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(( *lol* Rainer and I sort of did have a party at the BC tent before the festival forum was taken down with all of our serians(minus Wave as she was supposedly with a certain handsome stallion *wink*). Though none of the other adopters joined in it. Would be cool if they did. ^.^ It was really fun. ))

Bliz did her best to regain her composer and try not to blush. Wave gives Galaxy a small grin as if to share in the rare moment of Bliz being so rarely surprised.

Wave and Bliz grin mischievously in return. “We’ll do our best, Gem. It has been a pleasure and to be sure we’d love to come and visit at the cottage very soon.” Wave replies smiling and watches Gem herd the other stallions away.

“Oh, I love your family!” Bliz gushes to the stallions, dancing on hoof-tip. Wave swishes her tail softly at Vision’s flank, “They’re wonderful.” she says as well, feeling all warm and fluffy inside.

Bliz stops dancing and tugs on Galaxy’s mane, “Well, come on gorgeous! We have a party to find! And if we can’t find one, I’ll start one! Muwha!” The wintry mare leads the way from the food court.

Wave remembers something however and calls Bliz, “Wait dear we should go to the BC tent and find out the results! And...see if Lumi has bonded another serian.”

Bliz stops adruptly, “Oh! You’re right! Well to the BC tent and Then party!” With a small change of direction she started trotting away.

Wave laughs and follows along with the stallions.
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(hm.... well then, I'm definitely hosting a post fest party for anyone that wants to come at Tal's cottage... :) Seems that my serians have gotten quite the circle of friends... and even if my Serians don't know them, anyone's invited... they're quite the social butterflies. ;))

Galaxy laughed aloud at Bliz's reaction to his family. Little did she know that they weren't all so... how should he put it... friendly, as Gem was.

"Ahh.. but Bliz.. you haven't met Tatter yet. Tatter's an exception to our "happy" little family. He and Gem rarely get along... Silver's always snapping at him. Vision and I tolerate him. Bridle seems to be the only one that understands him... but apparently Bridle was pretty rough around the edges too when he first came to Talia. We're all hoping that Tatter mellows in time, and I suppose him finding that nice mare of his will help... hopefully..."

He was stalled suddenly by a sharp bark of laughter from Vision. The amethyst maned stallion shook his head sadly.

"Tatter? Tatter will never change... he's too wild to soften. It's a wonder that he and Talia ever bonded... most of her Serians seem so... laid back. Tatter's as wild as they come, and equally as hard emotionally," he replied wryly.

Galaxy narrowed his eyes and stared at Vision. It was unlike the stallion to judge so harshly...

"Be careful how you speak brother... I'm sure we all have our faults," he commented gently. Vision raised his head, looking slightly abashed and a little embarassed at being chided by Galaxy... usually it worked the other way around, with the humble and usually quiet Vision berating the brash stallion. He grew quiet for a moment, wondering if he had offended his current company by speaking out in such a manner, but he was saved by Galaxy and his playful whinney as Bliz tugged on his mane.

"I'm glad you like 'em beautiful," he said, flicking his tail playfully against Bliz in return. "Heh... I could use a party right about now.. we certainly know enough Serians to start one," he added with a wink.

Vision started to follow the pair, Wave at his side, but stopped suddenly as Wave called out to Bliz in reminder. Casually, he shifted directions, careful to stay close to Wave's side so that he wouldn't lose his way and save himself any further embarassment. Up ahead, he could hear Galaxy chatting up Bliz... he sounded pretty enthusiastic about the possibility of meeting Lumi.

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