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PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 10:58 pm
by Tigress
Vapor watched Coral with a trance of amusement, stretching her muscular and yet slender limbs in a motion that was incredibly simple for her, and yet looked for all the world like it would make a human gymnast envious. She dipped her head gracefully and bent her knees in a salute of a kind.

"Well met Brindle, and as a warrioress I use my stealth for... friendly little games, such as watching those around me. Coral has crossed my path many times without realizing it, and one thing to always remember is watch those around you or be caught unaware. Remember that, it might just save your life eventually. And young mare, swim? Hmmm... I'm more or less accustomed to 'waterbathing' as I put it, sunbathing, without the sun, you get? Well sure, why not swim?"

Her almost 'business' like tone broke at last, she was respectful when in warrioress mode without having that exact intent. She was glad to see the stallion loosening up, his smile was almost... charming. She offered a playful grin of her own and batted crystal blue eyes at him that danced mishceviously as she walked by. She stood at the water's edge, the gleam of the liquid dancing off her coat in a soft blaze as she waited.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 11:21 pm
by Talia
He curiously watched Vapour stretch. He flexibility was just as entrancing as Coral's dancing movements. He tried flexing his own muscles in the same manner, but failed miserably. He chuckled at his poor attempt.

He inclined his head solumnly at Vapour's advice. "Thank you. I'll have to remember that. I don't have the warrior instincts that you possess obviously, but I'm happy to get any advice." He was somewhat surprised when her manner changed and she agreed to go swimming.

Perhaps swimming wasn't that bad after all... Bridle didn't want to be left out. He grinned foolishly when Vapour batted her eyes at him. All the attention made him giddy, and he decided to go for it. Flashing a charming smile Coral's way, he sped past her, pausing long enough to wink playfully at Vapour. With one giant leap, he bounded into the pool, causing water to fly in every which direction, drenching Vapour at the edge of the pool. He padded around happily, and whinnied with laughter at the soaked Vapour.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 11:34 pm
by Tigress
She couldn't help but catch his gaze when she stretched and had smirked upon the realization. She smiled and shook her head when he tried to imitate her movements but that smile told him she was proud of the attempt.

While still staring blankly ahead, caught somewhat surprised at the wink Vapor found herself grinning, only to utter a surprised neigh of approval when splashed by the water. In fact, she had sensed his movements and had balanced on her hind legs- ready to leap into the impact of the water. The force sent her into the water but she was soaked already so it didn't matter. Her sapphire mane seemed to go into a dreamy midnight- the colour illusion from being wet, but still she liked it. She swam over to Bridle and playfully nipped at his tail, swaying out of reach and emitting a mischevious whinny of her own. She looked back at Coral, feeling slightly rude for stealing some of her attention, but refocussed quickly on the stallion nearby, lifting her head and staring down at him defiantly.

"Come and get me." :P

PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 11:53 pm
by Talia
He threw a sidelong look at Coral, wondering if she was going to come join them. He sure hoped so. After all, he enjoyed her company as well and he wouldn't want her to leave. Something told him she was up to something though, so he doubted she'd up and walk away.

He neighed in surprise at Vapour's nip, and whirled around to catch her, but she was already beyond his reach. At her challenge, he became even more determined to catch the elusive Vapour. He screwed up his face in concentration, eyes flicking about thoughtfully. He decided to play on his own weakness.

His eyes turned wild, and he struggled to swim, going under quite a few times to make the act look effective. Spluttering, he thrashed wildly about, and ducked under for an extended period of time for "dramatic effect." He waited, not willing to resurface until Vapour came closer.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:01 am
by Tigress
Vapour sat and snickered, he really thought she'd be that gullable? She pranced just around his ring of reach, teasing and grinning. Sometimes one can overdo their own show, so she decided to play victim to his scheme. She pounced with that graceful and flexible ease she had, and landed on his side, rolling him over in a spin effect so she was underneath. The confusion of that move gave her just enough time to squirt water at the side of his muzzle, murmuring again in her sultry voice,

"Gotcha, but ya still haven't got me, honey!"

Quickly this was said as she came up for air before trying to dash out of reach again. For once she was acting like a foal and enjoying it! No responsibilities, just fun... and a rather attractive companion... She smirked and tried to hide her own disapproval- he was probably Coral's mate and she should not tread here... but a part of her just wanted to make sure her suspicions were right before running off.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:21 am
by Talia
He should have known.... she was too quick for his little ruse! He had sorely underestimated this mare! He coughed his defiance at being sprayed so nonchalantly in the face. He wasn't about to let her win, but he didn't have the moves she did.

He was immensely confused. He was really starting to like both of these mares. He wasn't sure what to do about the situation. I'm getting quite a bit ahead of myself, he thought. After all, I don't even belong to a circle yet!

He was desperately struggling with his conscious over the matter when he noticed that Vapour, in the process of dashing away from him, had completely left her back wide open! He snickered quietly in anticipation, and paddled quietly towards her. Just as she was reaching shallow water, he struck in a well....clumsy fashion.

Not possessing the instincts, nor the agility of a warrior, he greatly botched the whole situation. He had meant to hook his front hooves around her midsection and drag her under, but instead, all he managed to do was clumsily flip himself on his back. He was pleased, however, that he did seem to suceed a bit... her head bobbed under for a slight moment! :D