should we swim out deeper? There's less for the water to bounce off of, out there.

Newfound mortality or not, she wasn't going to shirk any effort. She'd never learn to swim so long as she kept hoof to ground; yet her movements were markedly different as she turned to squeeze against the roots, clearing the opening for Astarte to head out if she agreed to the idea. There was less exuberance, less vitality, and a great deal more studious caution. She no longer tackled the notion of swimming, but sought out those areas to improve in. She was watching for her own mistakes.

This would be a lynchpin moment for her, a time where she could grow a great deal if she wasn't too damaged in realizing this particular lesson in life. How badly had her confidence been cracked?


He wondered, in a vague sort of outside manner, what had made him choose the words he had. The grasses up the hill were bitter and tough, and even he could tell that nourishment was nearly out of the question. It filled his belly though, and allowed him to wander around the hill where the trees reached to the sea without arising much suspicion - if any.

She was beautiful, that strange mare, but why did that matter? Beauty was relative; he didn't find Frolic appealing at all, and yet she had a family and grandfoals of her own. So many found confidence in the fact of being appealing to others; perhaps it was that such a notion came with a small promise of acceptance. Better than being rejected for repulsiveness; and yet there was one mare he'd enjoyed passing time with, Bite, who was unconventional to say the least. A different sort of strength in that one; but then, every soul held their own brand of strength, didn't they?

He supposed he had wished to help; to lessen that darkness in her gaze and give her a sense of being valuable and admired. Beautiful and strong; casual words, really. To the right soul, invaluable. To the wrong one, offensive. Ah, well. Perhaps it helped. Perhaps not. It didn't matter, in truth, so long as this mare caused no harm to the one that seemed to important to his Princess; and as the strange creature seemed completely bent on that particular filly's well-being, it was apparently a non-issue.

He was finally close enough now to hear the projected thought-speak even over the rumble of the ocean. His heart twisted at the strangled confessions; this wouldn't do at all.

She'd never known real fear, real risk; always had there been that foalish assurance that everything would work out just fine, that she could handle it, that someone would rescue her, that it was all a grand adventure; life was a constant game. It was a traight she'd gotten from her father. Now, however, she was learning the lesson of her mother; so it would be her mother that she would need to see her through this transition.

He lifted his head as his young charge suggested swimming deeper, looking over at Hellion. Would she even notice if he left? Probably not, in all honesty. And with the confusing signals she sent off, he thought it best not to approach and make note of it.

Turning, he flexed what little magic he had in him - magic that came easier to his call now than ever it had before - and with a shimmer that made it seem as if he'd been illusion the entire time, stepped from one realm into another. For the moment AuraSidra was on her own. That would have to be okay, even way out here in the outlands, even as far north as Brei. Thorn needed to get backup.

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Re: Dawn's Cold Light

PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:12 pm
by Silverdust
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:07 am
by Songhue
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:00 am
by Silverdust
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