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The sun glitters above vast fields ringed by verdant forests to the north, mountains to the south and east, and wide rivers to the west.

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Vapor grinned at the newest addition to Tal's crazy group, "Nice to meet you, we have a few newcomers to our realm as well. Maybe you guys can gang up and start a club against us scary familiar Serians." Speaking of which there were a lot of nicely familiar faces about. She nuzzled Bridle affectionately for a second, feeling out of place showing so much emotion. She loved being able to visit him in these big social events though, not that they didn't visit normally but the atmosphere was so much more mischevious with all the Serians about. A shout accompanied by strange sounds made her shake her head, "Something tells me that was our son..."

Chaos had anticipated something like the apple from his bud, so he quickly turned and caught it in his mouth. But he hadn't anticipated the force behind the throw and he skimmed off half the apple with his teeth before it hit the back of his throat. He loudly coughed it up into the grass and glared mischeviously. "You gonna die. It's on like Donkey Kong." Sneaking off behind the food tables he had a certain item in mind. Pie, pie, where was pie? Why pie? Why not? Aha! He snagged one greedily in his teeth from the bonders table and sent it flying through the air like a discus towards Silver.

Zephyr intercepted the pie in front of silver, and when it seemed like she'd take it for herself, she spun and aimed for a pie slap in the face! Why? Because everyone loved Zeph and she'd get away with it. However, during her little spin she noticed that Silver Fox had arrived. Abandoning the enjoyment of watching to see if her mission was a success, she turned and fled towards the familiar figure. She'd kinda missed having him around... "Hey there, you're just in time for the fun!" She said mischeviously, guessing he'd probably seen her pie attack.

Chime grinned brightly at Gem and nodded, "Yeah Chime, you're the infamous Gem then hmmm? Beta's told me tons honey! Those two are the newest additions, along with Zephyr, but with the way she is, it feels like she's been around forever! Sirensong is the green and purple one, and Comet is the bright night sky with legs." She chuckled to herself and nudged Beta who had attacked Gem into a hug. "We missed you, you know! Too bad Frostbite's occupied or else I'd grab her too. Soon as Tinsel arrives she'll probably steal Vision from her heh." Hopefully Silver wouldn't mind this time, now that he knew Tinsel was just attracted to certain types of Serians in a friendly way. A little nip made Chime jump, and she grinned brilliantly when she saw who it was. "Hello again darling, missed ya." She teased, nipping at an ear.

Not noticing that she was being talked about, Frostbite nuzzled Vision back affectionately, not knowing that he had found a mare for himself. "I can assure you that I will, dear Vision. How have you been?" Somehow, though he was as much a mystery to her now as the day they first met, she was so close with the stallion, and as much as she intrigued him- he intrigued her. Being blind had absolutely nothing to do with it, in fact when she looked at the gentle golden cloth as she spoke to him, nothing seemed amiss. She turned quickly to Galaxy and tilted her head, smiling. "Yes actually, I think I saw you as well. As for Vision, he was just hiding me away all for himself." She chuckled lightly and whispered 'just kidding' to the stallion.

Two late arrivals were Tigs herself, and the gentle lady Tinsel. The latter of which looked positively serene for some reason or another. She smiled vibrantly at Vision as they passed and was about to go talk to him when she noticed Frostbite. Might as well let her friend socialize first, she had a big handsome stallion to say hello to. Trotting up behind Silver, she nipped his hind and giggled. "Silver, I missed you big love.." She pressed against his side and nuzzled his neck.

Tig grinned and walked up behind Tal, the madness had already begun so she might as well join in. "Oh Tal, I have a pillow for you..." Of course she proceeded to pull out a pillow and attack Talia with it, apologising with a grin to Rainer. It's just how they were sometimes hehe.
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Nyx walked idely through the fields. A party was just what she needed at the moment. Surf and Cast were leading the way. . .well, Surf was. He was the only one who had been to Talia's cottage before. He wanted to get the in a timely manner to see his mate. Meeting Gem had done wonders for the stallions ego. . .not that it needed any busting. A few steps behind here were Aura and his very pregnent mate Pride. Nyx had thought it a good idea that she stay home, but she would have none of it. Trotting beside her were FireLight, Aura and Pride's first offspring and the ever impatient Twist. The winged stallion would dart a head to see how much farther then run back to her and demand she hurry.

Oh, but Nyx, You must hurry. I don't want to miss the party, and if you continue to walk at the pace you are, we will surely do just that. Twist said with a sigh.

We can't hurry all that much, Pride is very heavy with her foal. It wouldn't due for her to give birth in the fields now would it? Nyx repiled with a smile. She continued at her regular pace, and soon the cottage came into veiw. There were already several Serian gathered with thier bonds. See, we didn't miss a thing. she told the pretty stallion.

Surf had boted ahead as soon as he had seen Gem in the crowd. He slowed a few yards from her and walked up to her gently. Hello beautiful. Your love has arrived. he said with a smile before nuzzeling Gem.

Pride and Aura walked slowly to a stand of trees and made themselves comfortable. Aura continued to fuss about Pride's comfort. Are you sure you don't need anything? he asked her. I'm prefectly fine. You act as if I havn't foaled before, dear. Now, go show your daughter around. She is still unfamiliar with everyon. she replied. He nodded and trotted over the FireLight.

Cast and Twist went straight towards the food, to see what kind of treats would be avaliable to them. FireLight huddled next to her father, which was very unlike her. She hadn't been with Nyx long, she didn't know everything about her, but this sudden shyness was unexpected.

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Rainer laughed, watching the two for a couple moments, before walking over to the food table, seeing what they had. Spin and SaphireSpin followed her, not seeing anyone that Spin knew.

The blue stallion grinned at Titan. "Hey." He figured that Chime hadn't felt the nip, or noticed it. But he shrugged it off, nudging Titan playfully. "I haven't seen you in a while." He flicked his gaze to Chime, his grin only growing wider. "I do believe you two ladies have met? He flicked his ear, smirking. He was getting used to it but his poor ears were bound to get nibbled right off at some point.

SaphireSpin glanced around shyly, wondering where her mommy was, and who all these serians were. She also missed her brother. She lipped at Spin's shoulder. "Daddy, wheres mommy and Summer Soltice?" She asked innocently, and the red stallion couldn't help but grin. "They haven't arrived yet, hunny." She paused, glancing around again. "Uncle Fleet too?" Spin nodded, nuzzling her.

"Uncle Fleet too. Hopefully they'll come, though." SaphireSpin grinned, and tugged gently, yet playfully at his mane. He smiled.

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"I hate parties."

Web looked back at her charge. Hellion was sulking along, trying her best not to show it, but Web knew her better. In fact, she was getting a small sadistic kick out of it. It was about time the younger mare started acting her age...

"So do I, but you wouldn't disobey our mistress's orders, would you?" Web smiled back icily. Hellion glared and pulled herself into a more imposing position.

"Of course not."

Brittle snickered, causing Web to shoot him a glare. Only she could laugh at the mare's displeasure, Brittle was no exception. Luckily, an equally sulky Hinote worded it for her.

"Put a sock in it, old geezer."

He didn't want to be here either. But apprently the sisters had all had the similair idea to send their youngest serians to the after party, and they had met halfway with their chaperons. Except for Avalir, because he was too mature to need a chaperone, darn him...

"Do you want a broken rib little one?"

"Ch, like you could," oh, he was sulky enoguh to not think straight. Well Brittle's horns would fix that...

"We're here," Avalir intoned quietly. Unlike his siblings, he had no qualms about being here. He just...didn't care.

Web grinned at the sight of Chaos throwing a pie at Silver. This was certainly going to be interesting. Hellion snorted at her mentor's amusement and hastily left to stand under anearby tree until thois whole thing was over and she could go kill something. Or at least seriously injure it.

Hinote also considered sneaking off to the fields, but instead he was drawn to the fireworks selection. Hmmm, fire...

Brittle's eyes were burning holes in his back. "Don't. Touch. Them."

He sulked away towards them anyway. Fine. The geezer never said he couldn't look. Brittle in the mean time, sidled up to Web. "Want to get something to eat, dark rose?"

She rolled her eyes. "Fine koibito, but if I hear a word about bananas or anything remotely similair, you will be sorry."

Avalir meanwhile drifted through the crowd, just looking for somewhere quiet and not near his siblings. The field looked nice, perhaps he would wait until something caught his interest.
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[YEY! Let the party begin! *whoop* So many Serians... this is exactly what I was hoping for. <3 :D ]

Bridle couldn't help but gaze fondly at his mate. They never were too big on showing too much affection in front of everyone... Coral, Vapor's sister mate was more affectionate in public with Bridle than Vapor was. But it was just their way. Bridle loved the crowds though... with all the Serians about, it created quite the atmosphere, and it reminded him of when he was younger and mischievious like his son... not that he had grown out of that stage, but he found that he toned himself down more than he ever had, now that he had a son that he felt he had to set an example for (even though, to his chagrin, SilverRain never seemed to take any particular liking to being like his da'). His train of thought was momentarily interrupted by a shout from Silver. With a snort, he stamped a hoof. That stallion never learned...

Sure was, he said, with a slight frown, I tell you, I should really send him off to visit you more often, seeing as how he finds some secret delight in grating on my nerves, as of late.

Silver whooped in delight as the apple barelled its way into Chaos' throat, and did a small little victory dance. Legs akimbo, he tossed his mane and shot Chaos an imperious stare.

Bring it on! I can take anything you dish out! he called out cockily to Chaos' sneaking form. You're all talk and no action ol'...

His taunting was cut short momentarily as he stared at the pie now hurtling towards his face, only snapping out of his reverie momentarily as Zephyr leapt in front of him. Just as he was about to utter a shout of delight at Chaos' plan being foiled, the pie came hurtling back at him... this time from Zephyr, and landed squarely in his face.

Bits of cherry pie and crust dripped down his mane and face and onto the ground, and with a good humoured laugh, he stuck out his tongue to catch the odd few bits that slid nearest his mouth. He grinned, quite suddenly, eyes sparking with some hidden agenda, and bounded over to Chaos, shaking his mane wildly and spraying bits of cherry and pie crust in every which direction. He stopped his wild shaking before seeing its result when he felt a sharp nip, and whirled only to see Tinsel behind him. Grinning like an idiot, he licked her on the cheek quickly, and brushed up against her, covering her in cherry pie as well. He tossed her a cheeky wink and licked a little bit of pie off her neck.

Good to see you too, beautiful, he said with a laugh, Even if you are covered in pie juices...

Gem smiled amicably at Comet and Sirensong and grinned at Chime.

Infamous? I'd hardly say infamous! she said, with an OOMPH as Beta tackled her into a hug. Beta!she said happily, nudging her partner in crime. Ah well, they can have Vision... Surf should be coming soon, she said, doing her best to make it appear as if she didn't care. Just as she mentioned his name, she heard the pound of hoofbeats behind her, and whirled to see Surf coming in her direction. With an apologetic smile in the direction of her friends, she trotted off to meet him and nuzzled his neck happily.

Surf! I'm so glad you came! I was just saying to Chime, Beta and the others that you might be coming along soon... I didn't know for sure, but I didn't think that Nyx and the other Serians would pass up the chance to visit with everyone...

Vision smiled at the small show of affection and smiled brightly.

The festival kept me busy, he said with a chuckle. I had to keep Galaxy here in line, but at least I had him to act as my guide... those stalls can get rather confusing when you're all alone and don't know your way... he added, blushing a little at the last statement. He chuckled and nudged Frostbite for her last little quip, and shook his head at Galaxy.

Well, you should have brought her to the festival! said Galaxy. I didn't know you were so lucky with the mares... Tinsel's taken a liking to you... Miss Frostbite and you have already met... Gem seems infatuated with you, and now you're a taken stallion, isn't that right!

Vision blushed even more crimson... he hadn't mentioned to Frostbite yet that he had found himself a mare...

Talia nodded by way of greeting to each of the Serians Rainer introduced, and couldn't help but grin at the little filly.

"Quite the bunch you have here," she said with a grin. "I remember when my Silver was that young... you'll have quite the mare on your hands when she gets older Rainer!"

She called out a greeting to Nyx and Sunblind, who had just arrived with their Serians, and laughed as she caught sight of the pie covered SilverRain.

"I... don't think Silver's ever quite gotten out of his foal stage," she added with a laugh.

As Tig approached, Tal called out, and ended up getting a pillow in the face instead! With a laugh, she collapsed into a heap of giggles on the ground, and started beating back at the pillow shouting "FISTS OF FURY!"

Nymph.... didn't know what to do. With all this action happening around her bonded, and Bridle clearly caught up with his mate, she felt completely and utterly lost. With a shy glance in the direction of the valley, she settled on the edge of all the excitement, and hoped that either someone of her own family would come get her, or someone new would introduce themselves. She was too quiet to do the introductions herself.

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