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PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 2:29 am
by Talia
((Ouch...gotta stop doing's too early in the morning here!!! lol))

Bridle watched her exaggerated movements, eyes flickering with amusement, and was sent into fits of laughter when Coral proceeded to batt her eyes.

"Hmm.... wouldn't want to miss the newest trend. 'Suppose I better get with it eh?" he said, proceeding to roll happily around in the grass, acting quite the foal. He trotted up next to her when he was finished his little act, grass clinging to his mane and tail, his dark coat flecked with green.

"Well, escort at your services milady Coral," he said laughingly. He paced restlessly, but was unsure of where to go next. As he was pacing around the clearing, he noticed a tiny trickle of a stream. He followed it with his eyes until it disapeared from view. He screwed up his face thoughtfully.

"Well, there's a bit of a stream here, and I'm actually quite thirsty from all that romping around in the grass, so why don't we follow it? I'm sure it'll lead us to a larger source of water. Perhaps we could get a drink there." He pawed the ground in anticipation. "Let's go Coral!" He shook himself one last time, and took off at a gallop, daring Coral to race him.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 5:38 am
by Cynther
((Here too! *checks clock* 5:32. >.< Sun's already up!))

She watches his foal-like behavior quite amused. And he laughed at her jokes! She was liking how this seemed to be working out and was even happier for her decision to step out from her hiding place.

He even thought like her. She'd been searching for somewhere to swim originally before she happened across him.

"Not only could we get a drink, but we could get a swim as well!" She yelled after him.

She was caught off guard at first by his sudden take off, but laughed giddily and took off after him. Admittedly, she wasn't too good at running... but she'd get him back later when they found a lake or pond!

PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 11:20 am
by Talia
((lol.. couldn't stay awake....had to get off. *Yawns*))

He slowed his reckless pace somewhat, but still remained teasingly infront of Coral, letting her trail him by inches.

"Swiming sounds great!!" he yelled back excitedly. He tossed his head playfully and lengthened his stride in anticipation.

The stream seemed to be getting wider. He slowed up completely as it widened into a pool. He approached the water cautiously-water was not his favourite thing, but he'd swim for Coral. He drank deep, and heard Coral approach from behind.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 5:01 pm
by Tigress
((Eheh, wanted to join in if it's alright, if not then I'll delete this lol pretending Vapor has seen Coral before- something origional lol I'm good at that!))

Vapor grinned, she knew this one- Coral. She always happened to be around the water, and had seen Coral before from a distance. So what? She didn't exactly stalk anyone, she was just a watcher. Better to know those around you then to be caught unaware. Her proud warrioress manner showed as she grinned and shook sapphire mane from her eyes.

"Maybe I should jump down and say 'hi'? Or how's 'Hi, I've silently watched you many times before now and you still haven't noticed!' Naw.. too creepy."

She silenced herself as she took note of the male with her. He reminded her of.. well.. Ram. She chuckled low and moved amongst the trees, shifting her location so her muted talking wouldn't carry and give away her place. She contamplated jumping down and scaring the two, but decided she'd do what she did best for now- watch and relax.


PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 5:23 pm
by Talia
((Lol. I was hoping you'd show up! *hugz Tigeress*))

Bridle jerked his head up in surprise and quickly looked around. Twitching his ears forward, he strained to catch the sound that he thought he heard... if he did indeed hear something. My imagination's likely getting the better of me... he thought, but still he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched. He looked over at Coral.

"Did you hear something, or am I just being paranoid?" he asked, stamping a hoof in annoyance for not being able to determine the source of the sound himself.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2004 5:36 pm
by Tigress
((Awww thanks! *hugs back ^^*))

Vapour rolled over in mirth, the sapphire tresses of her long tail again flowing in her face. This was too good! An alert young stallion thinking he was going senile because of her skillful movements! She chuckled inside but let no sound escape, except a deep sultry whisper that called out,

"Listen closely stallion... Do you hear me? Such vibrant blue.. I've always been partial to that colour..."

Her taunting words would leave him with no doubt that she could see him, how else could she speak of his colours? She looked down at coral and frowned, the poor sweet little thing. Frost would kill her if she scared Coral, dang that soft-hearted mare. Sighing she knew she'd have to stop playing mind games eventually, but it was soooo fun... :evil: