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Green Light

PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:50 pm
by Vineda
OOC|Soooooo out of practice, but if there are any lurkers about, I'd sure welcome company

Two forms trotted in a slow steady pace into the center of the Fields, craning their necks to look this way and that. They both drank in the countryside of their homeland, but they also looked for any signs of activity. Aside from the gentle sighs of the winds over the grasses, the trill of insects and scurry of a small creature here and there, and occasional birdsong... all was so very quiet. There were those they could not sense, of course, but generally there was a sense of other serians about when wandering this close to such a popular place.

After an exchanged look, the green forms slowed easily to a walk. There seemed to be no great need to rush anywhere. Continuing to scan their surroundings, Shamrock and Treasure advanced in a friendly silence and wondered if they were out of luck if they wanted to meet anyone today.


Re: Green Light

PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:23 am
by Rainer
ooc| I will try to reply during baby nap times :stunned: and please don't judge my rust... lol

ic| How he got stuck babysitting, Stray will never know. Nor could he understand how his sister-in-bond trusted him of all the others to take her offspring into the world. He scoffed under his breath as the little spitfire dashed from side to side of the trail, occasionally jerking her torso up to paw at the bark of a tree, eagerly trying to reach a leaf that looked particularly tasty.

The smell of strangers reached the warrior's nose half a second too late, as the filly ahead caught wind and was almost instantly gone from sight, bounding from the safety of the trees and toward possible danger.

Stray leaped into action, cutting the filly off and causing Bellatrix to collide nose first into his muscled shoulder and tumble backwards onto her rear. She puffed her cheeks and huffed in annoyance, but didn't make any further moves. His gaze slid from the foal to fall upon the other Serians in the field, watching them from behind a curtain of fine silver hairs, finely sculpted ears laid flat along his lime horns.


Re: Green Light

PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:42 pm
by Vineda
ooc| Bah, any rust on your part would be hidden by the orange red flakes piled at my own feet! Thank you for joining, apologies for taking so long to get back. Hopefully not a continuing trend on my part. Happy day late Halloween!

bic| Shamrock came to an abrupt halt, while Treasure's body slowed a few half seconds later. She'd started daydreaming when things seemed like they'd stay quiet but now she turned wide eyes on a new form that... while it hadn't looked awkward at all, had sure sounded like something akin to stumbling. And oh the eyes she encountered! With those ears pressed flat between horns that looked sharp and at the ready, supported by the lean musculature of what could only be a warrior.

Was the glare for passing this fellow in a fairly common grounds? Sham wondered. Hail, friend! Apologies if we've interrupted your adventuring! We'd almost given up hope of meeting anyone as we passed through these lands. A trace of a smile tugged at the corners of Treasure's lips as her Bond mate greeted a menacing looking stranger automatically as a friend. Friend unless proved otherwise. Somehow this stranger did not look the sort to operate on that principle. She awaited his response eagerly, curious.