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PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2005 11:39 am
by Foxxfyre
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PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2005 11:03 pm
by Talia
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Galaxy laughed aloud, delighted by Bliz's antics. Vision chuckled at Bliz and Wave's response to her friend's playful show.

"Ahh, see, you're not that much shorter than our friend Tatter," said Galaxy with a grin. "I'm used to Serians of your height," he added teasingly.

Vision blushed fiercely... if truth be told, he was unused to being around mares... he had always been around Gem, but he thought of Gem more as a sister than anything, so the situation he was in right now was quite different. And hearing that Wave thought along the same lines as him only served to make him more intrigued by the beautiful mare.

Gem grinned at the two mares... it was quite obvious that she was the socialite of the family. She gave each of the stallions a playful nudge before she sauntered over towards the mares and the other two stallions.

"Pleased to meet both of you.... I think I remember you both from the Beauty Contests," she said with a smile. She grinned even broader as she heard SilverRain snort from behind her.

"Pleasure ladies," said Silver with a short laugh and a nod. He fluttered his wings briefly before continuing, "Sorry about that... outburst... Da's being.... difficult..." he said, shooting his father a dirty look.

"Not difficult," retorted Bridle, shooting the two new mares an apologetic smile, "fussy... I want everything to be displayed nicely... I owe the artists that much at least."

When Bliz noticed the portrait of Wave, Bridle nodded, quite happy that they were taking interest in his festival stall.

"Indeed.... I believe your bond entered that in.... Talia will likely be judging all these shortly," he said with a smile.

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PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2005 2:11 pm
by Luminaire
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She does a little bow, "Thank-you, thank-you, glad you appresiated the show." Blizzard giggles.

Bliz looks way up at Galaxy, "I can't say I'm used to Serians of your height, though I suppose Ren isn't much smaller than you are. Indeed you must get a crick in your neck quite often with all us shorties around." she grins.

Awe she hadn't meant to make him blush. So cute. If only he could see me smile. Wave thinks alittle sadly, but quickly shakes it away. Such thoughts were useless, she mustn't think that way.

Blizzard nods, "Indeed." she says to Gem and then she chuckles to Silver. "Ahh, another prettyboy who beat me, Galaxy, the contests were entirely unfair." In good humor she winks at Silver.

Wave smiles at Bridle, "Entirely understandable." The pink mare blushes at the portrait, she certainly never expected this from Lumi. A picture of Blizzard or Storm she would of expected but not one of herself.

Bliz nudges Wave, "I think it's wonderful and all the others too. Talia is going to have a hard time deciding." She moves onwards to the banner selections and does a surprised stop of her own. "Well, look at that." she says indicating with her horn a chrome banner with a very reconizable serian on it.

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PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2005 10:09 pm
by Talia
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Galaxy couldn't help but chuckle at Bliz's mention of Silver being the "pretty boy". He knew how much the beauty contests had irked the hyper masculine stallion, and he laughed aloud as Silver followed the comment with a snort of wry laughter.

"Indeed they were," Silver replied with a laugh, "the contests weren't made for me... Talia insisted I go, but I would have been much happier seeing one of you mares place instead."

Vision chuckled and whispered an aside to Wave, knowing instinctively that she was still listening to him.

"Indeed... contests like that are never for SilverRain... he was quite embarassed when he found out that he had placed. His childhood companion, Chaos, would have gotten quite a laugh out of the look on his face... and Gem most importantly got quite the laugh out of calling him "the pretty boy" for the rest of the day."

Bridle sidled up between Wave and Bliz as the two mares admired the miriad of banners and fan art.

"You two made quite the impression on your bond.... she entered quite a bit of artwork in the likes of you two, and I daresay I don't blame her. You're quite the photogenic mares," he said with a chuckle.

"Bridle, always the flatterer," replied Galaxy with a short whinney of laughter. Bridle tossed him a look, but joined in the laughter, remembering that the same comment had been made a long time ago by his two mates, Coral and Vapor.

Vision cautiously approached the booth and nosed a few pieces of artwork wistfully. He only wished he could see them.... but sometimes just knowing that they were indeed tangible objects helped him.

Galaxy tossed his mane and nipped Bliz playfully on the shoulder before turning back to Gem.

"So... whereabouts did Talia head off to?" he asked with a frown. Gem shook her head and offered a casual shrug.

"Somewhere with Tatter, more than likely.. you know how antisocial he can be..." she replied with a wry laugh. "More than likely she headed back home... it's been a long day of judging for her, and she's probably expecting us all to do the same soon."

Vision frowned... he didn't really want to head back home quite yet...

PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2005 6:34 pm
by Luminaire
Bliz giggles and winks at Silver, "Ah but if it had been a Stud show then it would of been perfectly for you and any of the fine stallions I see here." she flicks her mane to the side, "As it is I am in agreement with you. I would of been happier to see me win too." her voice chimes with amusement.

Wave grins, "Indeed I can imagine that!" she chuckles warmly to Vision.

Wave ducks her head at the flattery while Blizzard smiles pleased. "Why thank-you for saying so, Bridle." the wintery mare says appreciatively.

The pink mare felt self-conscious about her portrait and the flattering comments. She had never thought anyone would consider her coloring as was never an inbetween color, people ether loved it or hated it..more hated it. Or so she thought.

Wave watches Vision nosing the artworks wistfully and felt wistful for him too. One could try to describe the artworks too him but how does one explain colors to someone who has never seen them? Even if he can imagine colors how does one explain which is which? Wave tried to think of how to describe red from another color without having to show it and couldn't. She sighs to herself and moves away from the portaits and banners to Vision's side.

Bliz jumps at the nip, she hadn't expected that. She gives Galaxy a brief startled look while he was turned to Gem. Then she hears the part about going back home soon and snorts a protest.

"Soon? Nonsense! The Festival is not over yet and I have yet to see a last day party going on. I refuse to leave before there is a party!" She stamps a hoof with emphasis.

Wave smiles much of the same mind. "Much too soon to go home." she flicks her tail at Vision. "Why, there haven't been any fireworks even! We'll have to ask Lumi to make some for us, eh Blizzard?" the pink mare grins mischievously.

PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2005 10:52 am
by Talia
(*grins as she thinks of an enormous after-festival party with a bunch of adopters and Serians* Heh... we should make a thread for that or something... that would be awesome. :P)

Galaxy couldn't help but chuckle at Bliz's surprised expression. The mare never seemed to look shocked or startled. Instinctively he nudged her reasurringly before nodding his head in agreement with the mares.

"Too early to go home indeed... although I daresay a party would be an excellent way to end a week of festivities. And it would be the perfect conclusion to a wonderful day, in the company of such wonderful Serians."

Vision nodded his head in agreement, a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Well, I don't know if the festival is hosting a party this year... maybe you ladies know better than myself," he added with a brief laugh. "If not, I know that Talia always holds a bit of a party afterwards, at her cottage."

Bridle and SilverRain exchanged looks, their cue to get heading on their way.

"Well, come home, or don't come home Vision and Galaxy. I'm sure Talia won't mind, either way. Either way though, the rest of us have to be on our way back home."

SilverRain and Gem nodded in agreement, and the golden mare stepped forward to nuzzle both Galaxy and Vision in an affectionate sisterly manner. She then turned to the two mares and winked conspiratorally at them.

"Now, make sure these two don't get an ounce of sleep... it's been awhile since they've had such nice company. They can be such spoilsports sometimes.... and may I be the first to invite you back to the cottage any time. I'd love to see you again, as would the rest of us. And I'm sure Talia would love to meet you."

With that, she nudged the other two stallions, urging them to leave Vision and Galaxy alone with the mares. If they wanted, she knew they'd come to the cottage for their celebration... if not, she was sure that they'd find their fun elsewhere. Either way, she was happy that her two "brothers" had met such nice mares.