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PostPosted: Thu Jul 08, 2004 10:58 pm
by Talia
Bridle lept out of the water, and trotted over to where Coral stood beside Vapour. He looked anxiously between the two mares, prancing about. He watched Coral ponder it over, and stomped a hoof nervously. Then he snapped.

"Coral! What are we going to do? We can't just stand here and look at her all day! We've got to do something! What's wrong with her? Is she breathing? Is she going to be okay? What should I do? How can I help?" he whinned out of sheer panic, trotting around in circles, trailing water all around him. He nudged Coral desperately. "CORAL!!" he yelled, willing her to speed up and give him an answer, even though he'd barely let her get a word in edgewise with all his questions.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2004 11:53 am
by Tigress
(( Sorry! I'm not good at timing my posts :stress: forgive me Cynther!))

Light... fading and returning.. what had happened.. she could still feel the dull throb in her ankle, which meant she must still be alive barely. She absent-mindedly went into a meditational mode and let her 'inner self' travel down to the ankle... two neat puncture wounds were basically hidden by her silky fur and had gone unnoticed. She thought back and wondered.. bite marks.. had something bit her?

Voices.. oh no! They must be worried.. She tried to push herself back into consciousness but something was stopping her.. she felt so drained and weak. Bite marks.. when she landed! She must have stepped on something and it bit her.. but.. ah.. venom. Whatever bit her must have been poisonous.. which wasn't entirely a good thing.. 'Oh please someone help me..' She knew that Coral would eventually find out what was really wrong with her... but how long would it take?

She was already feeling the stiffening of her limbs and her breathing started up again as she exhaled in small tight gasps of panic. Her chest heaved only about a centimeter before going down again and she would soon hyperventilate... she had to calm.. they wouldn't be too late.. she kept telling herself that over and over but still the breathign remained close to the same.. the venom was making even breathing become hard.

She let a small tear fall, what if she never got to see Coral again? The sweet little one that was like a sister to her.. and Bridle, the strong handsome stallion she'd come to love. Her tail throbbed dully and she figured if she lived she'd ask about it later. For now she felt their presences and with a barely conscious state she was able to find comfort in that.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2004 4:16 pm
by Cynther
Coral watched her closely. Yes, she was still breathing. She turned to Bridle.

"Calm down!" she snapped at him, hoping to stun him into silence and back into his head, perhaps. "I was thinking, maybe the steam got to her. But, I was thinking about it a bit more, and we'd be having problems breathing too. You're not having problems breathing, right?"

She didn't really wait for his answer and instead moved to check the leg. "Maybe it actually fractured when she landed. Sometimes a fracture will turn into a break and that can cause a faint..."

She eyed the leg again. It really didn't appear to be broken. But... wait. Was that blood? She stooped closer to the leg and nimbly moved Vapor's fur aside with a hoof.

She stood and quickly turned to Bridle. "Look at this! I don't recognize it," she frowned. "A fracture or sprain would not do something like that, though. Two puncture wounds..." she tried going through her memory, but had learned nothing about that. "Do you think something must have stabbed her?"

((OOC: No venomous creatures on Emeral. *sweatdrop* She wouldn't know what it was. A regular bite, she'd know that, possibly she'd associate it with a poisonous plant...))

PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2004 4:39 pm
by Talia
Coral's angry remark sure did the trick for Bridle. He seemed shocked at first, but quickly realized just how ridiculous he was being in such a grave situation. He quickly moved to Coral's side when she began to examine Vapour's leg. When she found the two puncture wounds, Bridle inhaled sharply.

"That's not a stab wound Coral," he said quietly. "She's been bitten. They look somewhat like fang marks to me." He moved in closer and moved the fur aside himself. "Mmmhmm.... that's definitely fangs. My guess is a snake of some sorts. All that matters is that it was something venomous." He glanced quickly at Coral, who gave him a questioning look. "If she doesn't get help soon, the venom will eat away at her body. We need to get her to someone who can fix the problem. I myself don't have any experience dealing with venom. What we need is an anti-venom of some sorts. What about your caretaker or mine? Mine shouldn't be very far away, but where's yours? Is she closer? Perhaps they can help. I know that Talia lives in the forest. That's how she found me. Perhaps she'll know something about this." He looked at Coral, anxiously waiting for a reply.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2004 10:34 pm
by Cynther
"Venom?" Coral blinked. She had heard that word somewhere, besides being the name of a particularly unpleasant Serian (wry grin) and remembered being told there were no such creatures in Emeral.

"Well, Cynther's a..." she pauses. It always sounded ridiculous. "Goddess... she's certainly not here, she has plenty to take care of in Emeral. And I don't know how to contact her, because I don't have any telepathic abilities."

She sighed. She knew how funny that must sound. "Anyways, I guess you better get your Keeper. I'll stay here and elevate her leg. It'll slow her bloodstream down, which will help keep anything from spreading. You've gotta run like the wind."

She started to lay down, and edge herself underneath Vapor's leg. She could see Bridle still standing there, probably shocked. She looked at him, hard, and caught his eyes. "RUN!" she shouted, hoping to break him out of his temporary shock once again.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2004 11:06 pm
by Talia
((lol....just realized that all this time, I've been spelling Vapor's name wrong....don't I feel like a fool! :P)

He couldn't believe what a scared pony he was being! At Coral's shout, he darted out of the caves as fast as his legs could carry him. He flew faster than he'd ever gone before-faster, perhaps, than even Vapor had been in the race. He didn't have time to be pleased with himself however. By the time he reached Talia's cottage (which was even further out of the way than the place that he had originally entered at) he was foam flecked with exertion and panting heavily. And he still had the whole way back. Whinnying loudly, he called out to Talia.

"Talia! Come quick! Vapor's in trouble and Coral and I need help!" stomping his hooves and rearing, he nearly accidentally trampled Talia when she rushed out to his side.

"What's wrong Bridle? Who's Vapor?" she asked, grabbing ahold of his mane and trying to calm him.

"No time," he panted. "Snakebite...needs anti-venom.." Talia paled and rushed inside. She knew she had a bottle of the stuff handy, since she had recently had to use it when one of her dogs was bitten. She didn't know if there would be enough though...after all, Vapor was a Serian, and she had only ever treated dogs and humans... She lept swiftly onto Bridle's back, and they galloped through the trees, Bridle zigzaging to avoid limbs and debris.

Finally they reached the caves again. Bridle, unable to move, collapsed on the floor in a heap, breathing heavily, chest heaving. Talia ran over to the Serian's side, nodding at Coral's work. At least she had kept the leg elevated-it was likely one of the things that saved Vapor's life. Taking out a syringe, she drained all the anti-venom from the vial. Positioning the syringe over a major vein in the leg, she injected the anti venom directly into Vapor's body. She ran her fingers through Vapor's mane sadly.

"Hopefully she'll be alright, but I'll just stick around for a bit longer just in case. She should come to pretty soon if the anti-venom does the trick." She smiled at Coral and glanced over at Bridle, who had seemingly passed out from over-exertion. "I think I'm going to go sit by Bridle for a moment. Let me know, Coral, if anything changes."