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Web raised an eyebrow at the spectacle on the ground. Chaos...and Silver...and...pie...

"You sure know how to choose them, little lover-chan," Brittle grinned, scarfing down an apple. Web kickied him discreetly in the ankle, then trotted over to Chaos.

"...I never would've thought you'd follow Brittle's footsteps" she laughed, then walked over to the shellshocked Tinsel. "You okay, Tinsel-chan?"

Brittle nursed his bruised ankle and looked at Chaos. And the stallion teased him about Avalir. He would certainly never behave in such a foalish manner. Honestly, what did his dark rose see in this wildfire foal...

Meanwhile Avalir had succeeded in leaving the crowd, unaware of Beta's roving eye. There were a few serians about, a frost-winged beauty lying in the grass, overshadowed by another in a golden blindfold. A green mare and her night-coated companion. And another one in the fields. He settled into the grass, watching the lights, and the pie-fight with some amusement. He also kept a stray eye on his siblings, but he honestly didn't know why he cared...

Hinote's head snapped up to see the mare, then he looked back down at the fireworks. "Che, the old man's not my commander," he spat, arrogantly. "Like I would listen to him anyway."

He prodded one of the fireworks with his hoof. "Maybe I should light one of these, just to piss him off. That would show him."

And land him in the infirmary for a few days, but it would be worth it to show the geezer.
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Chaos grinned and looked up at his dark love. "Heyyy gorgeous. Sorry I couldn't help it. He's so darn irresistable." He said, planting another wet one on Silver's cheek and stealing more pie. "You know, if you had pie on you then maybe it'd be more of a temptacion..." He commented, grinning wildly. He was so serious most of the time that it felt nice to let his inner foal out. Silver and him always had that effect on each other.

Tinsel however, smiled weakly and blushed. "Yes I'm uhm, fine. I think I need to sit down..." And she did so, trying not to look as shocked as she obviously did. Sometimes, her big love still managed to surprise her.

Frostbite caught the glance of Avalir and smiled through her tears, maybe when it was all said and done she'd go and keep him company. Beta seemed to like him enough so he must be nice. For now... she supposed she owed it to tell Vision why she was upset.

Sirensong glanced back and grinned. "Well, I think it's a great idea. He bugs me, I don't like being told what to do." She stated matter-of-factly. She'd been shy around her new realm-mates yes, but she wouldn't tolerate one of them starting to get bossy with her.
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Surf nuzzled Gem. It had been so long since he had seen her. He watched as she talked, loving the sound of her voice. We wouldn't have missed it for the world. Plus, it gives me the chance to play matchmaker. FierLight and Twist are as of yet, unattached, so I thought to fine them a nice little stallion and mare respectivly. Everyone should be as happy as I am. he told her with a smile and a wink.

Nyx in the meantime walked towards Talia, Tig and the other bonds. Shwe watched as Tig whapped Tal with a pillow, and Tal go nuts punching it. Oh, girls, I'm too old for this. she said, knowing full well that it was more than approprate, she was the oldest of all the bonds that were usually seen around the fields. At least you guys know how to have fun. she said with a laugh. Noticing the other bonds, she said hello and nodded to them each in turn.

Cast was rather enjoying himself parusing the food, when he heard a familiar vioce behind him. Turing around, he saw the most beautiful mare, pregnent with his foal. He walked slowly up to her. Well, I see Pride isn't the only pregnent mare that decided to make the trip today. How are you dearest? he asked worried for her comfort. Seeing that she looked fine, he turned back to Twist. Come here fella and meet the lady that changed my life. Scythe, this is Twist, Twist, meet my lady love. he said winking at the mare.

It is a great pleasure to meet you Scythe. he said and bowed towards Scythe. Well, I will let the two of you have some privacy. he added and went to look for a bit of mischeif.

Papa, you know good and well that I don't want to meet other Serians. I was perfectly fine on my own for as long as I was, there is no need to change to much of that now. FireLight complained when her father tried to show her around.

Too bad. Nyx says it will be good for you. If you don't want to see it as me showing you around, how about you show me around. I don't know anyone either. Aura said, nudgeing his daughter a bit. He looked over his shoulder to check on Pride. He was very worried about her foaling while they were away from home. She had told him not to worry, but that was all he could do.

Go back to mother for Heavens sake. You won't calm down until you are with her anyway. FireLight told her father. I will go hang out with Twist. I won't get into too much trouble with him around. she added trotting off. Aura chuckled then went back to be with Pride

]ooc[ Hope I didn't miss anything, this is gonna be a hard one to keep up with!

EDIT: How in the world did you guys reply that much while I was typing? *boggles*
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Rainer decided to walk over to them yet again, her hands shoved in her pockets. At the height of 5 foot 2, she wondered if she was the shortest out of them all, like Nyx was the oldest. "Oh C'mon Nyx. Your never too old for a pillow fight" She grinned, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, watching Tig and Tal with an amused expression.

Spin and SaphireSpin walked over to the fields, and SaphireSpin finally left her father's side on purpose. She galloped about in tight circles, and randomly kicked up her heels. Spin chuckled, watching as his daughter enjoyed herself.

Arch nuzzled Chime's shoulder, and took a small step towards her, curious as to why she had moved away. Of course he was aware of his small discomfort, but when he lifted his hoof, it vanished. Titan had another stallion, didn't she? Or did Arch have to hide his feelings... He no longer knew.


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Talia snorted and carried on, waving weakly as Nyx approached while clutching her stomach.

"It... hurts..." she said with a laugh. She tried to breathe slowly, but that only ended up bordering on hyperventilation.

Silver couldn't help but look shocked as Chaos started to clean pie off him, but it didn't take long for him to start playing along.

Chaos... I never knew you felt like that... I mean, all this time... he said, mock sniffling. With a wild wink, he smeared more pie into Chaos' mane with a wingtip, and made a really loud realistic smacking noise when Chaos kissed him.

He struggled to his feet and couldn't help but smack Chaos across the behind with a wing before sauntering off towards his fallen, rather weak looking mate.

Sorry beautiful... he said quietly, all calm and mannerly once again in the presence of his lady love. Gently he cleaned the pie off her face and nuzzled her happily.

Vision couldn't help but be alarmed when he heard her voice... he knew she was upst... he could tell she was crying... and he couldn't help but feel extraordinarily guilty for it.

Frost... please... he said quietly, daring to nudge her softly with the tip of his nose. Gently he lipped at her mane, pulling the tendrils out from around her eyes, as she so characteristically tended to hide them when she was playing shy or upset. I met Wave at the festival... there's nothing official yet, although I would think that we're really close. I'd have to wait to see her word on that one...please... don't cry... I shouldn't have... he paused, to wipe the tears from her eyes with his muzzle, instinctively knowing that they were there.

Gem grinned at her mate and idly wondered where her wreath had gotten to... she should find it so she could wear it for him...

Firelight and Twist? I don't think I've met them... I know that we're all trying to set up Nymph with a nice stallion, but she's so shy yet... Galaxy's keeping her company right now.

OOC:/ No kidding.. *laughs* I'm going to have a hard time keeping up as well. hehe.
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Chaos allowed Silver to stand and grinned in surprise when Silver smacked his rump. "Oooh harder next time Silv." He teased, laughter threatening to burst from his mouth. He looked apologetically to Web, but, what was there to say? Sorry I got my homo freak on with my best friend? "Sorry I got my ho- nevermind!" He said, realizing he'd started it out loud.

Frostbite allowed Vision to move the mane from her face, she'd almost forgotten how much he knew without seeing. It was really amazing sometimes. "Don't apologise, I was stupid to... I don't know. Just... I'm sorry Vision. I really care for you, and I suppose I was just so caught up in being happy to spend time with you that it hurt me to think some other mare would be feeling those exact feelings when she arrives." As he wiped her ever flowing tears away she leaned into the movement wistfully then mentally kicked herself. She had to let him go, what mare wouldn't want him? Obviously this girl was interested and she was too late.

Chime grinned, more sure with her movements now as she nuzzled his neck in return. She didn't know how 'friendly' he wanted or didn't want her to be, but the move had been reassuring and she couldn't help but feel better. Much better.

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