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Web smiled once again at Chaos's and Silver's antics. Oh, naughty, naughty boys, in public and in front of their girls, and foals too, not to mention. Well, two could play at that...

"Hey boys," she purred, slinking over to the two males. "Mind if I join in? Could be an interestin party..."

She winked over at Tinsel. "Of course, I wouldn't steal your man without a double invitation...?"

She was doubled over with laughter inside, but nothing but that seductive smile showed on the outside.

Brittle looked up to see a gorgeous filly-like mare trotting toward him. He raised his eyes in appreciation, giving her an almost lecherous lookover, but not obviously so. Ch, too youngish for him. He did have some standards, take that Web. Besides, there was that glow of mischief about her, something that meant she couldn't be up to anything remotely good. He was a warrior after all, he could tell these things, and with Sanguine his instincts had only gotten sharper...

Still, if she wanted to play, a game she would get. He bowed low as she approached him, then straightened with a suave light in his eyes. "H'lo milady, what can I do for you?"
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Arch hadn't seen Titan just yet, he was too busy thinking about the many events that had recently happened. He glanced at Chime then flicked his mane out of the way of his vision, which was when he spotted the yellow mare from the corner of his eye.

He turned his head to gaze calmly at her and found himself slightly curious as to where she got the flowers from. "Hello, Titan..."

Rainer and Spin watched Saphire canter about in silence, the only sounds that came from the two were the occasional sigh.
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Chaos couldn't help but drop Silver onto the ground, his attention stolen by Web's... well... let's just say she was being herself. "Always room for more, babe." He commented, not noticing the look that Tinsel was giving them both.

Speaking of the mare, Tinsel's stare was a mix of horror, interest, and an attempt to stop herself from bursting out in laughter. All in all, it was a pretty interesting look.

Zephyr couldn't help but laugh softly at the nuzzle, returning it best she could before running off. That was... different... She spotted Brittle easily, and draped galactic purple hair in front of her, peering out with a rather seductive look. She'd stolen that look from Web herself, heh. Well, no wonder he had such an ego, he was quite attractive. "Hello there handsome... there's a lot of things you could do for me, but I'm simply here because someone like yourself should not be alone, or at least that's my opinion." She winked, starting things off slow with a few hidden meanings. It would be difficult to find a way to raise mischief with him, but she'd get an idea soon...

Chime had moved aside a bit to talk to Beta a moment, and it seemed Titan had taken that time to come over and raise trouble... ohboy. She looked at Arch curiously, staying put and not moving back to her spot where she'd been cuddled against him. Didn't want to look too paranoid y'know.
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Galaxy couldn't help but smile as Bliz joined him at his side to admire the sky, now lit up by the stars alone... where in blazes were those fireworks?!

He chuckled slightly at Bliz's mumbled comment and raised his head to the night once more, his marbled mane streaming out behind him like a banner signalling his presence.

"Oddly enough, I've always felt a certain kinship with the night," he remarked thoughtfully. "Although, I'm hardly the night on earth sweet... the sky's far too gorgeous to be captured by any living form."

Wave's wry tone grated on Vision's ears. For all the time he had known the soft spoken mare, he had never seen her like this... and he felt that he was responsible for her current frame of mind.

"Love, I can't predict what might occur between you and Frost... there's so much depth to the two of you that it would be hard to tell what might occur... especially now."

He paused for a moment to drape his head on top of hers, giving himself mere moments to reminisce.

"I met her at the cottage... once a long while back, although it feels like I've known her longer. Talia and Tig are close, and typically their Serians seem to be the same way. I don't remember who it was that brought her with them, but she was there. At that point in time, Galaxy and Nymph weren't with us... I was the newest Serian. I felt out of place... I felt pitied... I lashed out at her and Beta in anger because they offered me assistance that I felt I didn't need. She saw me without my mask, and she understood how it was to feel angry with the world, and upset because of how others viewed us, simply because we were different. She's a kindred spirit, and it had been a long time since I had found someone on the same plane as me."

He stopped for a brief bit and decided it best to give her time to ask questions if she wished. There were so many of them that even he didn't know the answer to, but it was a start...

Silver grinned and tried his utmost not to burst into laughter. Instead, he tilted his head and flashed Chaos the most coy look he could manage.

"Chaos! Save it until we're alo--" he began, his sentance cut off brutally by a sharp resounding thud as the muscular bulk of the stallion hit the ground when Chaos dropped him.

"Geez... love hurts..." he mumbled with a half laugh as he watched Chaos oggle the other mare, Web. "Well, I don't know Web... I'm reluctant to share... I mean, he was mine for so many years... can't you just get your own stallion?" he said with a mock whine. He caught the attention of his mate, and stumbled quickly to his feet, flashing her a quick impish grin.

"Ahh love, it's a good thing you tolerate me as much as you do," he said with a chuckle.

Talia was so entranced by Lumi's display of "pyrotechnics" that she didn't even see Tig's attack coming... and was pelted with little spicy weiners. When she succeeded in catching her breath, it was only to twirl them around and attempt to lodge some in Tig's ears (NO idea where that came from! XD)

Quickly, she brushed herself off, leapt to her feet in hopes of avoiding another attack, and threw a huge firework each at Lumi and Tig.

"Light em up girls! We need to get these off into the sky before our company leaves!" she said gleefully. With a grin of delight, she lit up her own before running away a safe distance to watch it get launched into the sky. She clapped happily as her own exploded into a bright array of colours, each little miniature spark a tiny Serian that proceeded to trample the sky for a short distance before dissipating.
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Blizzard's water blue mane slides silkily over his shoulder as she looks up to the sky. Her lashes lower over her gold eyes and she smiles in a knowing way. In that oh so knowing way of females, who understand things in a way the stallions don't.

"Aren't you?" Bliz reaches with her soft nose and nibbles one of the stars on his neck. "Silver stars, a moon, and nebulas in your mane, don't make you night on earth? I disagree with you, my heart. If only because I know of a unicorn who undoubtedly has captured the blue sky in his fur. And you, who are right here besides me." she looks into his sparkling eyes.

Wave let's out a soft breath, wondering what he meant when he said 'especially now'. What was different about it now than it was before? She forgot about that though when he started talking again.

The mask...strange how she never really thought about his mask, it just was a part of him. She couldn't imagine him without it. She got the feeling though that he wasn't just talking about the gold mask on his head, so much as the metaphorical one over himself. Everyone has those kinds, even she herself did...maybe even with Vision.

"It's scary to take off our masks, isn't it, Vision?" Wave asks in a very small voice, hardly above a whisper. She could only guess how brave it was of Frost to reveal herself to Vision, like he had to her. How brave he is every day to walk out in this confusing world in the dark.

The pink mare had no doubts that he could see, he just couldn't see in the same way as most. Vision had to see deeper and beyond light, dark, and colors. Wave often wondered what it was like, what she would do, who would she be?

Kindred spirits...Lumi had talked about one before. Her first love from a long time ago, she had explained how one can love your kindred spirit so much, know them like you know yourself. It's different though, closer than friend, but just that far from lifemate. Though sometimes it could change.

"And then?" Wave encourages him to go on, she wasn't ready to ask more questions just yet, she wanted to hear more.

Lumi giggles at Tig and Talia's shinanigans and lights up the firework she was given. Frrrooom!!!! It flew off into the sky and burst into a shower of glittering colors that made a crackle sound. "WHOOO!!!" she laughs before getting another.
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OOC - This will be my last post for the next 2-3 weeks since I'll be away....

Titan marched right up to the stallion and decided that the curious expression on his face had to do with his expectation of her response. She paused a moment to leave him in suspense then nuzzled up against him. "Don't think I've forgiven you yet, but the flowers were a nice touch." Then over Arch's shoulder, between his wings, she noticed the other yellow Thought *she* was long gone.

Silver Fox tried to keep the pair of mares under surveillance, but the moment Zephyr started flirting with Brittle his attention was riveted on her. There was this weird feeling inside him, he really didn't like the way she was moving around him, looking all seductive and all, even though he knew perfectly well that she was just trying to fool the other stallion. He couldn't help but pin his ears back as he watched.

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