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The sun glitters above vast fields ringed by verdant forests to the north, mountains to the south and east, and wide rivers to the west.

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Also bearing the colors of red and blue, though his grey was more a silver, came an interesting fellow with a curious looking ball with him. He never left home without it. After listening to the mare before him, who he was quite captivated by his thoughts going 'Oh she's pretty!', he spoke, "Yo!" he beamed. "Name's Blitz! Got room for another Stallion? If not, then crackers! But if so, I'd like to join."

He continued to grin and then played with his blue ball with some bumps here and there on it.

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ooc| Hehe, I'm gonna pull Satin out of this circle, just so you know.
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The world was apparently filled with other Serians! Whisper was glad that SunBlind had sent her out here, as she was a very friendly and cheerful mare.

The mare noticed Mystic and Malevolence and wandered over to them. She was not frightened by the big blue one (actually, having lived in SunBlind's Realm, she had gotten used to being around aquatic Serians like Arrow), and she felt a kind of empathy with the other. He looked like he'd had a hard time, she remembered what it was like over a year ago, and wondered if he had had the same experience as she.

"Hello," she said with a smile, "My name is Whisper."


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Flux turned around at hearing the stallion state his name and question. She locked cyan eyes on his, noticing the rather unique spotted coat he had. He was actually sort of cute... yes, rather cute indeed.

She smiled at him in a friendly matter, noticing the blue sphere he tossed around. She was rather curious about such a thing, and had no shyness in asking about it.

"If you don't mind me asking, what is that?" came her soft, lulling voice. She nodded towards the ball he was throwing about.


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(ooc: Tig, just so you know, I already got a few other members for the circle, but we can still have a few more.. only a couple though... *frowns* Sorry folks.. we'll have to be choosy I suppose...ack.... didn't see this...)

SilverRain nuzzled his quieter mate lovingly, proud that she had taken the initiative to start looking for circle members even before he had opened his mouth to do so himself. Quietly, he surveyed the assembled group of Serians as they introduced themselves and smiled, glad that there was so much interest in their little circle. With a smattering of majestic grace that he had inherited from his father, he regarded a few Serians in particular, his neck arched proudly as he spread a wing comfortingly over his smaller mate Tinsel. He paused slightly, before clearing his throat to catch the attention of whatever Serians were within listening distance.

Hello... I'm SilverRain. There's still room in this circle for a few more stallions and mares... I'd gladly let all of you join, but unfortunately, that's not possible... he added with a chuckle.

With a laugh, he nodded in the direction of Malevolence, Mystic and Flux.

No, no mates are required, he said to Flux with a kindly smile, and you two are most welcome here... it was an open invitation, and I'm glad you joined us, if only for the conversation alone.

He inclined his head welcomingly towards Blitz and Whisper as well, chuckling quietly at the exuberant stallion and the quiet mare.

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((Oh, kay. How many exactly? Just so I know how many mares/stallions we can let in.))

Smiling proudly at her big love, she allowed herself to be tucked firmly against his side. The Serians began to show slowly, and she was glad they did, they all seemed to have interesting personalities. Not knowing how much room they really had, she blushed and murmured to her mate, "You handle the messy stuff." With a teasing hint of a smile.

She nodded softly to all those who approached, uttering a gentle hello or greeting where needed.

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