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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 11:39 pm
by Talia
(Sorry Lumi... will post back on Mon evening.. going away for the weekend. :))

PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 11:46 pm
by Luminaire
(( Awwee. *cry* ;.; But I wanna rp nooow. *sniff* j/k well sort of. XD;; Btw, congrats to Vision on winning the beauty contest. :) Have a great weekend! *waves* See you Monday! ))

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2005 10:23 pm
by Luminaire
((*tries to get you to come back* I saaawww yoouu. >.> ))

PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2005 2:39 am
by Talia
(Blech! Sorry.... been uber busy... *snugs and grins sheepishly* Sorry Lumi.... I've been flitting about the board, but was lacking in creativity... :( )

Vision chuckled softly. Gossip wasn't his area of expertise, and any news that he might have heard really only pertained to his particular "family" of bonded Serians. Talia wasn't one for mingling overly much, so she only gathered the information she needed in most cases. He tossed amethyst locks away from his forehead and smiled in turn at each of the mares.

"Quite honestly, any interesting news I have might prove to be a bore to you two, for it only involves the Serians I know, my family in particular. Sionayra hasn't changed much I must say, although I've noted a lot more Serians starting circles now. I'm the only Serian out of my whole family that does not belong to a circle as of yet," he said, pausing to frown slightly, musing privately over the fact that he was now the only mate-less, circle-less Serian bonded to Talia.

He listened politely as each Serian offered their name, and noted with a small inward chuckle that Shade and Renegade, from their tone of voice, seemed eager to go and mingle elsewhere.

"Pleased to meet all of you," he said, inclining his head gracefully and offering them all a smile. At the sound of Blizzard's voice, he paused once again to get his bearings... Shadow Trick's was one place that he knew. His golden jewelry chimed softly as he slowed his pace for a moment to get a feel for his surroundings.

"Ahh... finally I feel a bit less disoriented," he said with a chuckle. "So, tell me, did you four enter into any of the competitions here at the festival? Talia, my bondmate went a little overboard, as far as entries were concerned. I just got back from the beauty contest before I came here, as a matter of fact," he said, shuffling a hoove thoughtfully. He hadn't really wanted to be entered into the contest... but he'd do anything for Talia.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2005 9:52 am
by Luminaire
((*snugglies* Its okay. ^.^ The creativity thing happens to me too. Don't worry about it. ))

Shade and Renegade look over the booth and decide they might as well split here. "We'll see you around!" they say cheerfully, as they trot off. Blizzard and Wave nod their goodbyes to them.

Though he didn't seem to know it his news is of great interest to the mares. Particularly that he is indeed completely single. Blizzard restrains herself from squealing like a filly to Wave.

"Actually, that is exactly the kind of news we would be interested in listening to. We got our own family and the news there pretty much just involves them." Wave says interestedly. "Should be fun to hear about serians we know nothing about."

"We're circle-less as well...all of us who are bonded to Lumi." Blizzard frowns slightly, "Which is odd because Lumi is a known match-maker, she loves to circle/pair others up." It was a well known fact about their bonded and that she hadn't done the same for her serians bothers Blizzard.

Wave smiles to him, "Thats good that you have your bearings now." nodding she says, "Yeah, ours too. Shade, Renegade, Tornado, Blizzard, and I have been in the Beauty and the Themed contests for most of the Festival." Wave looks into the distance, "I'm adament about not entering any more of them."

Blizzard chuckles, "Wave doesn't care for it, but I rather enjoy it even though I have not won anything." the wintry mare shrugs her shoulders to her it wasn't about winning.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2005 3:24 pm
by Talia
(*chuckles* Thought I'd bring another friend in... ;))

Vision nodded and smiled at the two stallions, glad for their company, even if it was only for a short period of time. He nodded at Wave and flicked his tail thoughtfully.

"Well... my family's quite the lot. Bridle was Talia's first Serian... and he has two mates, Coral and Vapor... his son, SilverRain, just recently found a mate too.... Tinsel....She placed in one of the beauty contests too I believe. Gem's the only female Serian in our family... and actually, she just found a mate today... it's official. She and Surf are a pair. She's the closest thing I have to a sister. Tatter... well.... Tatter's always been a troublemaker, but he found a nice mare one day out on a run... although we rarely see him now. And our newest stallion, Talia's rogue Serian Galaxy...well.... he's...."

He paused and twitched his ears as he heard the sound of approaching hooves. They sounded vaguely familiar, and the corner of his mouth twitched up in a small half smile.

"He's what? He's got good timing?" a deep, amused male voice said from behind the stallion and two mares. "I'm Galaxy... seems I'm right on time for introductions. Who are your two companions Vision? Oh.. and Talia wanted me to tell you that you won the beauty contest.. first place... congratulations!"

Vision blushed a fierce crimson and smiled, looking quite modest.

"This here is Wave," he said nodding towards the mare in question, "And this is Blizzard. Ladies, this is Galaxy.... as he has already mentioned."