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PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2005 9:46 pm
by Rainer
Arch gave a deep sigh, attempting to ease the rage he had recently felt. Although, Chime's nuzzle helped alot. ;) "Yeah... She'll be okay, that filly is as tough as nails."

"Aggrivated? I do believe thats the first time I'd ever been angered." He smiled, the irritation seemed to evaporate from his bright yellow eyes, flicking to Chime.

He gave a sly smirk, nudging Chime gently.

Spin was lipping at his daughter's stubby mane, she had curled up on the ground at Rainer's side, and was sound asleep, her head resting on her bonded's lap. Rainer was running her fingers along the filly's small head, sighing.

"Did you see who scared her?" She asked Spin, but the stallion shook his head, glancing around. "Probably one of Arch's... 'Mares'." He replied flatly, glancing at the blue stallion.

He usually would have held Arch in high respect, him being the 'leader' of Rainer's little herd. "Now Spin..." Rainer flicked her gaze to him. "Arch is in a circle, and he can breed with any of them, but Chime is the only one he'd choose to be with, and you know it." Spin sighed, "Yeah yeah, I know."

PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 1:56 pm
by SunBlind
Silver Fox stared at the Titan fiasco, his mouth open in horror. Titan nearly took out her anger on that little filly! And it was his fault. Normally his pranks didn't go that far. He sighed with relief as the big yellow mare came to her senses and wandered off. Then tensed again as he realized she would be twice as angry with him now...he wasn't sure he could handle Titan that pissed off...

All those worries flowed out his ears as Zephyr sighed softly beside him, slumping against his own form. She was so...warm and....soft...and nice...

"Hmmmm...." he said as he closed his eyes.


Titan returned to SunBlind's Realm to attempt to heal her wounded pride and to think of a suitable punishment for a certain trickster colt....

PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 10:47 pm
by Tigress
Zephyr tensed slightly at the small murmured sigh, did she do something wrong? Glancing over, she was able to make out that he had his eyes closed, and seemed somewhat content. With her pulse in her throat, she swallowed and ever so slowly lowered her head, as if he were asleep and she might wake him. With her beautiful mane only inches from the ground, she opted for a more comfortable and clean pillow than the earth, and settled her head on his leg, nestled underneat the soft warmth of Silver Fox's head above hers. It was... comforting, and.. right?

Chime chuckled uneasily at last, shrugging off her discomforts. He seemed to be relaxing, the filly looked alright, and Titan was nowhere to be seen. All was well. "You don't usually anger at all, I'm surprised. I'm glad you've calmed however, so I can continue snuggling you selfishly without fear." She teased gently, meshing a sunny wing with one of his sky blue wings and snuggling underneath the mass of feathers.

Frostbite noticed that her previous companion had gone to talk to the supposedly egocentric stallion, Brittle, and was somewhat worried. He hadn't gone and forced himself on a mare while Avalir had been watching, had he? No, he didn't seem that type, or Web wouldn't have given him the time of day. Was it about Web? She hadn't a clue. Sighing resolutely, she decided not to worry about their affairs, if/when Avalir returned, he'd tell her if he wanted to. But then again... it was a nice distraction from her own sorrows...

PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2005 2:24 pm
by SunBlind
"There you are!"

The loud voice nearly scared Silver Fox out of his skin. Leaping up, his head and back hit the table and he landed in a heap on the ground again. Shadow Trick chuckled, her head peeking under the tablecloth.

"I don't know why I wasted my time wandering about looking for you in the crowd. Should have know you had slunk off somewhere to spy on everyone. So, what did you do this time?" She blinked, " Oh!" The black mare had just noticed Zephyr under there too.

A bit of an evil glint entered into her eye as she smiled, "So that's what you've been up to...."