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PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:41 am
by Songhue
Bare-fleshed, with an insubstantial outline, he clearly didn't belong. He also clearly didn't care.

Small ripples of color flashed over his pinkish hide, stray bits of the plasma that was his power, his element, and overflowed from him in place of mane and tail. Burnt brown eyes pierced the landscape, his ears tilted back as they always were; a perpetual signal of severity, of disapproval. This whole realm of the physical was quite different than the ether he was connected to, the space that was between that allowed him to speak to others with the same link no matter how far they were.

Someone was using that link; he could feel it rippling past, a message not meant for him. They had chosen to manifest, to begin a new alter; why would one of them need to use their link to what they came from? Surely there could be no trouble yet.

It was impossible to judge distance or direction with such speech, but he knew they were nearby; he could hear them projecting their thoughts to those nearby, the normal manner of speech for all his species, the Serians. The normal manner of speech for other species as well, if he cared to stop and consider the other residents of this realm (those cat creatures had caught his attention for a time - he'd nearly manifested as one of them).

Perhaps one day they would have an emissary arrive from one of the other protectors of this realm. That would be interesting.

Ah, there they were. Two mares, by the look of them. He made a point not to get too close, as the plasma that coated him could easily hurt someone. A pond was not somewhere one might normally expect to find someone with his particular metaphysical connection, yet he was curious and determined to learn more of this place they had all stepped into.

And the more he learned, the better he could lay a claim on the young filly in his new home. When she was ready, when she was grown, she would be his. She was already his. The young one just didn't realize it yet.

These two seemed to be of his alter - slightly less there than the others he now claimed as bondmates. Perhaps they wouldn't be the best reference for handling females. Perhaps they would prove the most efficient place to begin.

What trouble had you anticipated, he asked the one who had spoken, the mare with the ostentatious wings. We are newly made, newly bonded, newly come to different realms and homes, all with a new tie to this place of origin. Change will be adjusted to.

He turned his piercing brown gaze to the second mare, soft pinks splashing over grays, a more solid shape than he had been able to conjure. A closer tie to this place, or perhaps it was his link to elemental abilities.

The difference will be in how well each one adjusts. Part of my change was choosing a name once I chose to come. I am Plasma. They call me the Ghost. He supposed the reason should be rather obvious, although it had taken him by surprise. No matter. It was just change. He would adjust.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:01 pm
by Vineda
Trying very hard not to stumble as she reached soft muddy ground hugging the water, Reverie paused. I'm not leaving, though I must dry a bit. She was no great swimmer, so her first inclination was to turn back around to the nearest bank. I fare well enough. The question gave her pause... Had the other mare not done well? Before she could extract herself from thoughts and ask, a new figure approached.

He was all made up of differing hues and had a strong presence, of the stunning sort that could be associated with those of her altar. She fixed him with a gaze just a touch under a glare. He was sure enough of himself to come across as cocky, and though his aura of elemental power was clear even from this distance it made her lip want to curl in distaste.

We will all adjust well enough, I am sure. Why wouldn't we? Darting a look back at the winged one, one eyebrow quirked and her head tilted just a tidge. Thank you for the kind words, regardless. The softening began with the realization that the grey and white lady had only meant well. Reverie hoped she would provide her own name as well. Reverie. My name called to me, not I to it. The question rippled across her mind if he'd approved of the Ghost title before it was given, and who gave it.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:05 pm
by Aria
She was relieved to see the younger mare slow her pace. Lace gave a flick of her tail, but was generally in a good mood still. Her thoughts were all over the place, still confused about the details. A feeling of gentleness and certainty came over her as she watched the other Serian step free from the water. Perhaps she just needed to worry less. It was in her nature to question things though, she couldn't help it. She readied another question, but both of their attentions were taken by another voice.

A deeper voice echoed in her mind, one of assertiveness. His tone also suggested that there was nothing to be worried about, and Lace was beginning to feel a little ganged up on. She took a look around, and her rose-colored eyes widened at the sight of the approaching newcomer. His body, a sheer blend of translucent blues and pinks, took the form of a fellow Serian. A long, bright blue mane and tail flowed back and forth in the cool breeze. Quite unique, his appearance, and as impressed as she was she chose to hide her admiration and glanced away.

Rather than answering him, she offered him a snort instead, followed by a subtle smile. The first Serian spoke up at that time, introducing herself in response to him. This was a conversation she was more comfortable with. The lady she had started this conversation with was named Reverie. The male who had joined in, was Plasma. Both very fitting names, Lace thought. Her eyes locked with Reverie as she answered. And I am Lace. Nice to meet you both, she offered. After one last look around, checking to see if anyone else was about to pipe in, she went back to grooming herself.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:33 pm
by Songhue
Intriguing was a decent way of describing these two. One seemed borderline hostile, while the other was either vain or bored - he couldn't tell which - as she fussed and groomed herself. She looked perfectly clean to him.

Plasma didn't answer Reverie's rhetorical question as it would have been a wasted effort, but he did look at her. Why wouldn't someone adjust? Weakness. It was obvious to his way of thinking, although it appeared that making such a statement would merely aggravate the mare that was ready to glare as soon as she saw him. Not particularly sociable - downright snobbish, really.

That was also intriguing. At a glance, it might be assumed that Lace would prove to be more uppity. She was meant to be looked at; even for him she was a stunning figure. Normally when someone was beautiful and knew it, they learned rather quickly to shut others out. Hard to know who appreciated you for who you are and who merely wants to lay a claim on your beauty.

She was certainly a sight to behold, but she held no interest for him. Plasma could tell at a glance that she didn't hold the kind of strength of character that would draw him in. Reverie might be a force to be reckoned with, but she was also guilty of irrationality. What sort of creature met another with hostility upon first sight? Certainly not one that he would wish to know.

He looked at her, at the shift in her body language as she turned to Lace, and in a single glance judged and dismissed her.

A pleasure, he answered, his voice comparatively deep in relation to his two new companion's. What brings you to this place so soon after claiming a home and bonded? he added, his sharp gaze traveling over the pair of them. Different things could motivate someone into wandering; it was already well known to him that several of his new bondmates would travel for distinctly different reasons. For some it was in their blood; others simply became restless.

After a moment more of watching them he twitched an ear and, his head already held high, lifted his muzzle a touch more with effort. A mere breath, and the plasma that danced over his form dissipated; he stood without mane or tail, without shimmering blue-white-purple hues, a baldly pink shape left raw and hairless. He looked truly frail without his elemental aura; and that was only appropriate, as elemental strength came at the cost of the physical. But now he could move closer without risk of harming anyone, rather than standing apart and cast as an outsider.

Plasma didn't have to worry about such things with his bonded. His element was not one of hers, yet their bond made her safe. Her mate and cubs could interact with him as well, through their own bonds with her, yet they had to use some caution where she did not. To any other he would pose the same danger as his bondbrother Caustic, though for different reasons. She had already warned him to be conscientious of such things. He took her warning seriously.

I have no objection to the consequences of my decisions, he said, answering his own question as he moved closer to the pair, and yet I am not the type of stallion to be tethered. I explore to prove that I have not become trapped in this new home, these new bonds.

He knew it to be true, but it was different to know something and to put it into action. Binding though these changes were, they would not entangle him.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:04 pm
by Vineda
Lace. She'd not have come up with it on her own, mayhaps, but after hearing it there was not a single better name she could possibly have come up with. It suited. A small smile flashed across her own features at the introduction. The smile didn't last long. The dismissal was sensed, and she almost gave a chuckle. The better for her, truly. She'd as well be counted out by the the likes of him, if he were going to be so temperamental. Perhaps Lace was right to simply mind her own at the moment.

Plasma's question surprised her. It was left open, though perhaps more meant for her pretty new companion. She was curious to hear an answer.. Why had she been here near the pond to give warning? Considering the question made her think a moment. Reverie had come seeking peace in a time of change. It was been a loud first few days in her new home, and she longed to find her place and settle.

Dark ears pricked forward in surprise at this new trick. There stood this stallion in front of them with neither mane nor tail on him. Just, poof! Out like a blue flame cloud blown out. Caught her a bit by surprise, and brought the phrase 'smooth as a foal's rump' to mind. She kept her amusement to herself, letting nothing but surprise cross her features.

Trapped? She'd meant to let the two continue on the conversation on their own, but again she was surprised. I didn't think the idea was to trap you. But then, I suppose bondeds come in all types. It made her wonder about his insecurities, and if they were indeed there then what he thought they were.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:27 pm
by Aria
It was only another moment before something else caught her attention and interrupted her grooming. A feeling of surprise, perhaps, regardless she sensed a change in the other mare nearby and glanced up to see what was happening. The newcomer, whose body originally portrayed that of a stallion, had shifted and changed his appearance. The blue hues that had once clung to his neck and rump had dissipated, leaving only his bare, pinkish skin behind. It was quite unusual, though not unattractive by any means. Lace stared at him, intrigued, and gave a flick of her tail.

There was tension in the air between the three of them. Had she started it with her warning and interrupting the other mare? Possibly. Perhaps everyone was on edge a little these past few days. With so much going on, it was hard to not be on edge. As she had already mentioned, it would take her some time to get used to how things were now. Reverie was right, bondeds come in all types. No one could, or should, judge another Serian for how it reacts to its new bonded. Each Serian is unique, with complex personalities and preferences... Humph, she snorted, and turned her gaze back to the soft grey mare.

I believe one wanders in search of something, whether it be solitude, peace, curiosity... even new friends. Not all who wander are lost, she stated, matter-of-factly. Her expression softened and she offered the two of them a gentle smile. The tension was making her tired. She had come to rest by this peaceful pond to relax, not pick a fight. Now, she wanted nothing more. This pond seemed like a peaceful place to stop and rest, and clearly it has attracted others to it as well. Let this be a place free of judgement, for we all have our reasons of being here, she stated. She hoped her words would help relieve some of the tension, though she wouldn't be surprised if they had the opposite effect.

Despite her efforts, she always seemed to come across as having an attitude. It was in her voice, maybe... or how she carried herself. Truly, she never felt as though she was better than anyone else. For some reason, though, everyone else seemed to believe she thought she was. It was something she was constantly conscious of, always careful when choosing her words or thoughts. However, others were going to form their own opinions of her regardless of what she said. It was natural, just how the world worked. It's what ends up making her come off as standoffish. Oh well...