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PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:04 am
by Songhue
Caelum beamed, so very pleased to see his little cloud puffs again that for a moment all he could do was look at them. Then he was stepping forward and stretching his wings wide, trying his best to scoop them up against him the way he had when they were young. Tight love cuddles!

There you are, you wandering rascals! So much time spent in your bonded's realm; is it quite so amazing?

I'm intrigued as well, Eternal admitted, shaking as much sand as she could out of her mane (which admittedly wasn't all that successful). I'd love to take a wander myself; although I feel we should perhaps call you SandStorm, my friend, she added with a wink at AuraSidra as the little filly giggled.

Can I go wander, too? Please?

Not even a little bit, Caelum answered, and he had to fight not to smile as he used his old "Dad" voice in front of his offspring. You've had your adventure, and now it's time to go home for your bath. Get moving, miss. Your mother's waiting.

But I would be with Eternal still, and we might go swimming again, and-

-No. But if you go home right now I'll give you an extra treat so you can share with Spectrum the next time you see her.

A blink, a grin, and she was quite simply gone, stepped between the fabrics of the realms towards home.

You do know that your bribery is why she argues with you? Eternal asked with a grin of her own.

Ah, just ask these two, Caelum chuckled, tossing his head towards Rose and Coal. The sky needs a touch of defiance. Right? he beamed.

Eternal merely shook her head, grinning to herself before looking at the pair that Caelum was gushing over - well, gushing for Caelum, at least. I truly would like to explore your home, if that's acceptable?
Being nocturnal makes this particular outing a bit of a problem for me, but I'm not yet ready to return home.

Tell me everything, Caelum added, and flexed his wings restlessly. His blood was still up from having done his part to bring the storms that would be the beginning of spring and summer, and now it was singing in joy at the sight of his long-lost family. Or at least most of it. Only Leaf Fall was missing, and Tundra herself of course. Eventually he would have to introduce these two to the newest ones to join his circle; dear friends and bondmates Thyme and BlackIce. He wanted them as part of his life, even as they ran off to lead their own; just as the sky watched and welcomed all who milled about on the ground, engrossed with their own day.

It was so good to see them again!

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:15 pm
by Vineda
Rose beamed as their father enfolded them both in his wings, not letting her hold back too much. She leaned all her weight into his warm body, smelling both her Papa and new scents that were unfamiliar. Underneath it all though he still smelled like her Papa.

It is rather a great place to live, it's a very large world with all manner of terrains and scapes... And lots of places that still need exploring! And there are many other serians there, many friends. And it has really neat creatures, things nobody else even heard of! Eternal's words broke through the minor battle of details. Lady Eternal, I am quite sure you are most welcome at our Bonded lands. You and all of your ken are given open invitation. I heard the tale of Caustic visiting there. He just had to try not to do too much damage... Rose was suddenly bubbly as she hadn't been for years.

Go home? Coal wondered. Why did they have to leave now? He was having a right fun time with the filly, and Eternal wasn't uppity at all like he'd thought she might be. He heard the "Dad" voice, though, and remembered it well... And then the Princess was gone. He felt suddenly sadder even if his Da was here next to him.

So Eternal wanted to explore, eh? He thought that might be rather interesting. Explore all you want, really. Everyone there knows of you. Do you need me to call you a guide? Rose shot her brother a look for being a bit rough edged. There are many who would be more than happy to meet you on our side if you would like company.

I've made two heart friends, Papa. I have Sunna and Gal, and they are such fun! I adventure with Sunna sometimes but she goes on realllly long journeys. Gal stays in her jungles mostly but we can watch all of Pendar through her looking-water. Last time we watched some gnomes trying to rebuild one of their old cities but the pixies kept on playing tricks on them, it was so funny! Rose paused to giggle at the memory, thinking it was funnier to be there and see it than to hear about it. Coal took the opportunity to interrupt.

Don't forget to tell him about the Hatter, since he's such a good friend too. Rose stuck her tongue out at him. Yeah, yeah. Everyone says he's nutty, but he's ok really. He'd rather everyone just wrote him off as weird and left him alone. But he does get lonely when his plan works. Like Mister Talon! Have you met Cyclone Papa? I don't remember having heard tell of it, but I know how stories travel. Cyclone was rather quiet though, he didn't mingle. He's a mite different than Talon, though Rose. You gotta admit. Talon's not off his hinges. This she ignored. Anyhow, how about you tell Papa about all your daredevil stunts? Aaaand how you like to make eyes and look cool for Gal and Sunna? Coal snorted indignantly. His sister was trying to get him killed. Not daredevil stunts like before. I promise. I just... like a good challenge, like to learn somethin new here and there. He did not remember all of his trek through the terrible desert, and his conversation with his father was a bit hazy. Coal did remember enough to gather how upset Caelum had been at his carelessness. It had turned him around so that he could inch his way slowly away from the black pit his spirit's wounds had opened up.

Still wish I had wings, though. I'd give Flighty-pants a run for his money. And what's it to you if i do make eyes at the girls? They like the attention, and it don't hurt nothin. Have you heard em complain? Rose's eyeroll was answer enough.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:56 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Sorry-sorry-sorry-sorry!

BIC| Now this was a blast from the past. Eternal had no sooner heard of her welcome wanderings than gone, leaving him at the mercy of his progeny - and oh, they did beset him! Well, he had asked. He tracked their excitement with his eyes, smiling demurely as he ping-ponged back and forth between them, waiting for them to blow off enough steam that he might get a word in, himself.

This was exactly like every single time he would spend a few days away tending to the atmospheric fluctuations, and then ask of their grand adventures once he got back. It would be this and that about a squirrel trying to eat them (it got angry enough to defend a tree, in actuality, but no point in telling them that), about various successes with attempts at flying, about how their mother had to scold someone for trampling all over supper because they forgot to pay attention again - and why they always felt the need to report trouble that had already been handled was beyond him, although he appreciated the transparency.

So he waited, listening to the onslaught, and when they finally seemed to have taken a breath he took what opportunity he'd been given. He could listen to the two of them all day and deeply enjoyed their enthusiasm - the best encouragement for it was to indulge in it. So he did, every time, letting them blow through everything they could and basking in their joy as it breezed over him.

The gnomes have long memories, but often forget things until they become interesting again, he said, beginning the traditional string of replies that had (when they were younger) always amazing them. It might be less amazing now, but that made no never mind; he made a point to answer everything they said simply because everything they said was so important to him.

I'm not surprised they would leave a city long enough to need to fix it; they never let go of anything, no matter how old, the silly things. Once they remembered it, they'd have to go about making it new and shiny again. Almost as bad as dwarves. With so many different friends about it sounds like a great realm, indeed, and I could only hope you would land a home that pleased as much as my own does for me and my bondkin.

And your heartfriends, would you start a circle with them, then? Some of my own closest companions have joined my own circle. BlackIce acts like everyone's grandsire, and Thyme is so kind and gentle that I'm sure you'd enjoy his company in particular. Like your Gal, he prefers the peace of his forests, although he doesn't have the ability to gaze through the distances.

This Hatter, though, and Talon and Cyclone; they sound less unfriendly and more like they truly want select friends. It's the same as a Serian who is always with their circlemates and yet has no desire to meet others beyond that. I've seen it often, through many different kinds; it's more than time you know what it is to be so special to someone. Those friends are to be held in a secret place in your heart, as they won't choose your company lightly.

But your stunts, now - you promise me you aren't damaging yourself? Pushing your boundaries and growing is something we've always encouraged, but you must keep your reason. I'll not see my son harmed, not even by himself; but if you keep your head about yourself, I'd love to join your adventures now and then. If you think an old stallion like myself could keep up?
A grin lit his face at this last, his eyes lighting up with mischief - Coal came by his erratic challenges naturally, after all. It widened even further as he added I did hope that you had gotten past making eyes at her friends, though; you've done that since you were but a wisp of a cloudpuff. Isn't it about time you grabbed onto one of them and really tweaked your poor sister's tail?

Now what his dear Rose would say to that was anyone's guess, but he hoped for that indignant Dad squeak he used to be able to earn while she was a mere wisp, herself. She didn't used to mind, really - he'd always follow by tweaking the other's tail next. Gotta spread out that sweet parental torment, after all!

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:26 pm
by Vineda
OOC| Teehee! Not a bit, no sorry needed :heart:

BIC| The two grown foals both ceased fire and took on the listening-to-father stance that was by now a part of their programming. Rose realized she recognized the eye-crinkled look of serious amusement as he set aside his worldly concerns and gave them his focus. Little had she seen it or taken note when she was younger, but it was striking now.

Coal was interested in these gnomes. Would you guys show me sometime? In Gal's mirror? Rose nodded at him, an of-course sort of motion. Seems smart, the way they do it. Forgetting some things until it is important. Think I'd be afraid I would forget to remember and miss it, though.

It was interesting to hear from him about his bondkin now, somehow different than it had been before. Now it was more conversation and less story, more real. It would be neat to meet them sometime, if we could. It was very clear they meant very much to him. Both listened closely to advice about companions. There was a very large weight of truth behind his words. We haven't talked about a Circle. But I think it would be a good thing to talk about. She grew quieter in her contemplation as Coal thought carefully over his words.

Coal couldn't believe he was hearing this! His own father, voyager extraordinaire of the skies, was asking to join in adventures! He was just able to stammer a "S-s-s-sure! Yeah. That'd be... great" when Rose stomped on his foot. He tried to get it together. "Sorry. I really mean it! It's awesome, the thought of going adventuring with you. Although... as if you wouldn't leave me in the dust if you wanted. Tch! Old stallion..." His words trailed off in a mutter with a tone that clearly indicated that was balderdash.

The adventuring scheme... brought back memories. But as in their conversations, it seemed like it would be more real. Less like a father coddling a youngster around so he felt like he'd gone on a grand journey when really it was just a walk. The doubting voice in the back of his head asked why his father, a lord of the sky , would want to adventure with him. The whole rest of his brain swamped that little section, reasoning that if his father said it, it was so. His father would not lie. Would not bring it up if he were not genuinely interested. And either way, he wanted it. Wanted that time and that experience.

No Dad, not damaging. I promise. Not beyond the regular oopses that could happen to any of by bond-kin when out and about. It was the pain of everything... I think it made me look to find physical pain just to change focus from the mental pain. I don't have that thousand pound weight any more. It kind of... started going away after I met you in the desert. Took a while. But... Thank you, Dad. It was something he'd been wanting to say for quite a long time now.

Daaaaaad! He was Papa to her so often... but now it was that same old 'Dad' whine it had been when she'd been a bitty thing and a maturing filly on the brink of marehood. Was that a smirk she saw on his face?! Uhhhhhhhhg! He's still a cloudpuff, and he can't have any of my friends! He'll just have to meet someone else on one of those fancy adventures. And she said it with a stomp for good measure.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:34 pm
by Songhue
Oh, he did love them. How he loved them.

A smile, soft and almost dreamy crossed his face as he looked at them. They had bounced back and forth, as they always did, picking apart what he said and taking note of all of it. There was even a desire to meet his circlemates; and wouldn't that be just wonderful, to share his joy, his love with them? He took care of them, looked after them, chasing shadows from BlackIce's heart and lending strength to the adaptable Thyme. They were so important to him; and, he realized, he was even still playing the father figure, helping where he could and trying to determine when it was best to step aside. BlackIce was more delicate than he let on; he rarely left his home. Thyme simply loved the woods and didn't have a daring bone in his body. He was pretty gentle-natured, himself, but he would do anything to see them safe and happy, his best friends, his brothers.

Ah, of course, he said a little too casually as Rose gave that same old squeak he so loved to hear - almost, almost they were really his again. His sweet, impetuous, adventurous little whirlwinds. I completely forgot, our Coal has to earn his mate - or mates, maybe? Is that what it is, then, he hasn't found the right gladiator's pit to woo a pretty little thing to his side? Tsk, Coal, surely you can do better than that, he winked.

That should rile him, just that bit, a little tweak of that tail. He could almost hear the indignant reply... It was hard not to chuckle. An old trick of his, lighting a little fire under them over a serious topic with a bit of light-hearted teasing. His son had a habit of avoiding his own feelings, his own thoughts even. If he did have an interest, if he did have this need, then what was it that kept him alone? Time to find out. And then, after, they would plan their adventure...

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:15 am
by Vineda
OOCI’m soooo terribly sorry I slacked on this one for so long >.< Putting off a shorter phone-sized reply, i guess. No more. Better to struggle through on it than to shirk so badly.

Coal shot a furtive glance at his sister. No, I just haven’t found the right one at the right time. Turning to stick a tongue out at her, he used his sarcastic tone. Why don’t you go commit to a mate then? This he was determined to keep his own counsel on, at least.

She didn’t deign to acknowledge his question. How long have your friends been in your circle now, Papa? Rose had a great interest in her father’s day to day life. It was an interesting turn, to be grown and able to really ask such questions as though she might get a real answer. His sky elemental duties would likely always be a bit of a mysetery, though he did share snippets here and there.

There was one other area she was quite curious about, as well... Have you seen Mom? She’d debated walking on eggshells a bit, but to what purpose? Perhaps it would be a joyful topic rather than a painful one... she suspected not, or he likely would have mentioned already. Her bonded had been silent on the matter. Probably hopeful.

Now he could stop brooding and chip in! And what about Leaf Fall? Have you seen her? She was always perfectly fine, but he wondered how she was, if she had a mate of her own yet, how the skies were treating her...