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PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2005 5:08 pm
by Luminaire
"That is really great that your family have been able to find the loves of their lives." Wave says sincerely before Vision mentions the rogue, Galaxy. "He's?" she asks before the stallion himself makes his appearence.

Blizzard had to fight really hard not to just stare at Galaxy with her mouth hanging open. In fact her knees were feeling weak all of a sudden. If she had thought Vision a gorgeous stud, Galaxy just shattered her idea of gorgeous. But it wasn't just looks, Blizzard wasn't a shallow mare despite evidence to the contrary, somehow the feeling in her chest made her think that perhaps she was looking at someone to love and not just admire. But thats crazy Bliz, you don't even know him yet! her mind argues.

"Oh wow thats wonderful, Vision! " she manages to say in a somewhat nornal tone of voice. "Guess I've lost again..not pretty enough to compete with the likes of you." the wintry mare grins, not at all upset about it. She turns to Galaxy, "Nice to meet you, Galaxy. How come I didn't see you in the contests?" Blizzard was slightly unsteady on her feet, though it wasn't too obvious.

Boy does she look like she's been knocked for a loop. Wave thinks to herself as she watches Blizzard try to act normally toward the newcomer. She never would of thought to see the day Blizzard was bowled over, as she herself was/is with Vision.

The pink mare leans alittle closer to Vision, "My congratulations to you as well, Vision." Once again Wave wonders to herself how she could possibly even for a moment think she had a chance, she hadn't even gotten a third in the contests, not even for Simplicity. It doesn't matter. Wave tells herself. He'll feel the same or he won't and it'll be because of who I am, not how I look.

(( Yay another one. ^.^ hehe he's gorgeous! *pets him and huggles her mares* I hope my girls aren't falling too quickly, I mean they may be ready to leave singlehood, but your stallies might not be. *lol* I don't know...could you give me a hint? :D; ))

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 3:24 pm
by Talia
(*chuckles* I'm rather fond of him... and I asked to get him redrawn, so he should look even shmexier later. :) Hehe... poor Vision's been ready to step out of singlehood for a long time... Galaxy might be a little more difficult to convince, but I love pairing up my Serians. Hehe... just ask Foxx though... I'm notorious for dragging out my Serian's relationships.... the one with Bridle, Vapor and Coral was like... 13 pages long... Tinsel and SilverRain had a good 7 or 8 pages at least before they were mates... and the rest, Gem and Tatter, have had at least 5. *chuckles* I'm horrible...but I love RPing them.)

Galaxy chuckled at Bliz and tossed both the mares a roguish grin before smoothly incorporating himself at Blizzard's side.

"Ahh, see, if you ask me, mares as pretty as yourself should be in a class all of their own, not competing with "pretty-boy" Vision..." he said with a chuckle. Vision blushed fiercely, but refused to respond, knowing full well that whatever Galaxy said was all in play, and not in malice. Galaxy tossed a wink in Bliz's direction before continuing. "I wouldn't have been at the contests because I was Talia's prize... in some respects. I was part of the group of abandoned Serians... Talia found me early on, and since then I've been... recouperating... so to speak, at her cottage. I just thought that today would be a good day for me to try being social again, considering the fact that the rest of the Serians have all decided to go out today as well... and I would have been by myself, had I stayed at the cottage."

For a few moments, he looked slightly downcast, remembering that he was or had been abandoned by his previous owners, but that was in the past, and Galaxy refused to let the past drag him down. Now was his time to live in the present.

Vision found himself warming up to the mare at his side... and for once, he wished that he could see his companions. He was sure that the two kind hearted mares would dazzle him. He had always coped with not being able to see, but when it came down to it, Vision was of a curious sort, and sometimes relying on touch alone wasn't enough. Touch couldn't compare to the colours that he longed to see, or the pictures that he painted in his head. Vision smiled at Wave and inclined his head, looking quite humble indeed.

"Thank you... the title matters little to me... but I know Talia was enjoying the festival and the prizes, so I offered to have myself entered in a few contests for her sake. I'm surprised though that neither you or Blizzard won... Galaxy has good judgement, and you two truely must be stunning if he says so."

He looked a little wistful for a moment before Galaxy interrupted his reverie with a whinny of happiness.

"See there? Those are Talia's festival booths... I wonder if she's around at the moment... if she's not, some of the others may still be hanging around waiting.... particularily Bridle. He's most impressed that Talia named her banner booth after him. You're more than welcome to meet a few of them if you want on our way through...."

Vision nodded in agreement and smiled... he adored his family, if truth be told, and being around them and Talia always made him incredibly happy. And even though Galaxy was so new, he still managed to fit into their family like a glove. He too was beginning to get quite cozy, even though he often had problems admitting that he was becomming fond of the cottage and his new bondmate. His joyfulness betrayed him though, but he was too excited to notice.

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 6:02 pm
by Luminaire
((*gasp!* Redraw him? Noooo *clings to his smexy oldness* XD I like him just fine as is. Shiiiny. hehe of course if you've already asked...but what are my girls to do? They're not likely to get redrawn for ages..I don't think I'll ever get that many tickets. XD;; Then again..I'm Really fond of the old style. Both old and new are really pretty. What? They're not Supposed to be that long? :angel: I don't mind long rps, heck once I rped a pair of paints for a whole year before the mare joined my stallion's charity. Those were special circumstances though. I don't wish to take that long again. XD;; I just like to know that, that is what you want to happen eventually. ^^ ))

Blizzard turns her head toward him and gives her whole attention. She chuckles and nods in agreement, "Yes, definitely classes of our own. As it is we're not appresiated enough. Most don't seem to really understand Wave's simple and elegant beauty. She gets lost among all those flashy Serians." she pauses a moment, "As for me perhaps it is because I am short."

Wave starts blushing, "I'm pretty enough...just not beautiful. Blizzard is the beautiful one." she says modestly, as if she really did mean it.

Blizzard snorts but holds her tongue, she couldn't convince Wave otherwsie but perhaps the two gentlestallions with them could. Perhaps she or Galaxy could describe her to Vision, after all he must be curious.

Bliz tosses him a saucy wink in return. Then when she hears that he was an abandoned she dares to give him a gentle touch of understanding.

"It happened to me too." she says softly, almost as soft as falling snow. "Festival before this one, Lumi came for fact she came for all of us who are bonded to her(cept for Crystal whom they don't know yet)."

Wave didn't know what to say now. It would be an adjustment for her to think of herself as stunning. A warm feeling spread through her from the compliments. was true? She would be honest to him, "I..really don't know. I've so rarely been told so and that makes it hard for me to consider it of myself." Wave puts in her voice for him to hear the shyness, that normally she would of shown with body language.

Blizzard smiles and walks alittle faster, ears perked with interest. "Oh yes lets go and do that." she says excitedly, almost bouncing against Galaxy's side and brushing him a few times. Oo was that a spark I felt? Bliz's skin shivers slightly.

The happiness that Vision betrays makes Wave melt inside. "Yes, I would like that."

PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2005 1:57 pm
by Talia
(*chuckles* I like the old and the new styles as well.. I just have all of the new style Serians, so I thought I might as well continue the trend. XP And don't worry about your girls... they're gorgeous as is. ^^ *laughs* Well.. they can be that long... I just remember Foxx saying, after we were done RPing them, something along the lines of "Well.... that took a long time to state the inevitable!" heehee.... so.... it was kinda amusing. But yeah... of course I'd like that to end up being the result. :) I was looking to pair Galaxy and Vision up with some pretty mares eventually, and Bliz and Wave are awesome. XD)

Galaxy grinned and shook his head, "By the sounds of it, you two aren't appreciated nearly as much as you should be. You're beautiful, and you have the personalities to match. That's a rare thing, to have both beauty and the brains to go with it." He paused for a second and chuckled. "You're not short!"

Galaxy turned his attention to Wave for a second and smiled. "You're both just as beautiful.... and I'm sure that Vision would agree with me, if he could..." Vision nodded in agreement before replying himself.

"I trust Galaxy's judgement... he has excellent taste. If he says you're beautiful then I'm sure you most definitely are... although I'm not the type that's vain enough to worry about what someone looks like. What counts is your spirit... and it's your personalities that are beautiful."

Galaxy smiled and nodded simply in agreement. Sometimes his family had a much better way with words... no doubt Bridle would charm them all with his charisma, SilverRain with his rugged good looks and youthful personality, Tatter... well..... Tatter wasn't the type to charm anyone. And Gem reminded him so much of the two mares he was talking to... her genuine and shy nature set her apart from the rest. He smiled gently as Bliz revealed a bit of her own past.

"Well... it's better now... I'm much happier where I am now than I have been in ages. I have a family.. and an excellent bondmate. Not to mention superb company at the moment... So I'm doing alright."

Vision nudged Wave playfully and grinned broadly. "Well... consider it... like I said before, Galaxy knows beauty when he sees it...if you're half as beautiful as your soul is, then every stallion should be as lucky as myself to meet you."

As they approached Bridle's Banner booth they saw a large stallion step out, followed closely by two others, one obviously female, and another one that closely resembled the first but had much larger wings... and a large sulky expression plastered across his face. Both the mare and the second stallion were carrying what looked to be artwork of some sort in their mouths. The first stallion fussed about, directing the two and gesturing with his head.

"No NO Silver! More to the right! No... left.... no that's too far left! More right now!"

The second stallion let the artwork drop from his mouth and glared imperiously at his father, flaring his wings in irritation.

"You do it then!" he exclaimed in exasperation. Bridle frowned and shook his head.

"No... I can't.. I have to be able to stand back and take it all in... to make sure it's perfect.. I can't be doing both things at once!"

The little arguement was interrupted by laughter coming from behind both of them. Gem chuckled, setting down her own artwork gently (more gently than SilverRain at least) and shook her head at the two stallions.

"Honestly... can't we all just cooperate and get this done?" she said with a laugh and a playful nudge towards each of them. She paused as she saw Vision, Galaxy and the two mares approach and smiled in relief.

"Perfect timing you two!" she exclaimed, "come help these two unwind, and introduce us to your friends... these two'll fly into a fit soon if you don't..."

Vision and Galaxy each exchanged a look, and shook their heads, tossing Gem a grin.

"This," said Galaxy, taking the initiative to introduce the two mares, "Is Blizzard, and the fine mare beside her is Wave. Ladies, meet SilverRain, Bridle and Gem."




SilverRain: (Bridle's son)




PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2005 8:37 pm
by Luminaire
((*chuckles* Well, I suppose if you put it that way it makes sense. I would of just said, yay more variety. ~.^ It's all good though. <3 *loves her girls and boys* I think so too, I just think your boys deserve mares that match them in style. Hee, but I honestly wouldn't change them. ^.^ *giggles* It may be inevitable but it's loads of fun I mean after it's official it's hard to think of interesting ways to rp couples together that isn't the same old 'lovey-duvy my mate!' kind of thing. XD Which is fun and sweet, but not as mysterious. ^_^ It is what I'm hoping for too(perhaps we could have them circled by the next round of breedings). I could of paired them up with my own stallions but somehow that never seemed to work out. I think they were waiting for Vision and Galaxy to come along. *grins* Awesome stallions for Awesome mares. Wave with her smexy long legs and Pinkness(just can't beat the pink!) and Bliz with her gold snowflakes and unicorn horn. XD ))

"Oh, we do all right really, our boys at home appresiate us, but they somehow became more like brothers to us than love interests. And I'm pretty sure they had more interesting things to do than vote on the contests." Blizzard says amused and rather touched by the compliments. She acts playfully surprised, "I'm not? But I've always been short, when did I grow taller!" she stands on the tip of her hooves(like tippy-toes), stretches out her neck with her head up high and sort of dances forward, pretending to be taller.

It was a rather silly but charming sight and she finishes it with a nice spin. Wave laughs, "Twinkle-toes!" she smiles warmly at her friend's playing.

The pink mare ducks her head to the side, rather embarrassed but also pleased at the attention and reassurances that she was beautiful. How could she not believe such genuine stallions? "Thank-you, Galaxy." she smiles sweetly.

Flicking her blue forelock out of her eyes she shyly admits to Vision, "I thought you would feel that way...I hoped so because it is how I feel about others. It is spirits and personalities that are truely important." she giggles when he nudges her playfully and gives him a soft nip on his shoulder in return.

"I will." Wave pauses, "I think the same of you." She thought he was beautiful, sweet, charming, and just plain lovable.

Bliz smiles brightly, "I am so happy for you." she chuckles, "Me too." her own family was wonderful with their quirks, qualities, and faults. How she loved them so.

She couldn't help but giggle at the situation and the two obviously stressed out stallions. My what a fine looking bunch, Gem she remembered well from the BC. She bows her head with a smile, "It is a pleasure to meet you all. Vision and Galaxy have been telling us delightful things about you all." Bliz gives Galaxy a sideglance.

Wave peeks around Vision at the group and smiles friendly-like. "Greetings, SilverRain, Bridle, and Gem." she nods to each in turn. "My, what nice artwork you have there!" she exclaims looking at all the different pieces.

She stops short at a portrait of a pink Serian and stares. Blizzard notices it too and gets closer to investigate. "Why, Wave its one of you!" Bliz squeals happily. "Though she took some liberties with your markings and mane, it's you for sure!"

PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2005 10:04 am
by Luminaire
Yay, thank-you Foxx! ^_^ *waves at Lakegazer*