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PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:56 pm
by Vineda
Ooc| So. I sniffled and snuffed about the area til i came across this trail, which i had thought once upon a time i was waiting a reply for... but realize somewhere along the way i kerfloofled and dropped. O.o is it pick-uppable, do ya think, or eez dead? Life in the area raises old hopes and dusts em off

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:06 am
by Songhue
OOC| We always want to keep playing! ^.^ Gogogo!

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:12 am
by Vineda
*glees* i will make sure i’m up to date and craft something up. Be wary of rust flakes as well >.<

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:46 am
by Vineda
OOC| Probably should save this and edit it tomorrow when I'm less cross eyed, but I'm anxious to add to my momentum here. Apologies if it adds up to 2 and 2 = 7 0.o

Rose's face creased in a smile, at first soft at the mare's surprise and then rueful at her own mess. The apologies are all mine, if you please. It certainly does seem we are more familiar than history would suggest, and here I am standing upon formality as though my very hooves were made of it. She also shook herself, leaving behind any dwellings she had on awkwardness. Eternal seemed too sensible for all that. I am so pleased, though, to hear of Da and his clouds. She pictured him with that faroff look in his eyes, as that mind drifted among the clouds and their secrets and heaved a sigh. How he used to make them dance for us! Rose's eyes followed the other's to gaze upon the spectacle that was her brother and his new friend. It seemed he had just given up on merely assisting the filly in acquiring more sand... He now was rolling about in the stuff himself. Her eyes widened and she squeaked a little as she had to duck away from a smattering of sand that caught a breeze and flew in their direction.

Ahhhh you were due for a bit of excitement, eh? It sounds like a good change. Nothing bad, it would seem, but it piqued her curiosity beyond simple pleasantries. Ourselves? Such is not too forward at all. Our lands underwent a fair bit of chaos in the past, and then had a period of quiet. The land has awoken again, and everything grows again. We had a gathering not too long ago; it had been long since we'd all met together. The travelers we all see often enough, but we got to see Oak and Talon, Galaxies, Rhyme, Lumi... Cyclone and Hurricane. Everyone's so busy these days.

Coal paused his rolling just long enough to glance at his sister. She gave the update an 'ourselves' as a bond herd update, carefully avoiding the floundering of two offspring who were now the older of the younger generation. There should be no excuse, really. He felt they should have more of a calling... Was it because they did not have a single altar but a lineage of multiples? Somehow he doubted it.

He thought his playmate sounded wistful, speaking of the ice. Do you play tag with the ermines? You must be very nimble,to keep up with them.

Looking down at the small mound gathered around the filly he chuckled out loud, short and quiet. What he wouldn't give just at this moment to be a sand serian. Not that it did any good, but he mentally pushed the sand now as well as physically. He really wanted to see her excitement as she got closer to being a living statue of sand. Her pile was quite sizeable now.

Am I? He mused the question aloud to the both of them. I've made my home near water, yes. And I have some affinity for it, thanks to me ma. She was of the sea.

Where have you been learning to swim? My bond mate Sunna treasure hunts too, and she'll never tell us where she finds her treasures. You have to go along and see for yourself, because 'that makes the treasure' she says. He loved keeping up with this girl's conversation. What was it about youth that made everything more fun? Ooh, hang on. I think we passed a pile of some washed up branches back on the beach. In a flash, he was up and moving back in the direction they'd come.

Rose couldn't resist. Ground-sky sounds kind of hard. Did you make that one up yourself?

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:36 am
by Songhue
OOC| Excuse any rusty bits on my part, please... Been awhile since we've had a playmate outside of their homes. ^^;

BIC| Rose got the little one to finally turn her attention away from piles of sand as Coal dashed off for twigs and branches (she was going to be the best sand ruin ever!!) Her ears perked politely, she smiled rather sweetly as she answered.

I would love to show you, if you would like to see? I did make it up myself, so I never really thought it might be hard. Mother says I take after Father that way; His alignment is with freezing winds. She paused just long enough to glance at the sea before adding Mother is aligned to the sun however, and she tells me that is why I do well in bright light. She didn't quite add that what others considered dim lighting left her utterly blinded. The ocean was a marvelous flashing mess of reflected sunlight rolling up and up; she could see every color, could see the fish just below the surface, the way the land suddenly dipped away and fell deep. The beach was pale and bright as well, but dimmer; she couldn't see what was in the shadows. Her eyes were for blazing sun off flashing ice, not gentle beach shade.

A puff of wind brushed in from the ocean as she glanced that way, bringing with it some small relief from the humid warmth. Bright sun dancing on her skin was fine, but the air itself was so warm. AuraSidra wasn't one to complain though; she'd been told that there was no possibility of new experiences without being able to tolerate discomfort on some level. She'd never have seen a beach at all if she turned back as soon as it got too warm; it was well worth the price.

Eternal smiled herself as she saw a glimpse of the mare this little one would become. When she used the lessons others gave regarding manners and posture she suddenly seemed much older than she was. It had simply worked out that Nova, Path, their bonded, and even Eternal herself had all taken the young filly for tutoring; however small, she was becoming a true lady.

Both of our lands seem to have changed for the better, then, she said, resuming their previous conversation just long enough to add What would you say to changing the landscape here a bit, too? And proceeded to demonstrate by shoving a massive heap of sand across AuraSidra's rump, making her squeal in surprise. If the filly could be taught how to be grown, she could also teach others how to be young.

She kept one ear cocked for Coal's return, eager to speak of her treasure hunts and the ermines; she wanted to learn what this nimble meant.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:06 pm
by Vineda
OOC| Rusty, bah. As if you ever could have rust. Tis allllll mine.

BIC|Rose beamed at the bits of blue she could see through sand. I would LOVE to see! She looked at those beautiful bright eyes, squinting, whether against the sun or the shade she had no notion. She just knew they were exquisite, and as the young one paused a bare moment in thought already held more knowledge than some ever acquired.

Her first thought was to turn back to serious conversation, until Eternal heaped sand upon the smaller figure with grace she'd have doubted possible without seeing it herself. It's sand! How was she not caked in it?! She only had a sliver of a second to wonder, however, before she was overwhelmed with laughter at the size of the youngster's eyes and her squeal.

Too busy was she to wonder where her brother was and what was taking him so long... Nor notice that he was no longer visible on the beach.